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Don Dokken

Don Dokken

Real/full name:
Donald Maynard Dokken
65 (born Jun 29th, 1953)
Place of origin:
United States (Los Angeles, California)


Vocals, Guitars (rhythm) (1977-1989, 1993-present)

1977 Sheila (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1979 Hard Rock Woman (Single) Guitars, Vocals
1980 Back in the Streets (Demo) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1981 I Can See You (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1981 Young Girls (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1982 We're Illegal (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1983 Breaking the Chains (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1983 Breaking the Chains / Paris Is Burning (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1983 Breaking the Chains Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (lead)
1984 Bullets to Spare (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1984 Into the Fire (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1984 Tooth and Nail Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1985 Just Got Lucky (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1985 The Hunter (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1985 Alone Again (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1985 It's Not Love (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1985 Under Lock and Key Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1986 Lightning Strikes Again (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1986 Unchain the Night (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1986 In My Dreams (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1987 1987 Demo (Demo) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1987 Burning like a Flame (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1987 Heaven Sent (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
1987 Dream Warriors (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1987 Back for the Attack Vocals (lead)
1988 Two for Tuesday (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1988 Prisoner (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1988 So Many Tears (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1988 Alone Again (Live) (Single) Vocals
1988 Beast from the East (Live album) Vocals (lead)
1989 Walk Away (Live) (Single) Vocals
1994 Dokken Vocals
1995 Dysfunctional Vocals (lead)
1995 Too High to Fly (Single) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
1995 One Live Night (Live album) Vocals, Bass, Guitars (acoustic)
1997 Shadowlife Vocals (lead)
1999 Erase the Slate Vocals (lead)
2000 One Live Night (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2000 Live from the Sun (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2000 Live from the Sun (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2002 Long Way Home Vocals (lead), Guitars (electric, acoustic)
2003 Japan Live '95 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2003 Japan Live '95 (Video) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2004 Escape (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2004 Better Off Before (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2004 Hell to Pay Vocals (lead)
2006 Rhino Hi-Five: Dokken (EP) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2007 Unchain the Night (Video) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2007 From Conception: Live 1981 (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
2008 Standing on the Outside (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2008 Lightning Strikes Again Vocals (lead)
2010 Almost Over (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2010 Bus Stop / Lies (Single) Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
2011 The Anthems (Compilation) Vocals
2012 Broken Bones Vocals, Percussion
2018 Return to the East Live (2016) (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
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Don Dokken


Hear 'n Aid

Vocals (1985)

1986 Stars (Single) Vocals
1986 Hear 'n Aid: The Sessions (Video) Vocals

War & Peace


Alex De Rosso

2013 Lions & Lambs Vocals (track 1)

Eizo Sakamoto

2002 Shout Drunker Vocals (track 11)

Munetaka Higuchi

1997 Free World Vocals (track 6)


1983 Demo (Demo) Vocals (backing)

Twisted Sister

1985 Come Out and Play Vocals (backing) (track 7)

Vanden Plas

2000 Spirit of Live (Live album) Vocals (lead) (track 10)


2015 Rise of the Animal Vocals (track 7)

Chrome Molly

1988 Thanx for the Angst (Single) Remixing
1988 Shooting Me Down (EP) Remix (track B3)
1988 Shooting Me Down (EP) Remix (track B3)


1994 Dokken Producer, Engineering
1995 Dysfunctional Engineering (additional), Producer
1995 Too High to Fly (Single) Producer
1999 The Very Best of Dokken (Compilation) Producer
1999 Erase the Slate Cover concept, Producer
2000 Live from the Sun (Live album) Producer
2004 Escape (Single) Producer, Engineering
2004 Better Off Before (Single) Producer, Engineering
2004 Hell to Pay Producer, Engineering (additional), Cover concept
2008 Standing on the Outside (Single) Producer
2008 Lightning Strikes Again Producer
2012 Broken Bones Producer
2018 Return to the East Live (2016) (Live album) Editing, Producer
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Hans Naughty

1988 Paint the Town Red Producer (track 7)

Mad Max

2012 Another Night of Passion Lyrics (Track 6)

Saint Vitus

1992 C.O.D. Producer


1983 Demo (Demo) Producer


1984 Shire (EP) Producer, Engineering
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