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Emin Guliyev

Emin Guliyev

Real/full name:
Emin Guliyev
Place of birth:
Azerbaijan (Baku)

Violet Cold

Everything (2013-present)

2013 La petite mort (Single) Everything
2014 Powder (Single) Everything
2014 Little Death of Huge Universe (Single) Everything
2014 Acrophobia (Single) Everything
2014 Grey Cloud (Single) Everything
2014 My Journey to Your Space (Single) Everything
2014 Sad​.​Devastated​.​Sleepless (EP) Everything
2014 Faraway, So Close! (EP) Everything
2014 Veil of Future (Single) Everything
2014 I Wanna Get High (Single) Everything
2014 Fight for Freedom! (Single) Everything
2014 Ayahuasca (Single) Everything
2014 Desman (Single) Everything
2014 You'll Die Alone (Single) Everything
2014 Space Shuttle (Single) Everything
2014 Void (Single) Everything
2014 Lilu (EP) Everything
2014 Личинки Страха (Single) Everything
2014 Liquefied (Single) Everything
2014 Village Intelligentsia (Single) Everything
2014 Light at the End of the Beginning (Single) Everything
2014 Baku Nights (Single) Everything
2014 Infected Cells (Single) Everything
2014 She Spoke of Her Devastation (Single) Everything
2015 Everything You Can Imagine Is Real​.​.​. (Single) Everything
2015 Jamais vu (Single) Everything
2015 Desperate Dreams Everything
2015 Red Ocean (Single) Everything
2015 Astral Suicide (EP) Everything
2016 Magic Night Everything
2016 Neuronaut Everything
2016 Cellar Door (Split) Everything
2017 Anomie Everything
2017 Imperfect (Split) Everything
2017 Random Memories Channel (Compilation) Everything
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. I) - Innocence Everything
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. II) - Joy Everything
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. III) - Nostalgia Everything
2018 Aptek (Single) Everything
2019 Kosmik Everything
2019 I Am Isolation (EP) Everything
2020 Noir Kid Everything
2021 Empire of Love Everything
2021 Pride (EP) Everything
2021 Sahasrara Destruction (Single) Everything
2022 Səni Uzaq Kainatlarda Axtarıram Everything
2022 Mokita (Single) Everything
2023 Multiverse Everything
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2016 Inside Green Chaos (Live @ Le Chateau) (Live album) Recording, Editing, Cover art

Violet Cold

2017 Anomie Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Art design
2017 Imperfect (Split) Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. II) - Joy Cover art, Mixing, Mastering, Recording
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. I) - Innocence Mastering, Recording, Cover art, Mixing
2018 Sommermorgen (Pt. III) - Nostalgia Mastering, Recording, Artwork, Mixing
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