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Geoff Tate

Geoff Tate

Real/full name:
Jeffrey Wayne Tate
65 (born Jan 14th, 1959)
Place of birth:
Germany (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg)


Geoff was not actually an official member of Queensrÿche (who were then known as The Mob) when they recorded their self-titled EP in 1982. He performed with them occasionally and was asked to do the vocals on that EP. Once Myth, his band at the time, broke up, Geoff became a full-time member of The Mob, who eventually became Queensrÿche.


He stars as the narrator and killer in the 2013 found footage horror movie Reality Kills - The Burningmoore Incident.

Geoff is also a winemaker.

Geoff Tate

Vocals (2000-present)

2002 Geoff Tate Vocals
2012 Kings & Thieves Vocals

Operation: Mindcrime

Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone (2014-present)

2015 The Key Vocals (lead), Keyboards, Saxophone
2016 Resurrection Vocals, Keyboards (tracks 1-4, 6, 7, 9-14), Saxophone (track 7)
2017 The New Reality Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone

Sweet Oblivion

Vocals (2018-present)

2019 Sweet Oblivion Vocals
2021 Relentless Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 2, 5, 9, 10)



Hear 'n Aid

Vocals (1985)

1986 Stars (Single) Vocals
1986 Hear 'n Aid: The Sessions (Video) Vocals


Vocals (1980, 1981-1982)


Vocals (1982-2012)

1983 Queen of the Reich (Single) Vocals
1984 Take Hold of the Flame (Single) Vocals
1984 The Warning Vocals
1984 Warning (Single) Vocals
1985 Live in Tokyo (Video) Vocals
1986 Gonna Get Close to You (Single) Vocals
1986 Rage for Order Vocals, Keyboards
1988 Eyes of a Stranger (Single) Vocals
1988 Revolution Calling (Single) Vocals
1988 The Sounds Machine EP 2 (Split) Vocals
1988 Operation: Mindcrime Vocals, Keyboards
1989 I Don't Believe in Love (Single) Vocals
1989 Overseeing the Operation (EP) Vocals
1989 Video: Mindcrime (Video) Vocals
1990 Empire (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1990 Silent Lucidity (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1990 Empire Vocals, Keyboards
1991 Another Rainy Night (Without You) (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1991 Jet City Woman (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1991 Operation: Livecrime (Live album) Vocals
1992 Best I Can (Single) Vocals
1992 Anybody Listening? (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1993 Real World (Single) Vocals
1993 Building Empires (Video) Keyboards, Vocals
1994 Bridge (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1994 I Am I (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1994 The Story So Far... (Compilation) Vocals
1994 Promised Land Vocals, Saxophone, Keyboards
1995 Someone Else? (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
1997 Hear in the Now Frontier Vocals
1997 Sign of the Times (Single) Vocals
1997 spOOL (Single) Vocals
1999 Axe Killer Collection (Compilation) Vocals
1999 Q2K Vocals
2000 Beside You (Single) Vocals
2001 Live Evolution (Live album) Vocals
2001 Live Evolution (Video) Vocals
2003 Rhythm of Hope (Single) Vocals
2003 Tribe Vocals
2004 The Art of Live (Video) Vocals
2004 The Art of Live (Live album) Vocals
2006 Operation: Mindcrime II Vocals
2006 Face to Face (Split) Vocals
2007 Extended Versions (Live album) Vocals
2007 Mindcrime at the Moore (Video) Vocals
2007 Mindcrime at the Moore (Live album) Vocals
2007 Welcome to the Machine (Single) Vocals
2007 Take Cover Vocals
2009 If I Were King (Single) Vocals
2009 American Soldier Horns, Vocals
2011 Get Started (Single) Vocals
2011 Dedicated to Chaos Vocals
2013 Icon (Compilation) Vocals
(show all)


Vocals (lead) (2012-2014)

2013 Frequency Unknown Vocals (lead)
2013 Silent Lucidity - Greatest Hits (EP) Vocals (lead)

The Mob

Vocals (1982)

1982 Demo (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (track 4)
1982 Queensrÿche (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (track 4)
1983 Queensrÿche (EP) Vocals, Lyrics (track 4)


Vocals (2016)




Vocals (2017-present)


2016 Ghostlights Vocals [as Scientist II] (track 4)
2019 Moonglow Vocals (tracks 6, 7, 8)
2022 A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society Vocals (track 10)

Dream Theater

2006 Dark Side of the Moon (Live album) Vocals (CD 2; track 7)
2009 Uncovered 2003-2005 (Live album) Vocals (track 10)

1982 Queensrÿche (Demo) Producer
1983 Queensrÿche (EP) Producer

Geoff Tate

2002 Geoff Tate Producer
2012 Kings & Thieves Producer

Operation: Mindcrime

2015 The Key Songwriting (tracks 2-4, 6-9, 11, 12)


1982 Demo (Demo) Producer
1991 Operation: Livecrime (Live album) Producer
2003 Hear in the Now Frontier Liner notes, Photography
2004 The Art of Live (Video) Editing
2004 The Art of Live (Live album) Editing
2006 Operation: Mindcrime Liner notes

Sweet Oblivion

2019 Sweet Oblivion Recording (vocals)
2021 Relentless Recording (vocals)
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