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Gary Meskil

Gary Meskil

Real/full name:
Gary Meskil
Place of origin:
United States (Sarasota, Florida)


Appears on WWF Full Metal: The Album as a part of Slam Jam.


Bass (2013-present)


Bass, Vocals (1991-present)

1992 Foul Taste of Freedom Vocals, Bass
1994 The Truth Hurts Vocals, Bass
1994 Put the Lights Out (Single) Bass, Vocals
1994 State of Mind (Single) Bass, Vocals
1996 Gunya Down (Single) Vocals, Bass
1996 Contents Under Pressure Vocals, Bass
1998 Time (Single) Vocals, Bass
1998 Pro-Pain Vocals, Bass
1999 Act of God Bass, Vocals
2000 Round 6 Vocals, Bass
2001 Raw Video (Video) Vocals, Bass
2001 Road Rage (Live album) Bass, Vocals
2002 Shreds of Dignity Vocals, Bass
2004 Fistful of Hate Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
2005 Best of Pro-Pain II (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2005 Prophets of Doom Vocals, Bass
2007 Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade Bass, Vocals
2008 No End in Sight Bass, Vocals
2010 Absolute Power Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
2012 Straight to the Dome Bass, Vocals
2013 The Final Revolution Bass, Vocals
2015 Voice of Rebellion Bass, Vocals
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Bass (1982-1989, 1990-1991, 2006, 2014-2015)

1983 The Crumbsucker Cave (Demo) Bass
1984 1984 Demo (Demo) Bass
1985 March of the Light Brigades (Demo) Bass
1986 Life of Dreams Bass
1988 Beast on My Back (B.O.M.B.) Bass
1991 Life Of Dreams / Beast On My Back (Compilation) Bass

Heavy Rain

Bass (1989-1990)

23rd Grade of Evil

2009 What Will Remain When We Are Gone Vocals (additional) (tracks 2, 9)

Bad Blood

2013 Silence = Death Vocals (track 1)
2016 Inner Core Vocals (additional) (track 3)


2007 Edge of My Demise Vocals (additional) (track 6)


2006 Demon Inside Vocals (lead) (track 11)


2011 Never Fail Vocals (additional) (Track 4)

Insult II Injury

1994 Point of This Vocals (additional, track 12)

Low Twelve

2006 This Side Toward Enemy Vocals (tracks: 3)


1998 Marrow Vocals *


As Gerry Meskil:

2013 In Deepest Silence Vocals (track 4)


2007 Edge of My Demise Producer


1994 The Truth Hurts Producer
1994 Put the Lights Out (Single) Producer
1998 Best of Pro-Pain (Compilation) Producer (tracks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10)
2000 Round 6 Producer
2002 Shreds of Dignity Producer
2003 Run for Cover Producer
2004 Fistful of Hate Artwork, Design
2005 Best of Pro-Pain II (Compilation) Producer
2005 Prophets of Doom Producer
2007 Age of Tyranny - The Tenth Crusade Lyrics, Producer, Art Concept,
2008 No End in Sight Producer
2015 Voice of Rebellion Producer
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