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Ephemeral Domignostika

Ephemeral Domignostika

Real/full name:
Steve Peacock
36 (born Nov 19th, 1987)
Place of birth:
United States (Napa, California)


Owns and operates Vexations Records.

Apprentice Destroyer is an electronic/experimental rock music project.

Apprentice Destroyer

Guitars, Drum programming, Synthesizers, Vocals



2014 Invectives (Split) Vocals
2016 Le Jésuve (EP) Vocals


Drums, Guitars, Vocals

2020 Infinite Worship, Slaves Eternal (EP) Drums, Guitars, Vocals


All instruments, Vocals

2005 Demo 1 (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2006 III (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2006 Pure Fucking Black Metal (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2011 Barbaric Usurpation of the Hypereonic Black Metal Throne (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
2012 Palace of Worms / Mastery (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Skullflower / Mastery (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2015 Valis All instruments, Vocals (as "Domignostika")

Pale Chalice

Vocals (2010-?), Bass (2012-?)

2011 Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation (EP) Vocals
2015 Negate the Infinite and Miraculous Vocals, Bass

Pandiscordian Necrogenesis

Vocals, Guitars, Drums

2009 Live Across the Abyssic Planes (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2010 Cerebral Quasaric Lacerations Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2014 Pandiscordian Necrogenesis (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2018 Eigenwelt (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
2018 Outer Supernal Everything
2020 Elohim Glowing Bile (EP) Everything
2020 Elohim Glowing Bile (EP) Everything
2021 Immortal Initiation (EP) Everything

Spirit Possession

As S.:
Guitars, Vocals (2019-present)

2020 2020 Demo (Demo) Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting, Songwriting
2020 Spirit Possession Songwriting, Vocals, Guitars
2023 Of the Sign... Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting


As Steve Peacock:
Bass, Vocals (2014-present)

2016 Demo (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2018 Cosmovore Synthesizers, Vocals, Bass
2020 Providence Bass, Synthesizers, Vocals
2022 Nightgaunts MMXVI (Compilation) Bass, Vocals
2023 Helionomicon Bass, Vocals
2023 Anthronomicon Bass, Vocals

Horn of Dagoth

As Mastery:
Vocals, Bass

2012 Thine Innocent Blade (Single) Vocals

Black Curse

Bass (2023-present)


As Domignostika:

2018 Rehearsal 2012 (Demo) Guitars

Palace of Worms

2016 The Ladder Guitars (tracks 2, 5)


2020 Infinite Worship, Slaves Eternal (EP) Layout, Art direction

Pandiscordian Necrogenesis

2020 Elohim Glowing Bile (EP) Additional Art, Layout, Mastering (as "Domignostika")
2020 Elohim Glowing Bile (EP) Additional Art, Layout, Mastering (as "Domignostika")
2021 Immortal Initiation (EP) Additional Artwork, Layout, Mastering

Spirit Possession

2020 Spirit Possession Design, Recording, Layout (as "S.")
2023 Of the Sign... Recording (as "S.")


2023 Helionomicon Artwork (additional) (as "Steve Peacock")
2023 Anthronomicon Artwork (additional) (as "Steve Peacock")
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