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Equitant Ifernain Dal Gais

Equitant Ifernain Dal Gais

Real/full name:
Raymond Dillard Heflin
46 (born May 18th, 1971)
Place of origin:
United States (Dallas, Texas)


Owner of the Black Montanas label.


As Equitant:
Vocals, Synthesizers (1992-present)

1992 Entrance to the Ancient Flame (Demo) Guitars, Bass
1992 Evolutionary Traditions of the Judas Goat (Demo) Synths, Tape Loops, Guitars, Piano, Bass (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
1992 An Evening of Blasphemous Moon Worship (Demo) Guitars
1992 Promo (Demo) Synthesizer, Tape Loops, Guitars, Piano, Bass
1993 Imp (Demo) Synths, Tape Loops, Guitars, Piano, Bass (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
1994 Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara Guitars, Bass, Effects, Guitars (acoustic), Lyrics (as "Lord Equitant Infernain")
2004 Second Sephira Cella Unseen Voices, Synthesizers, Effects, Percussion, Songwriting (tracks 1, 2)
2007 Exalted Are the 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal Vocals (additional), Keyboards, Percussion, Effects, Music (tracks 6, 7)
2011 A Fifth Conjuration Vocals, Synthesizers, Effects, Percussion, Lyrics


As Equitant:

1993 The Circle of Agurak (Demo) Effects, Synths, Guitars (as "Lord Equitant Ifernain")
1994 The Great Lands of Minas Ithil (Demo) Voice, Synths, Effects (as "Equitant Ifernain (King of Agurak)")
2001 Erotik (Demo) Everything
2001 Hunger (Demo) Everything
2001 Exhibit Two (EP) Everything
2002 North of Munich (EP) Everything
2002 Design (EP) Everything
2002 Zurich Programming, Vocals
2003 Kompressor (EP) Voice, Vocoder, Machines, Effects
2005 Konstruckteur Vocals, Synthesizers, Drum Programming
2005 Zeit Vocals (tracks 3, 6, 8), Synthesizers, Drum programming
2007 Hauptstadt (EP) Everything
2008 Mekanik (EP) Everything
2010 That's All (The Remixes) (Collaboration) All instruments, Vocals
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Starchaser Network

Vocals, Synth, Mellotron, Drum programming


As Equitant Ifernain:
Guitars, Bass (1990-2002)

1991 Immortal Sorcery (Demo) Bass (as "Ray Heflin")
1991 Return of the Ancients (Demo) Words, Bass (as "Ray Heflin")
1992 The Temples of Offal (EP) Bass (as "Ray Heflin")
1992 Infinite and Profane Thrones (Compilation) Bass
1993 Promo Tape 1993 (Demo) Bass, Effects (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
1993 Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Bass, Effects, Lyrics (tracks 2, 5) (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
1995 The Sun of Tiphareth Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
1995 ...and Shineth unto the Cold Cometh... (EP) Guitars, Keyboards, Bass (as "Equitant Ifernaim Dal Gais")
1997 The Third Storm of Cythrául Guitars, Lyrics, Bass
1998 In the Eyes of Ioldánach (EP) Bass, Lyrics
1999 In the Visions of Ioldánach (Video) Guitars, Bass
2001 Tara Bass, Lyrics
2007 L'attaque du tyran: Toulouse, le 28 avril 1997 (EP) Guitars
2007 Demonical / Absu (Split) Guitars
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As Equitant Infernain:

1994 On the Eve of War (Demo) Bass


As Raymond Dillard Heflin:


2009 Absu Programming (track 13)


As Ray Heflin:

1992 Furnace (Demo) Guitars (tracks 2, 5)
1992 Cremated Souls (EP) Guitars (tracks 2, 5)


As Equitant:

1995 The Venus Bellona 4 - Fold Bow (tracks 2, 11, 19)


1992 The Temples of Offal (EP) Lyrics, Cover art, Logo (as "R.H.")
1993 Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Logo, Artwork (additional) (as "Equitant Ifernain")
2005 Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 (Compilation) Artwork, Executive producer, Logo (as "Equitant Ifernain")
2007 Demonical / Absu (Split) Logo (as "Equitant Ifernain")
2009 Absu Songwriting (track 13) (as "Equitant Ifernain")
2015 Telepaths Within Nin-Edin (Single) Logo (as "Equitant")

Black Funeral

1995 Vampyr - Throne of the Beast Logo (as "Equitant")


2017 .​.​.​Where No Lives Matter (EP) Logo (as "Ray Heflin")

Divine Eve

1992 The Last of the Sunset Faded (Demo) Layout (as "Ray Equitant")
1993 As the Angels Weep (EP) Photography, Logo (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
2007 Upon These Ashes Scorn the World (Compilation) Photography, Logo (as "Equitant")


1994 Nindinugga Nimshimshargal Enlillara Logo (as "Lord Equitant Ifernain")
1999 Lectionum Antiquarum (Compilation) Logo (as "Lord Equitant Alastor")
2004 Second Sephira Cella Mastering (as "Equitant")
2007 Exalted Are the 7 Throne Bearers of Ninnkigal Mastering, Logo (as "Equitant")
2011 A Fifth Conjuration Mastering, Cover design, Logo (as "Equitant")


1993 The Circle of Agurak (Demo) Lyrics (as "Lord Equitant Ifernain")
1994 The Great Lands of Minas Ithil (Demo) Producer, Lyrics, Layout, Logo (as "Equitant")
2002 Design (EP) Layout (as "Equitant")
2002 North of Munich (EP) Design (as "Equitant")
2003 Kompressor Remixes (EP) Layout (as "Equitant")
2005 Zeit Producer, Remixing, Mastering, Cover art, Lyrics (as "Equitant")
2005 Konstruckteur Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Design, Lyrics (as "Equitant")


2008 Sabbatic Communion (EP) Logo Revision (as "Equitant")


2017 Promo '17 (Demo) Logo (as "Equitant")


1997 Among Majestic Ruin Logo (as "Equitant")


1995 The Venus Bellona Logo concept (as "Equitant")


1997 Light the Black Flame Logo (as "Equitant Ifernain")


1992 Sleeping Under Tartarus (EP) Cover art
1997 Necrolatry (Demo) Logo, Artwork (as "Equitant Ifernain")
2003 Face of the Conqueror (EP) Logo, Artwork (as "Equitant Ifernain")
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