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Glenn Danzig

Glenn Danzig

Real/full name:
Glenn Allen Anzalone
68 (born Jun 23rd, 1955)
Place of birth:
United States (Lodi, New Jersey)


Born Glenn Allen Anzalone, Danzig spent his teens fronting several cover bands before forming The Misfits in 1977. Glenn and bassist Jerry Only remained the band's only constant members during their run from 1977 through 1983. Glenn was the band's creative core, writing the songs, creating their artwork, and running the band's record label, Plan 9, while Jerry provided most of the financial ...


Glenn made an appearance as himself in the Cartoon Network show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" in the episode "Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future" in 2002. He also had a small role in the 1998 movie "The Prophecy II". He was offered an audition for the part of Wolverine in the first "X-Men" movie but turned it down because of scheduling conflicts.

Guest for:
- Son of Sam
- Metallica ...


Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Drums (occasionally) (1987-present)

1987 Demo (Demo) Vocals
1988 Danzig Vocals
1990 Danzig (Video) Vocals
1990 Danzig II - Lucifuge Vocals
1990 Her Black Wings (Single) Vocals
1991 Lucifuge: The Video (Video) Vocals
1992 Danzig III: How the Gods Kill Vocals, Keyboards
1992 Dirty Black Summer (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1993 Mother (Single) Vocals
1993 Thrall-Demonsweatlive (EP) Vocals, Guitars
1994 Until You Call on the Dark (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1994 Danzig: 4p Vocals, Guitars, Piano
1995 Cantspeak (Single) Vocals, Guitars
1995 I Don't Mind the Pain (Single) Guitars, Vocals
1996 Danzig 5: Blackacidevil Vocals, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
1996 Sacrifice (EP) Vocals
1999 Danzig 6:66: Satans Child Vocals
2001 Live on the Black Hand Side (Live album) Vocals
2002 Danzig 777: I Luciferi Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
2003 Archive de la morte (Video) Vocals
2004 Circle of Snakes Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
2005 Il demonio nera (Video) Vocals
2010 Deth Red Sabaoth Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Drums (track 4)
2010 On a Wicked Night (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2011 Ju Ju Bone (Single) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars
2015 Skeletons Vocals, Piano, Guitars, Bass, Drums (tracks 3, 6-8, 10)
2017 Black Laden Crown Vocals, Piano, Bass, Guitars, Drums (tracks 2, 4, 6)
2017 Last Ride (Single) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Drums (occasionally)
2020 Danzig Sings Elvis Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass
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Glenn Danzig

Synths (1992, 2006)

1992 Black Aria Everything
2006 Black Aria II Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars


Vocals (1977-1983, 2016-present)

Glenn Danzig and the Power and Fury Orchestra

Vocals (1987)


Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums (1983-1987)



Whodat and Boojang



1990 Danzig (Video) Director
1990 Danzig II - Lucifuge Design
1991 Lucifuge: The Video (Video) Director
1992 Danzig III: How the Gods Kill Producer
1992 Dirty Black Summer (Single) Producer
1994 Until You Call on the Dark (Single) Producer
1994 Danzig: 4p Producer, Artwork (Front)
1995 Cantspeak (Single) Producer
1995 I Don't Mind the Pain (Single) Producer
1996 Danzig 5: Blackacidevil Producer, Design
1996 Sacrifice (EP) Producer
1999 Danzig 6:66: Satans Child Producer
2000 Sacrifice (EP) Design, Layout (as "Danzig")
2002 Danzig 777: I Luciferi Producer, Mixing
2004 Circle of Snakes Producer, Mixing
2005 Il demonio nera (Video) Director
2007 The Lost Tracks of Danzig (Compilation) Producer
2010 Deth Red Sabaoth Producer, Mixing
2010 On a Wicked Night (Single) Producer, Mixing
2011 Ju Ju Bone (Single) Producer, Mixing
2015 Skeletons Mixing, Producer
2017 Black Laden Crown Producer, Mixing
2020 Danzig Sings Elvis Producer
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Glenn Danzig

1992 Black Aria Producer
2006 Black Aria II Producer, Mixing


1990 Kinghorse Producer, Mixing

Negative Prayer

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