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Ed Repka

Ed Repka

Real/full name:
Edward J. Repka
64 (born 1960)
Place of birth:
United States (New York)


American graphic artist.

In 2017, it was documented on the website Sad But True: Plagiarism in Heavy Metal Art that Ed Repka had, on more than one occasion, plagiarized work from the famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta. It has also been noted that Repka copies and pastes sections of his previously sold artworks in order to create newly-commissioned artworks. There are numerous examples, ...


Also did the cover art for:
- Circle Jerks - VI (1987)
- NOFX - S&M Airlines (1989)
- Necro - The Pre-Fix for Death


2008 Straight to Hell (Demo) Cover art
2011 Straight to Hell Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")

After All

2012 Dawn of the Enforcer Cover art, Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2015 Rejection Overruled (EP) Artwork
2016 Waves of Annihilation Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
2017 Restore to Sanity (EP) Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")

Agent Steel

1986 Mad Locust Rising (EP) Sleeve design (as "Edward J. Repka")


2009 MoshPirit Cover art


2013 Beneath the Mask Artwork
2018 Beneath the Mask Artwork


1990 Piece of Time Cover art, Logo
2009 Unquestionable Presence: Live at Wacken (Live album) Artwork

Austrian Death Machine

2008 Total Brutal Cover art
2008 A Very Brutal Christmas (EP) Artwork
2009 Double Brutal Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
2014 Triple Brutal Cover art
2024 Quad Brutal Cover art

Burning Nitrum

2014 Molotov Cover art


2011 Witch of the Moor Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")

Dark Angel

1986 Darkness Descends Logo
1989 Leave Scars Logo (Dark Angel logo) (as "Edward J. Repka")


2017 Soulless Flesh Machine (EP) Illustration


1987 Scream Bloody Gore Design (album), Cover illustration (as "Edward J. Repka")
1988 Leprosy Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
1990 Spiritual Healing Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")


1989 Product of Society Artwork
1992 Beyond Recognition Artwork


2009 Satanic Force Cover art

Evil Survives

2009 Judas Priest Live (EP) Cover art
2010 Powerkiller Cover art


1989 Annihilation of Civilization Cover art, Logo
1991 The Underworld Cover art
2020 The Descending (Single) Cover art
2020 Word of God (Single) Cover art
2020 United States of Anarchy Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka Illustration")


2011 Fairytale of Perversion Cover art
2013 Return of the Nephilim (EP) Artwork

Faith or Fear

2009 Instruments of Death (Compilation) Cover art

Fallen Man

2008 Mercenary Cover art


2017 Sharkbite! (EP) Cover art
2020 Violence Cover art
2023 Finger Collector Crew (EP) Artwork (as "Ed Repka Illustration")


2015 Savage Land Cover art
2016 Dimensions of Horror (EP) Cover art
2018 Legion of Doom (Single) Artwork
2018 Twisted Prayers Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")


2008 Blood Money Cover art


2008 State of Insurgency Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")


2009 El rostro de la muerte Cover art

Holy Grail

2009 Improper Burial (EP) Cover art

Infinite Translation

2010 Impulsive Attack Cover art
2012 Masked Reality Cover art


1990 Compelled by Fear Cover art


2022 Toxic Apokalypse Cover art

Lost Society

2013 Fast Loud Death Cover art


1986 Immaculate Deception Cover art, Design (as "Edward J. Repka")


1991 From Beyond Artwork, Logo (as "Edward J. Repka")
1992 Inhuman Condition (EP) Cover art


1986 Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
1989 No More Mr. Nice Guy (Split) Cover Art
1990 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due (Single) Cover Art
1990 Rust in Peace Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
1991 Rusted Pieces (Video) Cover art
1991 Hangar 18 (Single) Cover Art
1993 Megabox Single Collection (Boxed set) Artwork
2011 Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? (Boxed set) Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
2012 Rust in Peace / Countdown to Extinction (Compilation) Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")
2014 5 Classic Albums (Boxed set) Cover art


1989 Cruel Tranquility Cover art
1990 Zero to Black Artwork

Nuclear Assault

1986 Brain Death (EP) Art direction
1986 Game Over Design, Cover art
1991 Radiation Sickness (Video) Artwork

Pánico al Miedo

2018 Formador Cover art, Logo


1986 Beyond the Gates Cover art, Design


2009 The End of Tomorrow Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")

Red Razor

2015 Beer Revolution Cover art


1993 Gate of Doom Cover art


1988 Refuge Denied Artwork
2010 Refuge Denied / Into the Mirror Black (Compilation) Artwork
2017 Inception (Compilation) Cover art


1992 Solstice Artwork
2012 Pray for the Sentencing (Compilation) Artwork


2015 Nothing but the Truth Cover artwork

Suicidal Angels

2010 Dead Again Cover art (as "Edward Repka")
2012 Bloodbath Cover art
2014 Divide and Conquer Cover art
2016 Division of Blood Cover art
2019 Years of Aggression Cover art
2024 Profane Prayer Cover art

Suicide Watch

2005 Global Warning Cover art


1997 Hijos de los cometas Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")


1987 World Circus Cover art
1989 Think This Cover art
2007 Dynamo Open Air 1988 (Video) Artwork


2013 Privilege to Overcome Cover art (as "Ed "The one and only" Repka")
2015 Deflect the Flow Cover art
2018 Operation Misdirection Cover art

Uncle Slam

1993 Will Work for Food Cover art
1995 When God Dies Cover art

Untimely Demise

2009 Full Speed Metal (EP) Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2010 City of Steel Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2013 Systematic Eradication Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2016 Black Widow Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2018 No Promise of Tomorrow Artwork (as "Edward J. Repka")
2022 Maverick Cover art (as "Edward J. Repka")


1985 Here Lies Venom (Boxed set) Cover art


1988 Eternal Nightmare Logo (redesign), Artwork
1988 Eternal Nightmare Logo (redesigned)


2009 Unborn Again Cover art


2009 Calles de fuego (EP) Cover art
2011 La nueva orden Cover art
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