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Real/full name:
Eric Greif
59 (born 1962)
Oct 29th, 2021
Died of:
Kidney failure/Diabetes
Place of birth:


For over thirty years, Eric Greif had been in and out of the international metal scene in various guises. As well as co-promoter of Milwaukee Metalfest, he produced albums for bands such as Morbid Saint, Invocator, Acrophet and Viogression.

As assistant manager of Mötley Crüe at nineteen years old, Greif managed the career of genre innovator Chuck Schuldiner and his band Death from 1988 to ...

Accidental Suicide

1992 Deceased Keyboards


1988 Corrupt Minds Keyboards
1989 Faded Glory Keyboards


1990 Spiritual Healing Keyboards (track 5)
1999 Victims of Death - The Best of Decade of Chaos (Split) Keyboards (track 3:4)

Jeff Scheetz

1988 Warp Speed Keyboards

Morta Skuld

1990 Prolong the Agony (Demo) Vocals (additional) (as "Eric Greif")
2011 Through the Eyes of Death (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (tracks 6-9)
2015 Becoming One Flesh - The Demos (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (tracks B1-B4)


As Griffy and His Demonic Pals:

1991 Expound and Exhort Vocals (additional)

Accidental Suicide

1990 Flesh Parade (Demo) Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1992 Deceased Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1988 Corrupt Minds Producer, Photography (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1989 Faded Glory Mixing, Producer, Recording (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1985 Pray for the Sinner Executive producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1990 Inferior to None Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


2012 Vivus! (Live album) Liner notes
2018 Death by Metal (Video) Interviewee, Producer


1991 Recuperate from Reality Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1989 Demo 1989 (Demo) Producer
1989 At the Foot of Brutality (Split) Producer (tracks A2 & B2) (as "Eric Greif")
1997 El Pie de la Brutalidad (Split) Producer (tracks A2 & B2) (as "Eric Greif")

Dr. Shrinker

1990 The Eponym (Demo) Recording
2004 Grotesque Wedlock (Compilation) Recording (tracks 13-14)

Furious Trauma

1992 Primal Touch Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1989 Errosion of Will (Demo) Engineering, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1991 Take the Pain Recording, Mixing


1993 Weave the Apocalypse Engineering, Producer


1993 Vague Visions Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Sølvberg")

Jeff Scheetz

1988 Warp Speed Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1991 Dilemma Mixing


1989 Witness This Genocide (Demo) Producer (as "Eric "Griffey" Greif")

Morbid Saint

1988 Lock Up Your Children (Demo) Mixing, Producer
1990 Spectrum of Death Producer, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
2015 Destruction System Producer
2015 Destruction System Producer
2015 Destruction System Producer

Morta Skuld

1990 Gory Departure (Demo) Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1990 Prolong the Agony (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1993 Morta Skuld / Vital Remains (Split) Mixing (side A), Producer (side A), Recording (side A)
2011 Through the Eyes of Death (Compilation) Mixing, Producer, Engineering (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
2015 Becoming One Flesh - The Demos (Compilation) Recording (tracks A1-A4), Engineering (tracks B1-B4), Mixing, Producer

Num Skull

1988 Ritually Abused Producer, Songwriting (Track 1) (as "Eric Greif")

Pale Oracle

1992 Relapse (Demo) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1988 Social Pressure Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")

The Dead Youth

1993 Writhing Recording, Mixing, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif-Solvbjerg")


1990 Sepelio en el mar Producer
1991 Zona muerta Producer, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1992 Amanecer en el mausoleo (Compilation) Producer (Tracks 1, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11) (as "Eric Greiff")
1992 Burial at Sea Producer


1986 Masters of Revenge Producer, Mixing


1990 Perception Blur (Demo) Producer (as "Eric Greif")
1990 Execution (Demo) Producer (as "Eric Greif")
1990 Devils (Demo) Producer
1991 Expound and Exhort Mixing, Songwriting (tracks: 3, 10, 12), Recording, Producer


1984 Prepared to Strike Mixing, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
1985 Afraid of the Dark (EP) Mixing, Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")


1986 Fit of Anger Producer, Mixing (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
2013 Mutants (Compilation) Producer (as "Eric "Griffy" Greif")
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