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Eric Philippe

Eric Philippe

Real/full name:
Eric Philippe
Place of birth:
Belgium (Liège, Liège, Wallonia)


Artist and graphic designer based in Liège, Belgium. His work involves the creation of artistic concepts and graphic realization of artwork, logo design, brand image & commercial/merchandising graphic designs for companies worldwide. He specializes in airbrush, graphic design & illustrations mostly seen in the music business as well as book covers, posters, brand image folders, t-shirts & ...


1993 The Liaison Cover art
1998 Tomorrow's World Cover art


1991 Double Talk Cover art


1992 The Truth Cover art
1994 Total Artwork


1987 Apocalypse Artwork, Logo

Armored Dawn

2016 Power of Warrior (EP) Design
2016 Power of Warrior Artwork, Logo


2002 Sacred Pathways Artwork, Design, Logo
2003 New Discovery Artwork, Design, Logo


1999 B.A.C.K. Artwork, Logo


2019 Untot Artwork, Logo


1991 Exit: Reality Cover art

At Vance

1999 No Escape Cover art
2000 Heart of Steel Cover art, Logo


1995 Why Now Cover art
1997 Mystic Places Artwork
1998 Vision Eden Cover art, Logo
1998 Why Now Cover art
2000 Eurasia Logo


2000 Azeroth Cover art, Logo
2008 II Logo


1985 Like Living in a Cage Logo, Artwork

Beto Vazquez Infinity

2001 Battle of Valmourt (EP) Logo (re-design)
2001 Beto Vazquez Infinity Logo (re-design)


1993 Capricorn Cover art
1995 Inferno Cover art

Channel Zero

1992 Channel Zero Cover art


1985 Second Attack Artwork

D. Machine

1992 Prologue (EP) Design, Artwork

Dark Wizard

1984 Devil's Victim (EP) Cover art
1985 Reign of Evil Logo design


2012 Mysticeti Victoria Cover art, Logo

David Rock Feinstein

2010 Bitten by the Beast Cover art, Logo
2013 Clash of Armor Artwork, Logo


1999 Wings of Time Cover art

Double Diamond

1997 In Danger Cover art
2004 Stand Up and Fight Logo


2002 Terra Nova Cover art, Logo, Artwork


2000 Where Angels Dwell No More Cover art, Design


2009 Moonlight Lady (EP) Artwork, Design, Layout, Editing (Photography)
2011 March On Artwork, Design, Layout, Editing (Photography)
2019 The Iron Brigade (EP) Cover art
2021 Rage of War Artwork

FN Guns

1984 Nightmare Artwork
1984 FN Guns (EP) Cover design
1987 Burnin' Out Cover art
1990 Good Shot Cover art
1990 I'm the Walrus / Teenager's Rampage (Single) Cover art
1994 Take It! Cover art


1994 Distortion Logo, Artwork


1994 Manic Aggression Artwork

Heaven's Trail

2018 Lethal Mind Cover art


2001 Fata Morgana Cover art

Holy Mother

1995 Holy Mother Artwork
1999 Criminal Afterlife Cover art, Logo design
2000 My World War Cover art, Artwork, Logo
2003 Agoraphobia Cover art, Artwork, Logo


2001 Sunrise in Riverland Cover art, Logo
2003 Fantasy (A New Dimension) Cover art, Logo, Design

Iron Fire

2006 Revenge Cover art
2007 Blade of Triumph Cover art
2009 To the Grave Artwork
2010 Metalmorphosized Artwork

Iron Mask

2002 Revenge Is My Name Cover art
2005 Hordes of the Brave Graphic design, Logo
2009 Shadow of the Red Baron Cover art, Design, Logo

John L

2024 Pinball Paradise Artwork

John West

2002 Earth Maker Cover art, Artwork
2006 Long Time... No Sing Design


1984 Shock Waves Logo design
2015 Monsters of Rock Logo
2023 Hellfire Logo

Luca Turilli

1999 The Ancient Forest of Elves (Single) Artwork, Logo
1999 King of the Nordic Twilight Cover art, Logo
2002 Demonheart (EP) Logo
2002 Prophet of the Last Eclipse Logo

Mad Max

2012 Another Night of Passion Cover art, Graphic design

Marco Ferrigno

2006 Hanging Gardens Artwork, Logo

Mark Boals

2000 Ring of Fire Artwork, Logo, Cover art
2002 Edge of the World Design (logo, emblem)


1994 Mennen Artwork, Design
2004 Freakazoid Art direction, Design
2006 Freakalive (Live album) Cover art
2008 Planet Black Cover art

Mob Rules

1999 Savage Land Cover art, Logo
2000 Temple of Two Suns Artwork, Cover art, Logo
2002 Lord of Madness (Single) Logo
2002 Hollowed Be Thy Name Cover art, Logo


2002 New Born Day Logo, Artwork


1992 Narita Cover art, Logo

New Horizon

2021 We Unite (Single) Logo
2022 Gate of the Gods Logo, Artwork
2024 Conquerors Artwork, Logo

Oceans of Sadness

2000 For We Are Logo, Design, Artwork


1984 Ecstasy and Danger Cover art


1990 Prophecy Cover art


1991 Phantom Artwork, Cover concept
1993 Cyberchrist Artwork, Sleeve design


2003 Born a Rebel Cover art, Logo


2001 Castle of Yesterday Artwork, Design


1989 Rescue Cover art

Ring of Fire

2001 The Oracle Artwork, Design
2002 Dreamtower Cover design, Logo, Artwork
2004 Lapse of Reality Artwork, Logo

Riot V

1999 Sons of Society Cover art

Saints' Anger

1985 Danger Metal Cover art


2011 Marilyn Cover art, Logo


1985 Battlefields Cover art


2000 Corruption Within Cover art
2002 A Chaos Theory Logo

Sonata Arctica

1999 UnOpened (Single) Logo
1999 Ecliptica Logo
2000 Successor (EP) Logo
2001 Wolf & Raven (Single) Logo
2001 Silence Cover art, Logo
2001 Live at Provinssirock Festival (Single) Logo
2001 Orientation (EP) Logo
2001 Last Drop Falls (Single) Logo
2002 Songs of Silence - Live in Tokyo (Live album) Logo
2003 Victoria's Secret (Single) Logo
2003 Winterheart's Guild Logo
2003 Broken (Single) Logo
2003 Takatalvi (EP) Logo
2004 Don't Say a Word (Single) Logo
2004 Don't Say a Word (EP) Logo
2004 Reckoning Night Logo
2004 My Selene (Single) Logo
2004 Shamandalie (Single) Logo
2005 The End of This Chapter (Compilation) Logo
2006 For the Sake of Revenge (Video) Logo
2006 The Collection 1999-2006 (Compilation) Logo
2006 Replica 2006 (Single) Logo
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Sons of Lioth

2015 Judge Hammer (EP) Cover art

Star Queen

2002 Faithbringer Cover art, Artwork


1984 Steeler Cover art


1984 Glove Me Artwork, Logo, Design
2022 Stainless Cover art


1983 Stormbringer Artwork


1992 Twilight Time Cover art
1992 Twilight Time Cover art
1993 Twilight Time Cover art
1994 Twilight Time Cover art
1996 Twilight Time Cover art
1996 Twilight Time Cover art
2002 Twilight Time Cover art
2002 Twilight Time Cover art
2005 Twilight Time Cover art
2006 Twilight Time Cover art
2007 Twilight Time Cover art
2009 Twilight Time Cover art


1984 Death Before Dishonour Cover art

Tai Pan

1995 Slow Death Artwork

The Rods

2011 Vengeance Cover art
2019 Louder than Loud (Single) Cover art
2019 Brotherhood of Metal Cover art
2023 Live at Rose Hall (Live album) Cover art

Titan Force

1991 Winner / Loser Cover art


2004 My Religion Artwork, Cover art


1991 Rockers Cover art, Design


1985 Sword of Steel (Demo) Cover art, Logo


2002 Secret Visions Cover art, Logo

Visions of Atlantis

2004 Cast Away Cover art, Logo, Design (cover)


1984 Speedway Logo
1986 The Day After Artwork
2002 Speedway / The Day After (Compilation) Logo, Artwork
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