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Felipe Machado Franco

Felipe Machado Franco

Real/full name:
Felipe Machado Franco
45 (born 1979)
Place of birth:
Colombia (Bogotá D.C.)


Machado studied visual arts and graduated in 2003. He first gained experience as a freelance illustrator for Lucas Films. The very first album cover he was commissioned to do was Axel Rudi Pell's Mystica.

He continues to take classes at the Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, CA.



2021 The Raven's Revenge (Single) Vocals
2021 One Final Ritual Song (Single) Vocals



2004 Warzone Bass, Vocals (as "Felipe "Phil" M. Franco")
2008 When Zombies Rise (Demo) Vocals
2011 Invaders from Another World Lyrics, Vocals




Bass, Vocals

2001 Vortex of Oblivion (Demo) Bass, Vocals (as "Felipe Machado")

Vorpal Nomad

Vocals (2010-?)

2010 The Spirit Machine (EP) Vocals
2011 Jack O Lantern (Single) Vocals
2012 Skull Island (Single) Vocals
2012 Hyperborea Vocals, Lyrics
2012 Hocus Pocus (Single) Vocals


2010 Abadoom (EP) Cover art, Photography, Design

Ancient Bards

2011 Soulless Child Cover art
2014 A New Dawn Ending Artwork

Angelus Apatrida

2013 Evil Unleashed / Give 'Em War (Compilation) Artwork ("Evil Unleashed") (as "Felipe Machado")


2013 Entre el cielo y la tierra Cover art, Design

Astral Doors

2019 Worship or Die Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")

At Vance

2007 VII Cover art


2013 Ad Portas (EP) Artwork

Aura Ignis

2024 ¡Ni Un Paso Atrás! (Single) Artwork
2024 Marcando tu destino Artwork

Axel Rudi Pell

2006 Mystica Cover art
2008 Tales of the Crown Cover art


2011 Aftermath Cover art
2014 Where Dreams Are Forgotten Design, Artwork
2019 End of All Hope Artwork


2008 01011001 Layout, Illustrations

Black Sun

2011 Dance of Elders Cover art

Blaze Bayley

2008 The Man Who Would Not Die Cover art, Artwork, Layout
2009 The Night That Will Not Die (Video) Cover art
2009 The Night That Will Not Die (Live album) Cover art
2010 Promise and Terror Cover art, Artwork, Layout

Blind Guardian

2010 A Voice in the Dark (Single) Cover art
2010 The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour 2010 (Live album) Cover art
2010 At the Edge of Time Cover art, Artwork
2012 Memories of a Time to Come (Compilation) Cover art
2013 A Traveler's Guide to Space and Time (Boxed set) Artwork
2014 Twilight of the Gods (Single) Design, Artwork
2015 Beyond the Red Mirror Cover art, Artwork, Design
2019 Legacy of the Dark Lands Logo


2014 Firesoul Design, Layout, Artwork
2016 Scary Creatures Artwork

Burning Point

2009 Empyre Cover art, Design
2012 The Ignitor Artwork, Design

Christopher Lee

2010 Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")

Crisis de Fe

2006 III Design

Crystal Ball

2007 Secrets Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")


2020 Portal cósmico Cover art (as "Felipe Machado F.")


2019 Renovatio Cover art

Dark Nova

2012 Dark Nova Artwork

Dawn of Destiny

2014 F.E.A.R. Design, Cover art


2018 Planeta guerra Artwork


2008 Project Destiny Artwork, Layout, Logo design


2009 Reaching the Zenith (EP) Cover art


2009 Exit 49 Cover art, Design, Layout

Emerald Sun

2011 Regeneration Cover art


2013 Desnudando la realidad Cover art

Evil Hunter

2021 Lockdown Cover art


2011 Puta pasta Cover art


2012 A Legend to Believe In Cover art
2017 Masters of War Cover art

Freezing Darkness

2006 Born in the Deepest Frozen Night Artwork, Design, Photography


2022 The Final Stand Cover art, Artwork

Fuck Off

2006 Hell on Earth Illustration (as "Felipe Machado")


2012 The Universality Artwork, Design
2017 Return of the Cosmic Men Artwork
2022 Elation (Single) Cover art
2022 Striking the Earth (Single) Cover art
2022 Endless Horizon Artwork

Gamma Ray

2021 30 Years Live Anniversary (Live album) Artwork, Design


2022 Nemesis Cover art


2010 A.D.N. Cover art


2014 Woven Artwork, Cover art, Layout, Logo
2017 The Healer (EP) Cover art
2018 Slaves and Gods Cover art
2022 Will and the Witch Cover art


2013 The Warning After Cover art


2018 Hunter-Killer Cover art

Iced Earth

2007 Overture of the Wicked (Single) Cover art, Layout
2007 Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked - Part 1) Artwork, Layout
2008 I Walk Among You (Single) Artwork, Layout
2008 The Crucible of Man (Something Wicked - Part 2) Cover art, Artwork
2010 Box of the Wicked (Boxed set) Layout, Artwork, Cover art
2011 Festivals of the Wicked (Live album) Artwork
2011 Festivals of the Wicked (Video) Artwork
2011 Dystopia Cover art, Artwork
2013 Live in Ancient Kourion (Live album) Cover art


2016 Innerwish Cover art

Iron Savior

2011 The Landing Cover art, Artwork, Design
2014 Rise of the Hero Artwork, Design
2015 Live at the Final Frontier (Live album) Cover art, Design
2016 Titancraft Design, Cover art
2017 Reforged - Riding on Fire Artwork
2019 Kill or Get Killed Cover art
2020 Skycrest Cover art, Design
2022 Reforged - Ironbound Artwork
2023 Firestar (Single) Cover art
2023 Firestar Cover art


2011 Live in Black (Live album) Artwork
2012 Bring Heavy Rock to the Land Artwork
2013 Symphonic Cover art, Design
2013 Traveller Artwork


2010 Inhuman Nature Cover art


2016 The Elders' Realm Artwork, Design
2018 Dawn of the Five Suns Artwork, Cover art


2010 Opus Dei Artwork, Design


2022 Wake Up Call Cover art


2011 Crusaders Cover art
2011 Angel on the Run Cover art


2021 Stories of Times Forgotten (EP) Cover art

Lake of Tears

2007 Moons and Mushrooms Cover art, Artwork


2007 Ascendence Cover art
2008 Hear No Evil (EP) Cover art
2009 Set in Stone Cover art
2010 Return of the Tyrant (EP) Cover art
2013 Digital Lies Cover art
2019 Fallen Idols Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")

Lords of Black

2014 Lords of Black Artwork (as "Felipe Machado")
2016 II Artwork
2018 Icons of the New Days Cover art
2020 Alchemy of Souls (Part I) Artwork
2021 Alchemy of Souls (Part II) Cover art

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

2012 Ascending to Infinity Design (booklet), Cover art


2008 Rise of the Mekanix CD, Design, Photos, Illustrations

Memories of Old

2019 The Land of Xia (Single) Artwork
2020 The Zeramin Game Cover art

Mind Odyssey

2009 Nailed to the Shade Layout, Cover Art
2009 Signs Design, Cover art
2009 Schizophenia Design, Cover art
2009 Keep It All Turning Cover art
2009 Time to Change It Cover art, Design


2013 El cuarto jinete Artwork


2022 Unholy Glory Artwork


2005 Subversivos espirituales Design, Artwork (as "Final Frontier Digital Art")
2007 Masters of Thrash Design

No Return

2008 Manipulated Mind Cover art


2007 A New Beginning Cover art

Pagan's Mind

2011 Heavenly Ecstasy Cover art, Artwork, Layout, Design
2011 Intermission (Single) Artwork (as "Felipe Machado")


2012 Fifth Element Cover art


2014 The Fiction Maze Cover art, Artwork
2020 Necromancy Cover art (as "Felipe Franco")

Power Quest

2008 Master of Illusion Cover art, Design
2011 Blood Alliance Cover art, Design
2016 Face the Raven (EP) Artwork
2017 Sixth Dimension Artwork


2008 Immortal Cover art, Artwork
2017 Contingent Cover art


2012 21 Cover art, Layout
2014 The Soundchaser Archives (Compilation) Artwork, Layout


2019 Overlord Cover art
2021 (Re) Master of Present and Past (Single) Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")
2023 Still Alive Artwork

Rhapsody of Fire

2010 The Frozen Tears of Angels Cover art, Photography (editing)
2010 The Cold Embrace of Fear: A Dark Romantic Symphony (EP) Cover art
2011 From Chaos to Eternity Photo retouching, Cover art, Layout
2013 Live - From Chaos to Eternity (Live album) Cover art, Layout
2013 Dark Wings of Steel Cover art, Layout, Cover concept
2014 Live in Atlanta (Live album) Cover art
2016 Into the Legend Artwork, Layout

Rob Rock

2007 Garden of Chaos Cover art
2013 Rage of Creation Artwork


2012 Un pasado infernal Cover art


2009 Secretos y revelaciones Cover art
2012 Nemesis Cover art

Savage Circus

2009 Of Doom and Death Cover art, Artwork, Layout

Secret Sphere

2012 Portrait of a Dying Heart Artwork, Illustrations

Seventh Avenue

2008 Terium Artwork

Shadow Gallery

2007 Prime Cuts (Compilation) Cover art, Design


2001 Vortex of Oblivion (Demo) Cover art (concept) (as "Felipe Machado")

Signum Regis

2013 Exodus Cover art

Silent Force

2007 Walk the Earth Cover art
2013 Rising from Ashes Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")


2010 When Worlds Collide Artwork, Cover art
2014 Shadows Design, Artwork
2016 Master Creator Artwork

Sleeping Romance

2013 Enlighten Cover art


2015 Ultimate Sin Cover art

Soul Takers

2007 Flies in a Jar Cover art (as "Felipe Machado")


2011 Fields of Decay Cover art

Sound Storm

2009 Twilight Opera Artwork
2012 Immortalia Artwork


2011 Eye on the Sky Design
2015 Stars Aligned Cover art

Still Alive

2011 Unchained Souls (Single) Cover art
2012 Kyo Art direction, Artwork, Design


2014 Thunder & Steele Cover art, Artwork


2014 Evil Seeds Artwork


2019 Unchained Artwork


2008 Thirst Cover art (back) (as "Felipe Machado")

The Cage

2012 The Third Cage Artwork

The Unity

2021 Close to Crazy (Live) (Single) Cover art
2021 The Devil You Know - Live (Live album) Cover art
2023 The Hellish Joyride Illustrations


2008 Mirror of Souls Artwork (booklet), Layout
2011 Wages of Sin (Single) Cover art
2011 As the World Bleeds Illustration
2016 Ghost Ship Artwork


2008 When Zombies Rise (Demo) Cover art
2011 Invaders from Another World Cover art

Timeless Haunt

2021 Dark for Life Cover art, Design

Tommy Vitaly

2012 Hanging Rock Artwork

Tony Martin

2005 Scream Artwork


2002 Sick of Silence (EP) Design (as "Felipe Machado")
2005 The Rise of Armageddon (EP) Cover art, Design (as "Final Frontier Digital Art")

Van Canto

2011 Break the Silence Cover artwork

Vanden Plas

2010 The Seraphic Clockwork Cover art, Artwork


2012 One Cover art
2017 Beyond the Human Mind Artwork

Vorpal Nomad

2010 The Spirit Machine (EP) Lyrics
2012 Skull Island (Single) Artwork
2012 Hyperborea Artwork

Wind Rose

2012 Shadows over Lothadruin Artwork
2015 Wardens of the West Wind Artwork (as "Felipe Machado")


2015 The Chosen Few Artwork


2015 Fire & Ashes (EP) Design, Cover art

Zenith Reunion

2015 Entropy Artwork
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