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Real/full name:
John Hiotellis
50 (born Apr 1970)
Place of origin:
Greece (Mitilini)


Used to run Blasphemous Mag.

Thou Art Lord

Vocals (1993-1995, 2012-present)

1993 The Cult of the Horned One (Demo) Vocals
1993 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (EP) Vocals
1993 Thou Art Lord / Ancient Rites (Split) Vocals
1994 Eosforos Vocals (lead), Lyrics
1996 Apollyon Vocals
2002 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2013 The Regal Pulse of Lucifer Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 5, 8)
2014 Eosforos / Apollyon (Compilation) Vocals (lead)
2015 Ravencult / Thou Art Lord (Split) Vocals


Vocals (1993-?)

1993 ...and Darkness Was Upon (Demo) Vocals
1996 Promo 96 (Demo) Vocals


Vocals (2000-2018)

2003 Breeding the Grotesque Vocals
2007 Non Stop Killing Vocals
2010 Soldiers of Satan's Wrath / In Attrition of a World Collapse (Split) Vocals
2012 Emissaries of a Profane Advent (Split) Vocals
2014 Crypts of Ancient Wisdom Vocals, Lyrics
2015 Dominium Regis Funeris (Split) Vocals, Lyrics
2017 Descent to Abaddon Vocals

Terra Tenebrae

Vocals (1997-2000)

1999 Subconscious Vocals
2000 Terra Tenebrae (EP) Vocals


1996 Dawn of Martyrdom Vocals (backing) (track 6)


2016 Promethean Black Flame Vocals (additional) (track 5)

Diabolical Principles

2015 The Final Step Before the Dawn Vocals (additional) (tracks 2, 7)
2019 Wistful Whispers (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (track 3)

Divine Blasphemy

2015 Beyond the Portal Vocals (tracks 2, 5)


2016 Πάτερ Ήλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα Vocals (growls) (track 2), Vocals (additional) (tracks 6, 8)

Macabre Omen

2015 Gods of War - At War Vocals (additional) (tracks 3, 7)


1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Vocals (backing)
1993 Crossing the Fiery Path Vocals (backing) (track 6)

Dark Tranquillity

2003 Live Damage (Video) Filming (Athens, Greece Show) (as "John Hiotellis")


2002 The Last Vision Before the Obliteration / Acts Beyond the Pale (Split) Photography (as "John -Gothmog- Hiotelis")
2011 Zambahz Ram (Demo) Photography (as "John Hiotelis")
2013 Into the Bloodemonium Photography (as "John Hiotelis")
2016 Unholy Alliance (Split) Photography (as "John Hiotelis")
2016 Infernus Et Mors (Split) Photography (as "John Hiotelis")


1993 Morpheus Awakes (Demo) Photography


2007 Non Stop Killing Photography
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