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Grigoris Papapanagiotou

Grigoris Papapanagiotou

Real/full name:
Γρηγόρης Παπαπαναγιώτου
Place of birth:


Greek sound engineer and owner of Studio 5, Athens, Greece.

Absence of Dawn

As G.P.:

1998 Promo Tape 1998 (Demo) Keyboards


2003 Menschenkenntnis (EP) Piano



1993 Incense (Single) Keyboards

Jackal's Truth

1997 Dominus Silvae (Demo) Keyboards


As G. Papapanagiotou:

1999 Nocternity Promo CD 99 (Demo) Keyboards
2001 En Oria Keyboards


As Gregory Papapanagiotou:

2000 Medusa (Demo) Keyboards


1991 Petrified Remains (Demo) Keyboards (as "DRG")
1996 I Am an Odious Ghoul (Demo) Keyboards (as "DRG")
2015 Behold the Pale Horror (EP) Keyboards (tracks 1, 2) (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2020 Oceanum Oblivione Keyboards (10)


As Grigoris:

1998 Creatures of Abigor (Demo) Keyboards


1996 The Ivory Tower (Demo) Keyboards

Absence of Dawn

1998 Promo Tape 1998 (Demo) Engineering (as "G.P.")


1998 Doomed Dark Years Engineering


1997 Spirit of Ice (Demo) Sound Engineering, Producer
1998 Mind Games (Demo) Engineering

Celestial Scream

1998 Haec Dies (Demo) Producer, Mixing


2004 The Scarlet Queen Engineering (as "Grigoris Papapanogiotou")


1992 The Legend (Demo) Producer (as "Greg Papapanagiotou")

Cranial Torment

1998 Decaying in the Mud (Demo) Producer
1999 The Triumph of Impudence (Demo) Engineering
1999 Death Is Rising (Demo) Engineering

Dark Mighty Thought

1995 The Call of Eternity (Demo) Mixing, Producer (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")

Dead by Dawn

2007 Promo 2007 (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Living Legacy Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Dead Dawn Rising

2005 Evoking the Tides of Satan (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Recording
2007 Dead Dawn Rising Producer, Engineering, Mastering, Mixing, Recording


1996 The Horned Moon (EP) Producer (as "Gregory")
2012 Demogorgon (Compilation) Producer (Side B)
2020 Demogorgon (Compilation) Producer (tracks 1 and 2)


1994 Second Birth (Demo) Engineering


1993 Mindrise (Demo) Producer, Mixing (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")


2009 Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow Mixing, Mastering (as "G. Papapanagiotou")

Garden of Gods

1995 Dreamy Emotional Ecstasy (Demo) Engineering

In Utero Cannibalism

2005 Death, Murder, Butchery (Promo) (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2006 Divine Perversion (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2006 Reeking of the Putrid (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2007 Psychotic Killing Lust Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Failure of Christ (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2009 Frenzied Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


1993 Incense (Single) Producer (as "DRG")


2002 Lonesome Was the Last Journey Mixing, Recording (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")


2016 The Black Mass Sabbath Pulse (EP) Mixing, Mastering

Jackal's Truth

1997 Dominus Silvae (Demo) Engineering
1998 Promo 98 (Demo) Engineering


1997 And the Battles Will Start Again (Demo) Engineering (as "G. Papapanagiotou")

Legion of Doom

1995 Kingdom of Endless Darkness Producer (as "Gregory")


1998 Faded Pages (Demo) Engineering

Naer Mataron

1998 Up from the Ashes Engineering (as "Gregory")
2000 Skotos Aenaon Producer (as "Gregory")
2004 Awaken in Oblivion (Compilation) Engineering (as "Gregory")
2013 The Whisperer in Darkness / Καταχθόνια μυσταγωγία (Κέλευσμα των βαρόνων του λάκκου) (Split) Producer (as "Gregory")

Nar Mataron

1999 Kosmos (EP) Mixing, Recording


2001 En Oria Engineering (as "G. Papapanagiotou")


2000 Medusa (Demo) Mixing, Producer (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")


1996 I Am an Odious Ghoul (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
1998 Screams of Paranoia (Demo) Remastering
2000 Oceanum Oblivione Mastering
2001 The Offsprings' Rebirth (Live album) Remastering
2001 Live in the Eyes of the Beholder (Demo) Mastering
2001 Shadows of Damnation (Demo) Mastering
2001 State of Grace (Demo) Mastering
2002 The Last Vision Before the Obliteration / Acts Beyond the Pale (Split) Mastering
2003 Vault of the Obscure Vortex (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2004 Vault of the Obscure Vortex (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2005 Disciples of the Inverted (Demo) Engineering, Remastering
2005 Sadistic Ritual Disfigurement (Demo) Engineering, Remastering
2006 Seeds of a Pervert God Engineering, Remastering
2007 My Vision & My Dream (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2008 Chronicles of Sadism (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2009 The Temple of the Red Erebus (Demo) Engineering, Producer
2009 The Art of Butchery Producer, Engineering, Mastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2011 OBSErver of the NETHErgates (Split) Engineering, Producer, Mastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2011 Zambahz Ram (Demo) Engineering
2013 Into the Bloodemonium Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2015 Dominium Regis Funeris (Split) Producer, Mixing, Mastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2015 Behold the Pale Horror (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2016 Unholy Alliance (Split) Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Remastering (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")
2016 Infernus Et Mors (Split) Producer, Mastering
2020 Oceanum Oblivione Engineering (10 & 11), Mastering (10 & 11), Re-Mastering (1-18), Producer (10 & 11)
2022 Sins of the Flesh Mastering
2022 The Last Vision Before the Obliteration (EP) Mastering
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1996 Promo Tape (Demo) Engineering, Producer (as "Gregory Papapanagiotou")


1993 Dawn of Grief (EP) Engineering, Mixing
1994 Voluptuous... (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "Greg Papapanagiotou")


1995 The Murder (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1995 The Wild One... (Demo) Engineering


1998 Creatures of Abigor (Demo) Engineering


2002 Towards Thy Astral Path... Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Grigory")
2003 An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess (EP) Producer
2006 Towards Thy Astral Path... Mixing (track 5)
2006 Towards Thy Astral Path... Mixing (track 5)

Swan Christy

1998 One with the Swan Engineering
1999 Today Died Yesterday Engineering (as "G. Papapanagiotou")


1996 Fons Acheroni (Demo) Engineering
2012 Cave of Ephyras... to the Infernal Fields (Compilation) Engineering


2021 ThanatOpsis Recording, Mixing

Verum Organum

1995 Trimming of Land (Demo) Engineering


1996 The Ivory Tower (Demo) Engineering, Mixing (tracks 1-5)
1999 Promo 1999 (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Editing (as "Gregory Papapanayiotou")
2001 Power Within Recording, Mixing, Producer (tracks 8, 9) (as "Grigory Papapanagiotou")
2005 Warfair Recording (drums, vocals)
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