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Real/full name:
Ludovic Faure
39 (born Mar 19th, 1982)
Place of origin:
France (Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur)


On May 25th, 2021, Famine was found guilty of the July 2018 assault of a man inside a bar. He received a six months suspended prison sentence, which will be effective for 5 years, plus a fine of 3000 euros pending further adjustment for the victim's expenses.

Owns and operates La Mesnie Herlequin.


Has also featured on a song with the French rapper Kroc Blanc called "Nagini".

Earlier known as Feu Cruel.

Peste Noire

Guitars, Vocals (lead), Bass (2001-present)

2002 Macabre transcendance... (Demo) Vocals, Guitars (as "Feu Cruel")
2002 Mémoire païenne (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics (as "Feu Cruel")
2003 Phalènes et pestilence - Salvatrice averse (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
2005 Phalènes et pestilence (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2006 La Sanie des siècles - Panégyrique de la dégénérescence Songwriting, Vocals (lead), Lyrics, Guitars, Bass (track 5), Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars, Bass (track 5)
2007 Lorraine Rehearsal (EP) Guitars (lead), Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics
2007 Folkfuck folie Songwriting, Lyrics, Guitars, Vocals (backing) (track 6), Vocals (lead)
2007 Mors Orbis Terrarum (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars (as "La Sale Famine de Valfunde")
2007 Horna / Peste Noire (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting
2009 Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor Guitars (electric, acoustic), Harmonica, Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting (as "La Sale Famine de Valfunde")
2011 L'ordure à l'état pur Lyrics, Guitars, Songwriting, Vocals, Épinette des Vosges (as "La Sale Famine de Valfunde, DJ Famine")
2012 Les Démos (Compilation) Vocals, Guitars, Bass
2013 Peste Noire Vocals (lead), Guitars, Bass, Lyrics (as "Frère Famine")
2014 Rats des villes vs Rats des champs (Split) Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
2015 La Chaise-Dyable Vocals (lead), Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
2018 Aux Armes! (Single) Guitars, Vocals (lead), Bass
2018 Aristocrasse (Single) Vocals (as "Mc Famine")
2018 Peste Noire – Split – Peste Noire Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
2021 Le retour des pastoureaux Vocals (lead), Songwriting, Guitars, Harmonica, Lyrics
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As Aegnor:
Guitars (lead) (2000-2001)

2001 Tristesse hivernale (Demo) Guitars (lead), Songwriting
2007 Aux funérailles du monde... / Tristesse hivernale (Split) Guitars (lead)

Dor Daedeloth

As Aegnor:
Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics (2000-2001)

2001 Aryan Supremacy (Demo) Lyrics, Guitars, Vocals (lead)
2001 Aryan Supremacy (Demo) Vocals (lead), Lyrics, Guitars


Guitars, Vocals (2007-2010)


Guitars, Vocals (2015-2017)

2017 Au gouffre (EP) Guitars, Vocals


As La Sale Famine de Valfunde:

2010 Au crépuscule de l'espérance Lyrics (track 7)

Sale Freux

As La Sale Famine de Valfunde:

2011 La mélancolie des pennes Vocals (backing) (track 5)
2012 L'exil Vocals (track 3), Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 7)


As La Sale Famine de Valfunde:

2014 Offertoire Vocals (additional) (track 5)


2018 Удар милосердия / Coup de grâce (EP) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1, 2)
2018 Reconquista Vocals (French) (tracks 4, 5)

Dor Daedeloth

2001 Aryan Supremacy (Demo) Engineering, Producer (as "Aegnor")
2001 Aryan Supremacy (Demo) Engineering, Producer (as "Aegnor")

Peste Noire

2002 Mémoire païenne (Split) Producer, Engineering
2003 Phalènes et pestilence - Salvatrice averse (Demo) Engineering, Producer
2005 Phalènes et pestilence (Demo) Producer, Engineering
2007 Lorraine Rehearsal (EP) Engineering, Producer
2007 Folkfuck folie Producer, Engineering
2007 Mors Orbis Terrarum (Compilation) Cover art, Recording, Mixing
2009 Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor Engineering, Producer, Recording (tracks 1-3, 5, 7, 10)
2012 Les Démos (Compilation) Producer, Engineering (CD 1, track 1-6 ; CD 2 track 1, 4), Everything (CD 1, track 14-15)
2013 Peste Noire Producer
2014 Rats des villes vs Rats des champs (Split) Recording, Cover art
2018 Peste Noire – Split – Peste Noire Recording
2021 Le retour des pastoureaux Mixing
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Sale Freux

2012 L'exil Mastering, Producer
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