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Real/full name:
Maciej Hopek
26 (born Feb 25th, 1991)
Place of origin:
Poland (Poznań)


Infos to unlisted bands:
- Personal Holocaust (Shoegaze project with members of Klär and Moloch) (Demo released at Depressive Illusions Records as TAPE),
-Existence Is Failure (experimental/abstract music),
-Ad Mortem (ritual dark ambient).

Guest in:

Ad Mortem


Beyond Life

Vocals, Guitars, Noises, Sounds, Lyrics, Songwriting (2009-present)

2010 Human Desperation (Split) Lyrics, Sounds
2010 Three Steps of Human Life (Demo) Sounds, Songwriting
2011 Myself... (Compilation) Everything, Lyrics, Performer (additional) (Noises on "Death... Will Bring the Silence")
2011 Thoughts of Despair (Split) Sounds
2011 Prayers of Madness and Grief (EP) Sounds, Lyrics
2011 Emission Nebulae IC 1396B (Split) Sounds
2011 Wastelands (EP) Sounds
2011 Ravens (EP) Sounds
2012 Everything Dies (EP) Sounds (Track 1), Vocals, Lyrics (Track 2)
2012 Echoes (Single) Everything
2013 Last Walk Through the Emptiness (Demo) All instruments
2013 Journey to the End (Split) Sounds, Lyrics
2013 Blackened Sky Lyrics, Ambiance, Effects, Soundscapes
2014 Mors malum non est, sola ius aequum generis humani (Demo) Vocals (tracks 1, 2), Ambience
2015 The Path... (Demo) Ambients, Piano, Vocals, Vocals (backing) (track 4), Lyrics
2015 Let Me Out (EP) Vocals, Sounds, Effects,
2015 Melodies of Sorrow (Split) Drums, Effects, Vocals
2016 Between Worlds (EP) Drums (1, 2, 3, 4), Noises (3)
2016 Circle to Beyond (Split) Vocals, Guitar (8), Noises, Ambient, Drums
2016 Midnight Lunatic (EP) Drums Programming, Noises, Samples, Voices (2, 3, 4, 5), Ambients, Saxophone (4), Ambients (background) (1), Guitar (3, 5)
(show all)

Czarna Rozpacz


2011 Czarna rozpacz (Demo) Vocals

December Shadows

Vocals, Effects


Guitars (rhythm) (2012-present)

2012 Forgotten Deity (EP) Guitars (track 5)
2012 Synowie nocy (EP) Additional ambients
2013 Excruciato Anima Immortali Guitars (rhythm)
2013 Voin Grim & Gurthang (Split) Guitars (rhythm)
2013 My Weary Eyes / Entombed by Winter (LP single) (Single) Guitars (rhythm)
2015 V: Appolyon (Single) Ambience, Effects
2015 I Will Not Serve Effects, Ambience
2016 Moloch / Gurthang (Split) Effects, Ambient
2017 Shattered Echoes Effects, Ambience

Personal Holocaust


Existence Is Failure


Beyond Life

2016 Circle to Beyond (Split) Performer (additional) (Ambient, Voices on "Circle to Beyond")


2010 Human Desperation (Split) Performer (additional) (Noises on "Death... Will Bring the Silence")

Satanic Forest

2012 Krhjénnkçaá'Mtísaanntrórjpislkaá (Demo) Vocals (tracks 1, 2)
2012 Áadrzórrashãò Mnãgjsthräll Mzonnthänñháa dhòu Drzóggmñá Ehévhorlúotynnvhor (Demo) All instruments (on track 1), Vocals (on track 2)

Bestial Holokaust

2010 Stanie się koniec... (Demo) Lyrics for "Patrz Boże..."


2012 Passage to the Inner World (Compilation) Mixing
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