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George Marino

George Marino

Real/full name:
George Marino
65 (born Apr 15th, 1947)
Jun 4th, 2012
Died of:
Lung cancer
Place of origin:
United States (Bronx, New York)


George started as a musician, playing rock n' roll guitar in New York City bands.

His first job in the industry was as a librarian and assistant at Capitol Studios in 1967. He then apprenticed in the mastering department, helping cut rock, pop, jazz and classical albums. When Capitol shut down its New York studio, and before heading to Sterling Sound, George joined the fledgling Record Plant, ...


Looking through George Marino's discography, it is no surprise that he was a legend in the mastering business. As a young man in the early '70s, he began a streak of iconic albums that continue to the 2010's.

As is clear in his discography, George used to be sought out for his versatility and dead-on instincts on how music should sound.


2008 Angélique Mastering

Angeles del Infierno

1993 A cara o cruz Mastering
1993 Sexo en exceso (Single) Mastering
1993 A cara o cruz (Single) Mastering
1993 Jugando al amor (Single) Mastering


1990 The Fun Palace (Single) Mastering
1990 Never, Neverland Mastering
1991 Never, Neverland (Single) Mastering
1994 Bag of Tricks (Compilation) Mastering


1985 Armed and Dangerous (EP) Mastering
1987 Indians (Single) Mastering
1987 I Am the Law (Single) Mastering
1987 I'm the Man (Single) Mastering
1987 I'm the Man (EP) Mastering
1987 Among the Living Mastering
1998 Born Again Idiot (Single) Mastering
1998 Volume 8 - The Threat Is Real Mastering
1998 Inside Out (Single) Mastering
1999 Return of the Killer A's (Compilation) Mastering
2003 We've Come for You All Mastering
2003 Summer 2003 (EP) Mastering
2003 Safe Home (Single) Mastering
2003 Taking the Music Back (Single) Mastering
2005 Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) (Compilation) Mastering
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1996 Willenskraft Mastering


2011 Requiem Mastering

Axel Rudi Pell

1997 Magic Mastering
2000 The Masquerade Ball Mastering
2000 The Wizards Chosen Few (Compilation) Remastering


1993 The Big Thrill Mastering
1997 Voodoo Vibes Mastering

Black Label Society

2010 Order of the Black Mastering
2011 The Song Remains Not the Same (Compilation) Mastering


1989 Point Blank Mastering
1991 Knock Out Mastering


1994 Sore Mastering

Corrosion of Conformity

1996 Pighead Shaped Picture Disc (Single) Mastering
1996 3 from Wiseblood (Single) Mastering
1996 King of the Rotten (Single) Mastering
1996 Drowning in a Daydream (EP) Mastering
1996 Wiseblood Mastering

Crimson Glory

1991 The Chant (Single) Mastering
1991 Song for Angels (Single) Mastering
1991 Strange and Beautiful Mastering


2000 Revenge Mastering


1990 Danzig II - Lucifuge Mastering
1990 Her Black Wings (Single) Mastering


1995 Symbolic Mastering
2008 Symbolic Remastering

Death Angel

1990 Act III (EP) Mastering
1990 Act III Mastering
2007 The Long Road Home (Compilation) Mastering

Deep Purple

1993 The Battle Rages On... Mastering
1993 Anya (Single) Mastering
1993 Time to Kill (Single) Mastering
1994 Come Hell or High Water (Video) Mastering
1994 Come Hell or High Water (Live album) Mastering


1995 Once upon the Cross Mastering
1998 Deicide Remastering


2003 DevilDriver Mastering


1983 Holy Diver Mastering
1983 Holy Diver (Single) Mastering
1983 Rainbow in the Dark (Single) Mastering
1984 The Last in Line (Single) Mastering
1984 The Last in Line Mastering
1984 We Rock (Single) Mastering
1984 Mystery (Single) Mastering
1987 I Could Have Been a Dreamer (Single) Mastering
1987 Dream Evil Mastering
1987 All the Fools Sailed Away (Single) Mastering
1990 Lock Up the Wolves Mastering
1990 Hey Angel (Single) Mastering
1993 Strange Highways Mastering
(show all)


1984 Into the Fire (Single) Mastering
1984 Bullets to Spare (Single) Mastering
1984 Tooth and Nail Mastering
1985 Just Got Lucky (Single) Mastering
1985 Alone Again (Single) Mastering
1987 Dream Warriors (EP) Mastering
1988 Beast from the East (Live album) Mastering
1995 Too High to Fly (Single) Mastering
1995 Dysfunctional Mastering


1993 Angels Never Die Mastering

Dream Weaver

2012 MythReal Mastering


2008 To the Edge of Reality (EP) Mastering
2011 What Silence Hides Mastering


1993 Say Goodbye (Single) Mastering
1993 Real Mastering


2008 Vertebrae Mastering


1988 Exciter Mastering


1992 Thorn in My Side (Single) Mastering
1992 Force of Habit Mastering


1989 Fire Fire Mastering (LP)

Fear Factory

1995 Demanufacture Mastering
2001 Digimortal Mastering, Editing
2003 Hatefiles (Compilation) Mastering


1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Mastering (tracks A3 & B2)


1994 Ride Mastering


2000 Resurrection Mastering
2002 Crucible Mastering


2005 Syberia Mastering


2000 If I Could Fly (Single) Mastering
2000 Mr. Torture (Single) Mastering
2000 The Dark Ride Mastering


1999 Demo (Demo) Mastering


2012 Hung Mastering


2009 Wicked Maiden Mastering

Iron Maiden

1984 2 Minutes to Midnight (Single) Mastering
1984 Powerslave Mastering
1984 Aces High (Single) Mastering
1986 Wasted Years (Single) Mastering
1986 Somewhere in Time Mastering
1986 Stranger in a Strange Land (Single) Mastering
1988 Can I Play with Madness (Single) Mastering
1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Mastering
1988 The Evil That Men Do (Single) Mastering
1998 Eddie Head (Boxed set) Mastering
2000 The Wicker Man (Single) Mastering
2000 Brave New World Mastering
2000 Out of the Silent Planet (Single) Mastering
2012 En Vivo! (Live album) Mastering
2012 En Vivo! (Video) Mastering
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Jerry Cantrell

2002 Selections from Degradation Trip (EP) Mastering
2002 Anger Rising (Single) Mastering
2002 Degradation Trip Mastering
2002 Angel Eyes (Single) Mastering
2002 Degradation Trip - Volumes 1 & 2 Mastering


1986 Because the Night (Single) Mastering
1986 The Final Frontier Mastering
1987 Keel Mastering

Kick Axe

1984 Vices Mastering


1984 The Blitz Mastering
1986 Alive and Screamin' (Live album) Mastering
2003 Rock the Block Mastering


1989 Street Ready Mastering

Life of Agony

1993 River Runs Red Mastering
1995 Ugly Mastering
1997 Soul Searching Sun Mastering
2000 Unplugged at the Lowlands Festival '97 (Live album) Mastering, Editing


1985 Rockin' With You (Single) Mastering
1985 In the Beginning... Mastering


1996 Return of the Warlord (Single) Mastering
1996 Louder than Hell Mastering
1996 Number 1 (Single) Mastering
1996 Courage (Single) Mastering


1986 Master of Puppets Mastering
1991 Enter Sandman (Single) Mastering
1991 Metallica Mastering
1991 The Unforgiven (Single) Mastering
1992 Nothing Else Matters (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1992 Wherever I May Roam (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1993 Sad but True (Single) Mastering (tracks 1, 2)
1996 Until It Sleeps (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1996 Load Mastering
1996 Hero of the Day (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1996 Mama Said (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1997 King Nothing (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1997 The Memory Remains (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1997 ReLoad Mastering
1998 The Unforgiven II (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1998 Fuel (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1998 Turn the Page (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1998 Garage Inc. Mastering
1999 Nothing Else Matters (Single) Mastering
1999 S&M (Live album) Mastering
2000 No Leaf Clover (Single) Mastering
2009 The Metallica Collection (Boxed set) Mastering
(show all)


2006 Mind over Body Mastering

Mötley Crüe

1983 Shout at the Devil Mastering
1989 Dr. Feelgood Mastering
1994 Hooligan's Holiday (Single) Mastering
1994 Mötley Crüe Mastering
2005 Red, White & Crue (Compilation) Mastering

Munetaka Higuchi

1997 Free World Mastering


1994 World Demise Mastering
1998 Slowly We Rot Remastering
2003 Slowly We Rot / Cause of Death (Compilation) Remastering
2004 The End Complete / World Demise (Compilation) Remastering (disc 2)
2013 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1989-2005 (Boxed set) Mastering


1985 Feel the Fire Mastering
1988 Under the Influence Mastering

Ozzy Osbourne

1995 The Ballads of Ozz (Single) Mastering
1995 4 from Ozzmosis (Single) Mastering
1995 Perry Mason (Single) Mastering
1995 I Just Want You (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1995 Ozzmosis Mastering
1996 See You on the Other Side (Single) Mastering
2005 Mississippi Queen (Single) Mastering
2005 Under Cover Mastering
2005 In My Life (Single) Mastering
2011 Diary of a Madman Mastering
2011 Blizzard of Ozz Mastering
2012 Ozzy Live (Live album) Mastering
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1981 Metal Priestess (EP) Remastering
1984 WOW Mastering
1986 Kommander of Kaos Mastering

Pride & Glory

1994 Pride & Glory Mastering


1996 End of All Days Mastering
1997 Live from the Vault (EP) Mastering


2003 Zero Order Mastering

Riot V

1999 Sons of Society Mastering

Royal Hunt

1992 Land of Broken Hearts Mastering
1994 Clown in the Mirror Mastering


1984 Sailing to America (Single) Mastering
1984 Just Let Me Rock (Single) Mastering
1984 Do It All for You (Single) Mastering
1984 Crusader Mastering
1987 The Best (Compilation) Mastering
1988 I Can't Wait Anymore (Single) Mastering (Track 1)
1988 Ride like the Wind (Single) Mastering (tracks 1, 2)
1988 Anthology (Compilation) Mastering
1988 Destiny Mastering
1990 Back on the Street (Compilation) Mastering
2012 The Carrere Years 1979-1984 (Compilation) Mastering
2012 EMI Years (1985-1988) (Compilation) Mastering
(show all)


1993 Woman (Single) Mastering
1993 No Pain No Gain (Single) Mastering
1993 Alien Nation (Single) Mastering
1993 Face the Heat Mastering
1993 Under the Same Sun (Single) Mastering
1996 Does Anyone Know (Single) Mastering
1996 Pure Instinct Mastering
1996 You and I (Single) Mastering
1997 When You Came into My Life (Single) Mastering
1997 Where the River Flows (Single) Mastering
2000 Face the Heat / Crazy World (Compilation) Mastering
2010 Sting in the Tail Mastering
(show all)


1987 Schizophrenia Remastering
1993 Chaos A.D. Mastering
1993 Territory (Single) Mastering
1994 Refuse / Resist (EP) Mastering
1994 Slave New World (EP) Mastering
1996 Roots Mastering
1996 The Roots of Sepultura (Compilation) Mastering
1997 Beneath the Remains Remastering
1997 Morbid Visions Remastering
1997 Beneath the Remains Remastering
1998 Beneath the Remains Remastering
1998 Beneath the Remains Mastering
1998 Beneath the Remains Remastering
1998 Beneath the Remains Remastering
2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky (Live album) Mastering
2003 Roorback Mastering
2006 Dante XXI Mastering
2009 A-Lex Mastering
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1987-1996 (Compilation) Mastering
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Sex Machineguns

2005 サスペンス劇場 (Single) Mastering
2005 愛人 28 (Single) Mastering

Skid Row

1991 Get the Fuck Out (Single) Mastering
1991 C'mon and Love Me (Single) Mastering
1991 Slave to the Grind (Single) Mastering
1991 Slave to the Grind Mastering
1991 Monkey Business (Single) Mastering
1991 In a Darkened Room (Single) Mastering
1991 Wasted Time (Single) Mastering
1992 Riot Act (Single) Mastering
1992 Quicksand Jesus (Single) Mastering
1995 Into Another (Single) Mastering
1995 Subhuman Race Mastering
1995 My Enemy (Single) Mastering
1995 Breakin' Down (Part 2) (Single) Mastering
1995 Breakin' Down (Single) Mastering
(show all)


2004 Wings Mastering
2005 In the Heart of the Princess (Compilation) Remastering
2005 Fairytales Producer
2007 Divine Gates Part III: The Last Gate Mastering
2009 Divine Gates Part IV: The Live Gate (Video) Mastering
2010 全部 Mastering
2012 Twilights of Sand Mastering
2015 The Storm & the Horizon Mastering (tracks 11, 12, 13, 14 on CD 2; tracks 5, 11, 14, 17 on CD 3), Remastering (tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15 on CD 3)


1998 Bleed (Single) Mastering
1998 Umbabarauma (Single) Mastering
1998 Soulfly Mastering
1999 Tribe (Single) Mastering
2000 Primitive Mastering

Sound Barrier

1983 Total Control Mastering


1988 Sweet Dreams Mastering
1988 The Trouble Is (Single) Mastering
2006 The Best of Sword (Compilation) Mastering (tracks 3, 6, 8-9 & 11-12)


2001 Voices Mastering


1992 The Ritual Mastering
1997 Demonic Mastering

The Beyond

1991 Crawl Mastering

The Rods

1984 Let Them Eat Metal Mastering
1987 Heavier Than Thou + Hollywood Project (Compilation) Mastering (tracks 13-21)


2007 Gothic Kabbalah Mastering
2010 Sitra Ahra Mastering


1992 Realized Fantasies Mastering

Twisted Sister

1979 I'll Never Grow Up, Now! (Single) Mastering
1984 Laura Branigan / Twisted Sister (Split) Mastering
1984 We're Not Gonna Take It (Single) Mastering
1984 Stay Hungry Mastering
1984 I Wanna Rock (Single) Mastering (side A)
1984 I Wanna Rock (Single) Mastering
1984 The Price (Single) Mastering
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1985 You Want What We Got (Single) Mastering (side b)
1985 Be Chrool to Your Scuel (Single) Mastering (side b)
1985 Hard Rock (Split) Mastering (tracks A3 & A5)
1985 Under the Blade Mastering (track B4)
1989 Under the Blade Mastering (track 9)
1992 I Am (I'm Me) (EP) Mastering (tracks A2 & B1)
1997 Under the Blade Mastering (track 9)
1999 Under the Blade Mastering (track 9)
2002 Under the Blade Mastering (track 9)
2005 Under the Blade Mastering (track 10)
2009 Under the Blade Mastering (track 9)
(show all)

Type O Negative

1992 The Origin of the Feces (Not Live at Brighton Beach) Mastering
1993 Black No. 1 (Single) Mastering
1993 Christian Woman (Single) Mastering
1993 Bloody Kisses Mastering
1996 My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (Single) Mastering
1996 In Praise of Bacchus (Single) Mastering
1996 Love You to Death (Single) Mastering
1996 October Rust Mastering
1997 Cinnamon Girl (Single) Mastering
1999 World Coming Down Mastering
1999 Everything Dies (Single) Mastering
2000 Everyone I Love Is Dead (Single) Mastering
2003 Life Is Killing Me Mastering
2011 None More Negative (Boxed set) Mastering
(show all)


1987 Animal House Mastering
1988 They Want War (Single) Mastering


2002 Gasmask Revival (Single) Mastering
2003 We Carry On (Single) Mastering
2003 Voivod Mastering


1986 95-Nasty (Single) Mastering
1986 Inside the Electric Circus Mastering
1987 Live... in the Raw (Live album) Mastering
1987 I Don't Need No Doctor (Single) Mastering
1989 Mean Man (Single) Mastering (additional)
1989 The Headless Children Mastering (additional)
1989 The Real Me (Single) Mastering (additional)
1989 Forever Free (EP) Mastering (additional) (track 1)


1999 Made in USA Mastering
2003 Made in USA (Video) Mastering
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