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Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Real/full name:
Eduardo Teixeira da Fonseca Vasconcellos
52 (born May 18th, 1972)
Place of birth:
Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)


Edu Falaschi was a pupil of Mario Pastore.

Brother of Tito Falaschi.


He covered the Saint Seiya intro "Pegasus Fantasy" to the Portuguese version of Brazil

Edu Falaschi

Vocals, Guitars (acoustic) (2015-present)

2016 Moonlight Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2018 The Glory of the Sacred Truth (EP) Vocals (lead, choirs), Lyrics, Songwriting
2019 Streets of Florence XVIII Century (Medieval Version) (Single) Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2020 Temple of Shadows in Concert (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2021 Vera Cruz Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic), Lyrics, Songwriting (tracks 2-4, 6-12)
2023 Tenochtitlán (Single) Vocals
2023 Eldorado Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)
2023 Ven a mi (Single) Vocals, Guitars (acoustic)


Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards (2006-2016)

2006 Almah Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards, Vocals
2008 All I Am (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2008 You'll Understand (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
2008 Fragile Equality Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic)
2008 You Take My Hand (Demo) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2011 Trace of Trait (Single) Vocals
2011 Motion Vocals, Keyboards
2013 Raise the Sun (Single) Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2013 Unfold Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
2016 E.V.O Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards, Lyrics, Percussion, Vocals, Songwriting


Vocals (lead), Guitars (acoustic) (2001-2012)

2001 Acid Rain (Demo) Vocals
2001 Rebirth Vocals
2002 Rebirth World Tour - Part 1 (Live in Rio de Janeiro 2001) (Video) Vocals
2002 Hunters and Prey (EP) Vocals
2003 Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo (Video) Vocals
2003 Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo (Live album) Vocals
2004 5th Album Demos (Demo) Vocals
2004 Temple of Shadows Vocals (lead, choirs) (tracks 2, 6), Guitars (acoustic) (track 5)
2004 Wishing Well (Single) Vocals
2006 The Course of Nature (Single) Vocals
2006 Aurora Consurgens Vocals (lead)
2010 Arising Thunder (Single) Vocals
2010 Lease of Life (Single) Vocals
2010 Aqua Vocals
2020 Hollow (Aqua 2020 Remixed) (Single) Vocals (lead)
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1994 Eyes of Time / Shining from the Darkness (Split) Songwriting, Vocals


Vocals (1997-?)

1998 Symbols Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (as "Eduardo Falaschi")
2000 Call to the End Vocals (lead)



1998 Ordinary Existence Vocals (as "Eduardo Falascchi")


Vocals (lead) (2016)

Calcinha Preta

Vocals (lead) (2023-present)


Vocals (lead) (2011)

Age of Artemis

2011 Overcoming Limits Vocals (choirs)


2015 Non-Euclidean Spaces Vocals (track 9)


2017 Thiago Bianchi's Arena Vocals (track 11)

Final Disaster

2014 Another Victim (Demo) Guitars (additional)


2008 Last Time Was Just the Beginning... Vocals (backing, track 9.2)

Illusion Force

2021 Illusion Paradise Vocals (track 13)


2009 Angus Vocals (track 5)

Luís Kalil

2015 Insight Vocals (lead) (track 5)

Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom

2015 Marius Danielsen's Legend of Valley Doom Part 1 Vocals [as High Priest of the Elder Order] (track 4)


2024 Scream! For!! Me!!! (Live in São Paulo 2019) (Single) Vocals (backing)
2024 Cosmic Live Tour (Video) Vocals
2024 Cosmic Redemption Vocals (Track 12)


2006 Darkness and Light Vocals (track 4)


2010 The Labyrinth of Truths Vocals (as The Hope Entering the Labyrinth)

Still Alive

2012 Kyo Guitars (additional) (tracks 4, 9), Vocals (backing) (track 5)


As Edu Falashi:

2014 Stilverlight Vocals (track 11)


2005 Faces Vocals (track 10)

Tito Falaschi

2022 Mirror of Souls Vocals (track 12)


As Eduardo Falashi:

2003 House of Bones Vocals (choirs, track 8)

Vivaldi Metal Project

2016 The Four Seasons Vocals (track 5)

Age of Artemis

2011 Truth in Your Eyes (Single) Producer
2011 Overcoming Limits Producer


2006 Almah Producer
2008 All I Am (Single) Producer
2008 Fragile Equality Producer
2011 Motion Photography
2016 E.V.O Producer

Angels Holocaust

2011 Crystal Night (EP) Producer


2010 Aqua Choir arrangements (tracks 4, 7), Conductor (choir)

Drace XII

2016 Supreme Legacy Producer

Edu Falaschi

2016 Moonlight Producer
2018 The Glory of the Sacred Truth (EP) Producer
2020 Temple of Shadows in Concert (Live album) Executive producer
2021 Vera Cruz Producer
2023 Tenochtitlán (Single) Producer
2023 Eldorado Producer
2023 Ven a mi (Single) Producer

Final Disaster

2014 Another Victim (Demo) Producer


2021 Nostalgica Producer

Still Alive

2011 Unchained Souls (Single) Producer
2012 Kyo Producer
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