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Filip Garlonta

Filip Garlonta

Real/full name:
Filip Garlonta
21 (born Jun 7th, 2002)
Place of birth:
Romania (Brasov)



2020 Back to the Grave (Demo) Everything
2020 In the Flesh and Bones (EP) Everything
2021 Envenomed Redemption All instruments, Vocals
2021 Consumed from Within (Single) Everything
2022 Away from the Living Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2022 Bounded to a Mortal Life (EP) Everything


All instruments, Vocals

2022 Inborn Agony (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2022 Horrific Barbaric Atrocities (EP) All instruments, Vocals


Guitars (rhythm) (2019-present), Vocals (2019-present), Drums (2019-2021), Bass (2021-present)

2019 My Resurrection (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2019 Tales from the Crypt (EP) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 Afterlife Torment (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 May the Dead Rise (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 Fading Salvation (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 Condemned to Burn Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 Condemned to Burn Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2020 Gore Unleashed (Compilation) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2021 Transcendental Horror (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Drums
2021 Wormed and Soulless (Single) Bass, Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Drums
2022 Hanging Above the Deadpool (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Vocals
2022 Officium Mortuorum (Split) Guitars (rhythm). vocals, bass
2022 Undead Symbiosis Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2022 Officium Mortuorum (Split) Bass, Guitars (rhythm), Vocals, Drums
2023 Dreamscape of the Ancients (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Bass
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As Cremator:
Vocals, Bass (2020-2021), Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (2021-present)

2020 Necroza (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2021 Putrezire Cadaverică (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
2021 Execrat din Mormânt (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2021 Rotting While They Breathe (Split) Vocals, Bass
2021 Teroarea Incarnată (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2022 Scabrously Excarnated (Split) Vocals, Bass
2022 Duhoare de Moarte (EP) Vocals
2022 Putrezire în Bucure​ș​ti (Live album) Vocals (as "Filip")
2022 Eastern Malignant Morbidity (Split) Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm)
2022 Întâlnirea Mortală (Single) Vocals
2022 Eliberat de Forma Umană (Single) Vocals
2023 Repulsie Post​-​Mortem Vocals (as "Filip")
2023 Necrologia Viermilor (Compilation) Vocals, Bass
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Guitars (2021-present)

2021 Pandemic Session (Rehearsal 08​/​14​/​2021) (Demo) Guitar
2021 The Crypt of Shadows (EP) Guitars (rhythm)
2021 The Crypt of Shadows (EP) Rhythm Guitar (as "Filip")
2022 Live in Cluj​-​Napoca, Romania (05/28/2022) (Live album) Guitar, additional vocals (as "Filip")
2022 Escape from Beyond (Single) Guitar (rhythm) (as "Filip")
2023 The Phantom Fear (Single) Guitars (rhythm) (as "Filip")

Blood Rage

Vocals (2021-2023)

2022 Welcome to Crimson Pines (EP) Vocals, Lyrics



2021 Hiding from the Daylight (EP) Everything


As Goat Ravisher:
Guitars (rhythm, lead), Vocals (backing), Drums (2018-2019)

2018 Last Rites (EP) Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing), Drums
2019 War Against the Cross (Single) Guitars (rhythm & lead), Vocals (backing), Drums


Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals (2018-2020)

2018 Lost Forever.​.​. Everything
2019 Blood Hunger (Single) Everything
2019 Eternal Reign (Demo) Everything
2019 Bloody Pleasure (Single) Everything
2019 No Hope Left (Single) Everything
2019 The Storm Before the End (Single) Everything
2019 In the Shadow of the Nightfall (EP) Everything
2019 Symphonies of a Dying World Everything
2019 Underworld Kingdom (Single) Everything
2019 Inexistence ... (Single) Everything
2019 Embracing Supreme Darkness (EP) Everything
2019 Inexistence Everything
2019 A Path Through Misery and Darkness (Split) Lyrics (tracks 2-4), Songwriting (tracks 2-4), Vocals, All instruments
2020 Death, My Saviour ... Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
2020 Blood Moon Rising (Single) Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
2020 Cast into the White Void (Single) Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
2021 Terrifying the Night (Single) Guitars, Drums, Bass, Vocals
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Nosferatu's Kommando

2019 Death Worship (Demo) Vocals (track 4)
2021 Dum Spiro Morior (Compilation) Vocals (track 9)


2022 Inborn Agony (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2022 Horrific Barbaric Atrocities (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2022 Undead Symbiosis Recording


2023 Repulsie Post​-​Mortem Songwriting (tracks 2, 8, 9) (as "Filip")
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