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Geddy Lee

Geddy Lee

Real/full name:
Gary Lee Weinrib
70 (born Jul 29th, 1953)
Place of birth:
Canada (North York, Toronto, Ontario)


Mostly known as the lead singer, bass player and keyboard player of Rush.

During Neil Peart's grievance period, Lee made a solo album, "My Favourite Headache", featuring Matt Cameron.


Made a cameo appearance as himself in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother".

Wrote and published a large coffee-table book, "Geddy Lee's Big Beautiful Book of Bass".

His parents survived holocaust (both Dachau and Auschwitz concentration camps).

Geddy Lee

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano (2000-present)


Unknown (1969)


Unknown (1969)


Bass, Vocals, Keyboards (1968-1969, 1969-2018)

1973 Not Fade Away (Single) Bass, Vocals
1974 Rush Vocals (lead), Bass, Songwriting, Lyrics
1975 In The Mood (Single) Bass, Vocals
1975 Fly by Night Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4-8), Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 4-8), Vocals, Bass, Guitars (classical)
1975 Fly by Night (Single) Bass, Vocals
1975 Caress of Steel Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
1975 Bastille Day (Single) Bass, Vocals
1976 2112 Lyrics (track 5), Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1976 All the World's a Stage (Live album) Vocals, Bass
1977 Closer to the Heart (Single) Bass, Vocals
1977 Making Memories (Single) Bass, Vocals
1977 A Farewell to Kings Guitar (acoustic, 12 strings), Vocals, Keyboards (mini moog + bass pedal), Bass
1978 Cinderella Man (Single) Bass, Vocals
1978 Hemispheres Vocals, Bass, Synths, Songwriting
1979 Circumstances (Single) Bass, Vocals
1979 The Spirit of Radio (Single) Bass, Vocals
1980 Entre Nous (Single) Bass, Vocals
1980 Living Legends (Split) Vocals (tracks B4-B5), Bass (tracks B4-B5)
1980 Heavy Rock (Split) Vocals (tracks A3 & B4), Bass (tracks A3 & B4)
1980 Permanent Waves Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Taurus pedals
1981 Tom Sawyer (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1981 Closer to the Heart (Live) (Single) Bass, Vocals
1981 Rush 'n' Roulette (EP) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1981 Exit... Stage Left (Video) Bass, Vocals
1981 Moving Pictures Taurus pedal synthesizers, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
1981 Limelight (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1981 Vital Signs (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1981 Exit... Stage Left (Live album) Bass, Vocals
1982 New World Man (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1982 Subdivisions (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1982 Signals Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
1983 Countdown (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1984 The Body Electric (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1984 Red Sector A (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1984 Distant Early Warning (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1984 Afterimage (Single) Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
1984 Grace Under Pressure Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1985 The Big Money (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1985 Through the Camera Eye (Video) Bass, Vocals
1985 Power Windows Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1986 Grace Under Pressure Tour (Video) Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals
1986 Mystic Rhythms (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1987 Prime Mover (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1987 Hold Your Fire Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1987 Time Stand Still (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1989 The Pass (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1989 A Show of Hands (Video) Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers
1989 A Show of Hands (Live album) Vocals, Bass, Synthesizers
1989 Presto Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1990 Il Rock Nr. 83 (Split) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
1991 Roll the Bones (Single) Bass, Vocals
1991 Roll the Bones Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
1992 Ghost of a Chance (EP) Bass, Vocals
1993 Counterparts Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
1996 Test for Echo Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
1998 Different Stages • Live (Live album) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2002 Vapor Trails Songwriting, Vocals, Bass
2003 Rush in Rio (Live album) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
2003 Rush in Rio (Video) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
2004 Feedback (EP) Bass, Vocals
2005 R30: 30th Anniversary World Tour (Video) Bass, Vocals
2006 Replay x3 (Boxed set) Bass, Vocals
2007 Snakes & Arrows Vocals, Bass, Mellotron
2008 Snakes & Arrows Live (Live album) Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
2008 Snakes & Arrows Live (Video) Vocals, Bass, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Keyboards
2009 Grace Under Pressure Tour (Live album) Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
2009 Working Men (Video) Bass, Vocals
2010 Caravan (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Pedals
2011 ABC 1974 (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2011 Moving Pictures: Live 2011 (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2011 Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Live album) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2011 Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland (Video) Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
2012 Clockwork Angels Bass, Keyboards, Bass Pedals, Vocals
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour (Live album) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2013 Clockwork Angels Tour (Video) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2013 The Garden (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2014 Spirit of the Airwaves (Live album) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2014 7 and 7 Is (Split) Bass, Vocals
2015 R40 Live (Live album) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2017 Cygnus X-1 (Single) Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
(show all)

The Big Dirty Band

Vocals (lead) (2006)

The Dusty Coconuts



Bass (2018)


1976 2112 Producer, Arrangements
1979 The Spirit of Radio (Single) Mixing
1980 Entre Nous (Single) Mixing
1980 Heavy Rock (Split) Mixing (assistant) (tracks A3 & B4)
1980 Permanent Waves Mixing
1998 Different Stages • Live (Live album) Producer
2002 Vapor Trails Recording
2012 Clockwork Angels Songwriting, Producer, Arrangements
2013 The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (Boxed set) Recording
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