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Erwin Vandenbergh

Erwin Vandenbergh

Real/full name:
Erwin Vandenbergh
Place of birth:


Drums, Vocals (1987-1990), Bass (1991)

1987 Rehearsal 11/21/1987 (Demo) Drums, Vocals, Bass
1988 Cabbalic Gnosticism (Demo) Drums (as "Erwin")
1988 If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then? (Demo) Drums (as "Erwin")
1988 Delirium Tremens / If This Is Gore, What's Meat Then (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
1989 Live Geel 15.07.'89 (Split) Bass, Drums, Vocals
1990 Sociopath (Live album) Drums (as "Erwin")
1990 Agathocles / Disgorge (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
1990 Morally Wrong / Grind 'Till Deafness (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Erwin")
1990 Suppose It Was You / Untitled (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Erwin")
1990 Fascination of Mutilation (EP) Drums (as "Erwin")
1990 If This Is Cruel What's Vivisection Then? (EP) Drums (as "Erwin")
1991 Your Life??? What a Waste!! (Demo) Bass (as "Erwin")
1991 M.O.M. / Agathocles (Split) Drums on "Majesty of Fools" (as "Erwin")
1991 Mincecore Not Wargore: Collection Tape '88-'90 (Compilation) Bass, Drums, Vocals
1991 Agarchy (EP) Vocals, Bass (as "Erwin")
1991 Agathocles / Lunatic Invasion (Split) Drums (tracks 2, 6-12) (as "Erwin")
1991 At the Sight of the Foul Offal... / Untitled (Split) Bass (as "Erwin")
1992 We Are Running Out of Victimness... (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
1992 Untitled / Hail to Japan (Split) Drums (tracks 8, 9) (as "Erwin")
1992 Theatric Symbolisation of Life Bass (as "Erwin")
1993 Cripple Bastards / Agathocles (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
1993 Split-Tape '93 (Split) Drums (Tracks 6-13) (as "Erwin")
2000 Jan AG & the Gajna / Agathocles (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
2002 Live in Aalst, Belgium, 1989 / (NO-fi) (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
2006 It Never Ends / Untitled (Split) Bass, Drums, Vocals
2007 Get Off Your Ass / In Noise We Noise (Split) Bass (Tracks 1-4) (as "Erwin")
2008 Agathocles / Occult (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
2012 Belgian Noise Brigade (Split) Drums
2015 More Angry Anthems 1985-2015 (Compilation) Bass, Drums, Vocals
2020 Morally Wrong (EP) Drums (as "Erwin")
2021 Fastcore (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
2021 Agathocles / Brutal Noise (Split) Drums (as "Erwin")
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As Decapitator:

1986 Exorcism Shall Fail (Demo) Bass
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