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Real/full name:
Mirko Schmat
Place of birth:


Used to run Steeldawn.
Now runs Misanthrophia Discos.


As Azaxul:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass (1997-present)

1997 The Arrival of the Demonlord (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2002 Night Tale / Death to Macrocosm (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2010 Horned Furies (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2016 The Fleshly Tomb Vocals, Guitars
2017 The Saints Impaled Vocals, Guitars
2022 Echoes of Dreariness Vocals, Guitars, Bass


As Profano Mysteriis:
Vocals (1993-1994), Bass, Guitars, Vocals (2015-2017), Bass, Vocals (2019-present)

1994 Reh. I (Demo) Vocals (as "Blacksoul")
1994 Jesus Never Lived (Demo) Vocals
1994 Demoniac (Demo) Vocals (as "Blacksoul")
2016 Malleus Christianitatis Vocals, Bass

Cabaret for Bereaved


1995 Demo 1995 (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (track 2)


Vocals (1994-1999)

1994 Moonblood (Demo) Vocals (as "Black Soul")
1994 Rehearsal 1 - My Evil Soul (Demo) Vocals
1994 Rehearsal 2 - The Evil Rules (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (as "Black Soul")
1994 Nosferatu (Demo) Vocals
1995 The Winter Falls over the Land (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics
1995 Rehearsal 3 - Frozen Tears of a Vampire (Demo) Vocals
1995 Rehearsal 4 (Demo) Vocals
1995 Siegfried (Die Sage vom Helden) (Demo) Vocals
1995 Rehearsal 5 - Under the Cold Fullmoon (Demo) Vocals
1996 Rehearsal 6 (Demo) Vocals
1996 Rehearsal 7 (Demo) Vocals
1996 Rehearsal 8 - Conquering the Ravenland (Demo) Vocals
1996 Nocturnal Silence in the Forest / Moonstruck (Split) Lyrics, Vocals
1996 Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust (Demo) Vocals
1997 Blut & Krieg Vocals
1997 Rehearsal 10 (Demo) Vocals
1997 Rehearsal 11 - Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon (Demo) Vocals
1998 Hordes of Hate / Endless Woods (Split) Vocals
1998 Rehearsal 12 (Demo) Vocals
1999 Rehearsal 13 (Demo) Vocals
1999 Fuck Peace! We're at War! (Split) Vocals
1999 Ve znamení ohně / Kingdom Under Funeral Skies (Split) Vocals
2000 Taste Our German Steel! Lyrics (tracks 1, 3-5), Vocals
2000 Sob a lua do bode / Demoniac Vengeance (Split) Vocals
2001 Watchtowers of Darkness / Supreme Black Forces of Steel (Split) Vocals
2002 Dusk Woerot (Demo) Vocals
2014 Blut & Krieg / Sob a lua do bode (Compilation) Vocals
2014 Dusk Woerot / Taste Our German Steel! (Compilation) Vocals
2015 ...of Lunar Passion and Sombre Blood (Compilation) Vocals
2015 Flammenwut / Aesthetics of the Necromantic Manifestation / The Unholy (Split) Vocals
2015 The Unholy (EP) Vocals
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Vocals, Keyboards (1996)


Guitars, Vocals (1995-1997)

1995 Demo I (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
1996 Winternacht (Demo) Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars, Vocals
1996 Conspiracy Against Christianity (Split) Everything


Everything (1996-?)


2017 Reminiszenzen... Vocals (track 8)


As Profano Mysteriis:

1993 Blaspherion (Demo) Vocals
1993 Black Prophets (Demo) Vocals


2001 Watchtowers of Darkness / Supreme Black Forces of Steel (Split) Logo (Katharsis logo, only used on this release)


2000 Sob a lua do bode / Demoniac Vengeance (Split) Cover concept
2013 From Hell - The Gift of Hatred (Boxed set) Artwork
2014 Blut & Krieg / Sob a lua do bode (Compilation) Artwork
2021 Moonblood (Demo) Layout, Artwork (as "Mirko "Gaamalzagoth" Schmat")
2021 Worshippers of the Grim Sepulchral Moon (Demo) Layout, Artwork (as "Mirko "Gaamalzagoth" Schmat")
2022 Domains of Hell (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Angelwings in the Darkness (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Nosferatu (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams (Demo) Artwork, Layout
2022 Embraced by Lycanthropy's Spell (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Rehearsal 9 - Unpure Desires of Diabolical Lust (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Siegfried (Die Sage vom Helden) (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2022 Under the Cold Fullmoon (Demo) Layout, Artwork
2023 Once There Was Darkness (Demo) Artwork, Arrangements (as "Mirko "Gaamalzagoth" Schmat")
2023 Frozen Tears of a Vampire (Demo) Artwork, Arrangements (as "Mirko "Gaamalzagoth" Schmat")
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