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Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Real/full name:
Louis Marullo
71 (born Jul 12th, 1952)
Place of birth:
United States (Auburn, New York)


The stage name is derived from the names of his two sons, Eric and Adam.

Before Manowar, Eric played in bands called The Kids, Looks, and Harlequin.

Eric is a passionate fan of hunting. In interviews he has stated that after a tour, when finally there is some free time, he goes to the woods and starts hunting. He says he prefers to go and kill the animal himself, rather than eating the ...


Vocals (1980-present)

1981 Demo '81 (Demo) Vocals
1982 Battle Hymns Vocals
1983 Into Glory Ride Vocals
1983 Defender (Single) Vocals
1984 Hail to England Vocals
1984 All Men Play on 10 (Single) Vocals
1984 Sign of the Hammer Vocals
1987 Blow Your Speakers (Single) Vocals
1987 Fighting the World Vocals
1988 Kings of Metal / Herz aus Stahl (Single) Vocals
1988 Kings of Metal Vocals
1992 Metal Warriors (Single) Vocals
1992 The Triumph of Steel Vocals
1994 The Hell of Steel (Compilation) Vocals
1996 Return of the Warlord (Single) Vocals
1996 Louder than Hell Vocals
1996 Number 1 (Single) Vocals
1996 Courage (Single) Vocals
1997 Courage (Live) (Single) Vocals
1997 Hell on Wheels - Live (Live album) Vocals
1998 Manowar / Vanden Plas / Symphony X / Rhapsody (Split) Vocals
1999 Live in Portugal (Single) Vocals
1999 Live in Spain (Single) Vocals
1999 Live in Germany (Single) Vocals
1999 Live in France (Single) Vocals
1999 Hell on Stage Live (Live album) Vocals
2000 Hell on Earth Part I (Video) Vocals
2002 Warriors of the World United (Single) Vocals
2002 Warriors of the World Vocals
2002 Warriors of the World United (Video) Vocals
2002 An American Trilogy / The Fight for Freedom (Single) Vocals
2002 The Dawn of Battle (EP) Vocals
2002 Fire and Blood: Hell on Earth Part II / Blood in Brazil (Video) Vocals
2003 Hell on Earth III (Video) Vocals
2005 King of Kings (Single) Vocals
2005 Hell on Earth IV (Video) Vocals
2006 The Sons of Odin (EP) Vocals
2006 The Absolute Power (Video) Vocals
2007 Demons, Dragons and Warriors (Split) Vocals
2007 Gods of War Vocals
2007 Gods of War Live (Live album) Vocals
2008 Kings of Metal / The Triumph of Steel (Compilation) Vocals
2008 Die with Honor (Single) Vocals
2009 Thunder in the Sky (EP) Vocals
2009 Hell on Earth V (Video) Vocals
2010 Battle Hymns MMXI Vocals
2012 The Lord of Steel Vocals (lead)
2013 The Lord of Steel - Live (EP) Vocals
2014 Kings of Metal MMXIV Vocals
2019 The Final Battle I (EP) Vocals
2022 Highlights from the Revenge of Odysseus (EP) Vocals
2023 Laut und hart, stark und schnell (Single) Vocals
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Bible Black

As Lou Marullo:
Vocals (1981)

2022 The Complete Recordings 1981-1983 (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1-3)





The Kids

As Louis Marullo:
Vocals (1966), Guitars (rhythm) (1966)


2007 Demons, Dragons and Warriors (Split) Vocals (track 3)
2007 Apocalypse (EP) Vocals
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