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Ferdy Doernberg

Ferdy Doernberg

Real/full name:
Ferdinand Dörnberg
56 (born Jun 10th, 1967)
Place of birth:
Germany (Bad Hersfeld, Hesse)


Compilation appearances:
"Soldier" on "Thunder and Steel Down Under, A tribute to Riot" (Skol Records, 2015)

Axel Rudi Pell

Keyboards (1998-present)

1998 Oceans of Time Keyboards
1999 The Ballads II (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 1, 2, 4-6), Piano (track 3)
2000 The Masquerade Ball Keyboards
2000 The Wizards Chosen Few (Compilation) Keyboards (tracks 1.1-8)
2002 Shadow Zone Keyboards
2002 Knights Live (Live album) Keyboards
2002 Knight Treasures (Live and More) (Video) Keyboards
2004 Kings and Queens Keyboards
2006 Mystica Keyboards
2007 Diamonds Unlocked Keyboards (tracks 1-11), Guitars (acoustic) (additional) (track 5)
2008 Live over Europe (Video) Keyboards
2008 Tales of the Crown Keyboards
2010 One Night Live (Live at Rock of Ages Festival 2009) (Video) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2010 The Crest Keyboards
2011 Hallelujah (Single) Keyboards
2011 The Ballads IV (Compilation) Keyboards
2012 Run with the Wind (Single) Keyboards
2012 Circle of the Oath Keyboards
2012 Before I Die (Single) Keyboards
2013 Live on Fire (Circle of the Oath Tour 2012) (Live album) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2014 Into the Storm Keyboards
2015 Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show) (Video) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2015 Magic Moments (25th Anniversary Special Show) (Live album) Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (tracks 5-16, 18-20, 22, 24)
2015 The King of Fools (Single) Keyboards
2016 Game of Sins Keyboards
2017 Love's Holding On (Single) Keyboards
2017 The Ballads V (Compilation) Keyboards
2018 Knights Call Keyboards
2019 Only The Strong Will Survive (live) (Single) Keyboards
2019 XXX Anniversary Live (Live album) Vocals (backing), Keyboards
2020 Gunfire (Single) Keyboards
2020 Wings of the Storm (Single) Keyboards
2020 Sign of the Times Keyboards
2020 Bad Reputation (Single) Keyboards
2021 There’s Only One Way to Rock (Single) Keyboards
2021 She's a Lady (Single) Keyboards
2021 Diamonds Unlocked II Keyboards
2022 Survive (Single) Keyboards
2022 Down On The Streets (Single) Keyboards
2022 Gone with the Wind (Single) Keyboards
2022 Lost XXIII Keyboards
2023 Morning Star (Single) Keyboards
2023 The Ballads VI (Compilation) Keyboards
(show all)

Rough Silk

Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (1989-present)

1990 Ups and Downs (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
1991 Rough Silk (EP) Keyboards (as "Ferdy Dörnberg")
1993 Roots of Hate Keyboards, Piano, Hammond
1994 Walls of Never Keyboards (as "Ferdy Dörnberg")
1996 Circle of Pain... ...or: The Secret Lies of Timekeeping Keyboards, Guitars (steel, slide), Accordion, Organ
1997 Mephisto Keyboards, Guitars (steel, slide)
1998 Beyond the Sundown Keyboards, Hammond, Guitars, Dobro
1999 Wheels of Time (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
2001 Symphony of Life Vocals (backing), Dobro, Keyboards, Bouzouki, Accordion, Guitars
2003 End of Infinity Vocals, Slide Guitar, Keyboards
2009 A New Beginning Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolin, Harmonica, Trumpet
2012 The Good, the Bad & the Undead Accordion (track 5), Dobro (track 1), Trumpet (track4), Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
2018 Progressive Oi!-Pop Mandoline, Dobro, Trumpet, Slide Guitar, Guitars, Keyboards, Flute, Piano, Hammond Organ, Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (lead)
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Sainted Sinners

Guitars (slide), Keyboards, Hammond organ (2016-present)



Eden's Curse

Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2006-2009)

2007 Eden's Curse Keyboards
2008 Seven Deadly Sins - The Acoustic Sessions (EP) Keyboards
2008 The Second Coming Keyboards
2008 Angels & Demons (Single) Keyboards
2008 The Bonus Tracks (EP) Keyboards
2009 Condemned to Burn (EP) Keyboards

Roland Grapow

Keyboards (1997-1999)

1997 The Four Seasons of Life Keyboards
1997 I Remember (Single) Keyboards
1999 Kaleidoscope Keyboards

Shock Machine

Keyboards (1998-2000)


Keyboards, Slide guitars (1999-2005)

2000 Spirit of Freedom (Demo) Keyboards, Guitars (slide), Vocals (backing)
2001 Spirit of Freedom Vocals (choirs), Slide Guitar, Keyboards
2003 Rainmaker Keyboards, Slide guitars, Vocals (backing) (track 9)

Freedom Call


Gamma Ray

Keyboards (1999)


Keyboards (2007)

Uli Jon Roth



2005 All Those Words (EP) Keyboards (Track 2)
2005 Liquid Monster Keyboards

Chris Caffery

2007 Pins and Needles Keyboard solo (track 11)

David Reece

2020 Cacophony of Souls Keyboards (track 6)


2001 Screams of Ice Keyboard solo (track 5)


2005 Inventor of Evil Guitars (lead) (track 3)


As Ferdy Dörnberg:

2000 The Dawn of Dying Piano, Steel guitar, Accordion


2006 Stardawn Organ (track 7)

Eden's Curse

2017 Eden's Curse - Revisited Keyboards (additional) (CD)

Freedom Call

2001 Crystal Empire Piano (track 8), Keyboards (track 11)

Holy Moses

2008 Agony of Death Keyboards, Samples, Guitars (slide) (Through Shattered Minds)

Jaded Heart

2007 Sinister Mind Keyboards (additional)


2011 Brace for Impact Keyboards (tracks 4, 6)


2015 5'55'' till the End of Days Keyboard solo (track 3)


2003 Masterplan Keyboards (track 8)


1999 Millennium Metal - Chapter One Keyboards (additional)

Night Laser

2020 Power to Power Slide Guitar (Guest) on Track #3

Onkel Tom Angelripper

1999 Ein Strauß bunter Melodien Keyboards, Accordion
2018 Zwischen Emscher & Lippe (EP) Accordion (track 1), Piano (track 1), Organ (track 1)


2001 That's Metal Lesson I - Bleed for the Gods Keyboards (tracks 6, 10)
2005 That's Metal Lesson II - Long Live the Loud Steel guitar (track 9), Keyboards (track 14)


2013 Heaven Can Wait... Keyboards


2011 Between the Devil and the Sea Guitars, Keyboards (track 12)

Seven Witches

2000 City of Lost Souls Keyboards (tracks 3, 8)

Shock Machine

As F. Doernberg:

1998 Shock Machine Hammond organ (tracks 9, 10)


2012 Circle of Power Keyboards

Swan Christy

As Ferdy:

1999 Today Died Yesterday Vocals, Slide guitar (track 8)


2014 Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond (Video) Keyboards (disc 1)

Tommy Vitaly

2012 Hanging Rock Keyboards (solo) (tracks 5, 8)

Velvet Viper

2021 Cosmic Healer Keyboards


2011 Wolfpakk Keyboards (track 10)

Damir Simic Shime

2004 Demonstratus Recording (Mike's drums)


2004 Dust to Dust Recording, Engineering

Human Paranoid

2008 Stillborn Resurrection Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering (as "Ferdy Dörnberg")

Rough Silk

2001 Symphony of Life Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2009 A New Beginning Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2012 The Good, the Bad & the Undead Engineering, Artwork, Mastering, Producer, Mixing
2018 Progressive Oi!-Pop Recording, Mixing, Design


2001 Spirit of Freedom Engineering, Recording (as "F. Doernberg")
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