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George Zacharopoulos

George Zacharopoulos

Real/full name:
Γιώργος Ζαχαρόπουλος
52 (born Nov 12th, 1970)
Place of birth:
Greece (Athens, Attica)


George Zacharopoulos or George Zaharopoulos (Greek: Γιώργος Ζαχαρόπουλος), also known as Morbid, Magus Wampyr Daoloth, and The Magus, is a Greek musician and producer known mostly for his work in the Greek black and death metal scenes. In that respect, he's primarily known for his collaboration with bands such as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, and Thou Art Lord and is credited along with Anthony ...


He was owner of the Greek record label Hypervorea Records/Black Lotus Records and also wrote for the Greek heavy metal magazines Metal Invader and Sub Terra. He used to work in the Go...Underground record store, which was located in Athens and was associated with Molon Lave Records. He also co-owned the distribution company Soundforge, which went bankrupt in early 2012.

The Magus

As The Magus:
Bass, Vocals (2022-present)

2023 Lux Tenebrarum: The Illuminating Darkness (Single) Lyrics, Vocals, Bass
2023 Βυσσοδομώντας (Single) Lyrics, Bass, Vocals
2023 Βυσσοδομώντας Bass, Lyrics, Vocals

Thou Art Lord

As The Magus:
Bass, Vocals (1993-present), Keyboards (1993-2012)

1993 The Cult of the Horned One (Demo) Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Morbid")
1993 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (EP) Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Morbid")
1993 Thou Art Lord / Ancient Rites (Split) Bass, Vocals (backing) (as "Morbid")
1994 Eosforos Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1996 Apollyon Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2002 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (Compilation) Bass, Keyboards (tracks 1-8), Vocals (backing) (tracks 9-16) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2002 DV8 Bass, Vocals (additional), Lyrics
2005 Orgia Daemonicum Bass, Vocals
2013 The Regal Pulse of Lucifer Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Eosforos / Apollyon (Compilation) Bass, Keyboards (tracks 1 - 8), Vocals (backing) (tracks 9 -15)
2015 Ravencult / Thou Art Lord (Split) Bass, Vocals (additional)
2022 Daemoniorum (EP) Bass, Vocals
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Danse Macabre

As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Bass (1995)


As Morbid:
Bass (1988)

Diabolos Rising

As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
All instruments

1994 666 Keyboards, Bass, Drum programming, Vocals (additional) (track 7), Lyrics
1995 Blood, Vampirism & Sadism Synths, Programming, Vocals (track 5), Lyrics (as "M.W. Daoloth")
1995 S.N.T.F. (Single) All instruments
1996 Blood Vampirism & Sadism (Video) All instruments


As Morbid:
Drums, Vocals (1989-1990)

1990 Dizziness of the Occult (Demo) Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

1994 Misanthropia (Demo) All instruments (as "Morbid")
1995 The Final Harvest Everything
1996 Melancholia Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
1996 Iron Youth (Single) Everything
1999 Communion Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics


As Morbid:
Bass (1988-1990)

1989 Visions of Lunacy (Demo) Bass


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Bass, Vocals (1989-2021), Keyboards (2007-2021)

1990 Promo Tape 1990 (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Drums (as "Morbid")
1992 Vampiric Rituals (Demo) Bass, Vocals, Drums (tracks 5-7) (as "Morbid")
1992 The Black Arts / The Everlasting Sins (Split) Bass, Vocals, Songwriting (track 5) (as "Morbid")
1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "Morbid")
1993 Promo 1993 (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
1993 Crossing the Fiery Path Bass, Vocals (lead)
1994 From the Past We Summon Thee (EP) Bass, Vocals, Drums
1995 Scarlet Evil Witching Black Bass, Vocals
1997 Ancient Pride (EP) Bass, Vocals
2000 IV: Malice Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2001 Covering Evil (12 Years Doing the Devil's Work) (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2002 Cults of the Shadow (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2007 The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (as "The Magus")
2008 People of the Sea (EP) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2008 ...for the Temple of the Serpent Skull... (Split) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2009 De Magia Veterum (Compilation) Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
2014 Nekromanteion - A Collection of Arcane Hexes (Split) Keyboards, Bass, Vocals
2017 Primordial Evil (Split) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2021 To the Depths We Descend... Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (as "The Magus")
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Principality of Hell

As The Magus:
Bass, Vocals (2013-2016)

2014 Fire & Brimstone Bass, Vocals
2015 Diabolicum Est (Split) Bass, Vocals
2016 Sulfur & Bane Bass, Vocals


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
All instruments, Vocals (additional) (1996-?)

1996 The Very Best of Pain (EP) Synths, Programming, Vocals (backing) (as "M.W. Daoloth / Devilman")
1997 Aesthetic Terrorism Keyboards, Drum programming, Vocals (track 8) (as "M.W. Daoloth")

Rotting Christ

As Morbid/Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (1991-1995)

1991 Rotting Christ / Monumentum (Split) Keyboards (as "Morbid")
1991 Passage to Arcturo (EP) Keyboards, Piano (as "Morbid")
1992 Ade's Winds (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars (as "Morbid")
1992 Dawn of the Iconoclast (Single) Keyboards (as "Morbid")
1993 Αποκαθήλωσις (Single) Keyboards (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1993 Thy Mighty Contract Vocals (backing), Keyboards (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1994 Non Serviam Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1995 The Mystical Meeting (Compilation) Keyboards, Piano (track 1-8) (as "Morbid")
2006 Passage to Arcturo + Non Serviam (Compilation) Keyboards, Piano, Vocals (backing)
2014 25 Years: The Path of Evil Existence (Compilation) Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (tracks 10-14) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2018 Under Our Black Cult (Boxed set) Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Morbid")
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Wampyre ShadowWolf

As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Keyboards, Bass

Yoth Iria

As The Magus:
Vocals (2019-2023)

2020 Under His Sway (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2020 Kawir / Yoth Iria ‎ (Split) Vocals
2021 As the Flame Withers Vocals, Lyrics


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:
Bass (1993)


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

1996 Dawn of Martyrdom Voice (track 6)

Ancient Rites

1993 Thou Art Lord / Ancient Rites (Split) Keyboards, Organ (as "Morbid")
1996 The Diabolic Serenades Keyboards, Organ (track 13) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")


As The Magus:

2014 The Dead of the World Vocals (additional) (track 4)

Blood Covered

As Morbid:

1993 An Anthem for the Brave Ones... (Demo) Vocals (backing) (track 2)

Corax B.M

As The Magus:

2022 Spread the Occult (EP) Vocals (track 1)

Danse Macabre

As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

1998 Totentanz Bass (tracks 11, 12)

Darkest Oath

1993 Invocation / Darkest Oath (Split) Keyboards (as "Morbid")
1994 Paradise of the Infernal Torment (EP) Keyboards (as "M.W. Daoloth")
2013 Libations to the Ancient Goat (Compilation) Keyboards


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

2018 Περί πολέμου ψυχής Vocals (track 5)


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

1996 The Inheritors of Pain Keyboards (tracks 1, 8)

Profane Grace

As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

2002 Cast in the Mold of the Ancients Unknown (track 9)

Rotting Christ

1997 The Mystical Meeting (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 1, 2) (as "Morbid")
2010 Aealo Vocals (track 8) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2013 Promo 1995 (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2016 Rituals Vocals (additional) (track 1)

Sarcastic Terror

2016 The Hatred Years 1992-1995 (Compilation) Keyboards (track 12) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2016 The Last Act of Subsidence (Compilation) Keyboards


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

1994 Mystic Places of Dawn Vocals (additional) (track 3)


As The Vampire:

1995 Dark Autumn Nights (Demo) Keyboards
2012 Cave of Ephyras... to the Infernal Fields (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 6-8)


As George "Morbid" Zaharopoulos.:

1994 Fatal Submission (Demo) Keyboards (track 4)


1993 His Majesty at the Swamp Keyboards (as "Morbid")
1995 Walpurgisnacht Drum programming (as "Morbid")
1997 Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (Compilation) Drum programming
2004 Walpurgisnacht / His Majesty at the Swamp / The Lament of Gods (Compilation) Keyboards (disk 2, tracks 1-7), Songwriting (disk 2, track 1), Drum programming (disk 1) (as "Morbid")
2012 Genesis of the Unaltered Evil (Compilation) Keyboards, Drum programming (as "Morbid")


As Magus Wampyr Daoloth:

1996 For the Glory of UR (EP) Keyboards (tracks 1, 5)


As The Magus:

2019 Ανέγνων, έγνων, κατέγνων Vocals (additional) (track 3)


1994 Black Moon (Demo) Producer (as "M.W. Daoloth")
1996 Dawn of Martyrdom Producer, Engineering (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")


1998 Doomed Dark Years Producer (as "M.W. Daoloth")
2000 Rise from Within Producer
2002 Quod Superius Sicut Inferius Producer (as "The Magus")

Blood Covered

1992 Blood Covered (Demo) Producer


2016 Promethean Black Flame Lyrics (track 7) (as "M.W. Daoloth")

Darkest Oath

1993 Invocation / Darkest Oath (Split) Engineering
1994 Paradise of the Infernal Torment (EP) Engineering

Dead Dog's Howl

2021 Black Circle Transcendency Lyrics (track 6) (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")


1993 Nihilistic Era (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "Morbid")

Diabolos Rising

1994 666 Engineering
1995 Blood, Vampirism & Sadism Engineering


1993 High Priestess (Demo) Producer (as "Morbid")
2016 Vade Retro Satana (Compilation) Engineering (as "Morbid")


1993 Doomed in Eternal Suffering (EP) Producer, Mixing (as "Morbid")

Funeral Storm

2019 Arcane Mysteries Mixing (track 4), Songwriting


1991 Prophecy of Gore (Demo) Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "George")
1998 Animal Producer


1996 The Flowers on My Grave (Demo) Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")

Iron Youth

1998 Durch das Volk - Mit dem Volk - Für das Volk Producer, Engineering (as "Morbid")


1993 Promo '93 (Demo) Engineering, Mixing
1994 Suicidogenic / Sinn (Split) Engineering, Mixing (as "M.W. Daoloth")
1994 Eumenides (EP) Engineering, Mixing
2006 Dei Kabeiroi (Compilation) Engineering
2010 To Uranus (EP) Engineering, Mixing (tracks 4, 5, 6)

Legion of Doom

1996 For Those of the Blood Producer, Mixing

Medieval Demon

1994 Night of the Infernal Lords / Invocation (Split) Engineering
1994 Night of... (Demo) Engineering


1990 Dizziness of the Occult (Demo) Engineering, Mixing (as "Morbid")
1993 ...and Darkness Was Upon (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "George Zaharopoulos (Morbid)")
1996 Promo 96 (Demo) Engineering, Mixing


1994 Misanthropia (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "Morbid")
1995 The Final Harvest Producer, Recording, Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1996 Melancholia Producer (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1996 Iron Youth (Single) Recording, Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1999 Communion Recording, Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")

Naer Mataron

1998 Up from the Ashes Producer (as "M.W. Daoloth")
2003 River at Dash Scalding Producer (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2004 Awaken in Oblivion (Compilation) Producer (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")


1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Producer (as "Morbid")
1993 Crossing the Fiery Path Producer (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")


1993 The Talisman of Kioutha (Demo) Producer (as "Morbid")
1993 De Vermis Mysteriis (EP) Producer (as "Morbid")
1994 Ljus mörker (Demo) Producer (as "Morbid")
1995 The Wizard of Nerath Producer, Engineering (as "George Zaharopoulos (Magus Wampyr Daoloth)")
2012 De Vermis Ceremonielle (Compilation) Producer (tracks 3-4) (as "Morbid")


1993 Macabre Sunsets Engineering, Mixing


1994 Promo Tape'94 (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "George Zaharopoulos")
1996 The Inheritors of Pain Producer, Engineering (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")

On Thorns I Lay

1995 Sounds of Beautiful Experience Producer, Engineering (as "Yiorgos Zaharopoulos")

Phantom Lord

2000 Evil's Domain Producer
2002 Circle of the Wasted Producer


1997 Aesthetic Terrorism Producer (as "M.W. Daoloth")

Rotting Christ

1994 Non Serviam Engineering
2006 Passage to Arcturo + Non Serviam (Compilation) Engineering

Sadistic Noise

1990 The Crush of Heaven (EP) Engineering, Mixing

Sarcastic Terror

1995 Rewarded with Ingratitude / Infernal Hatred (Split) Engineering, Producer (as "M.W. Daoloth")


1994 Mystic Places of Dawn Producer, Engineering (tracks 1-7, 9)
1995 Έσοπτρον Producer, Engineering (as "M.W. Daoloth")

Six String Suicide

1998 Piss Around the World Producer (as "G. Zacharopoulos")

Swan Christy

1998 One with the Swan Supervising Producer
1999 Today Died Yesterday Mixing (as "M.W. Daoloth")


1995 Dark Autumn Nights (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1996 Fons Acheroni (Demo) Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
2012 Cave of Ephyras... to the Infernal Fields (Compilation) Mixing (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")

The Elysian Fields

1995 Promo Tape (Demo) Engineering, Mixing (as "George Zaharopoulos")
1995 Adelain Producer, Engineering (as "George Zaharopoulos")
2001 12 Ablaze Mixing (as "G. Zacharopoulos")
2005 Suffering G.O.D. Almighty Mixing

Thou Art Lord

1993 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (EP) Layout (as "Morbid")
1994 Eosforos Engineering
2002 Diabolou Archaes Legeones (Compilation) Engineering (track 1-7)
2002 DV8 Producer (as "The Magus")
2005 Orgia Daemonicum Mastering (as "G. Zacharopoulos")
2014 Eosforos / Apollyon (Compilation) Engineering (track 1 - 7)


1994 Fatal Submission (Demo) Producer, Mixing (as "George "Morbid" Zaharopoulos.")


1993 His Majesty at the Swamp Songwriting (track 1) (as "Morbid")
1993 His Majesty at the Swamp Producer, Engineering
1995 Walpurgisnacht Producer, Engineering (as "Magus Wampyr Daoloth")
1999 The Lament of Gods (EP) Mixing
2004 Walpurgisnacht / His Majesty at the Swamp / The Lament of Gods (Compilation) Mixing, Engineering, Engineering, Producer
2004 Crowsreign Producer
2019 His Majesty at the Swamp Songwriting (track 1) (as "Morbid")
2020 Glorification Under the Latin Moon (Live album) Songwriting (track 6) (as "Morbid")


2003 Nightbreed Producer


2010 Theosis Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "The Magus")
2011 15 Years Anniversary of Left Hand Path Esoterica (Compilation) Producer, Engineering, Mixing (Disc 2, tracks 1-10) (as "The Magus")
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