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Dominator Doloris

Dominator Doloris

Real/full name:
Артур Рябов / Artur Ryabov
Place of origin:
Russia (Ivanovo)

5 Stabbed 4 Corpses

2015 Gambling for Gore Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Abnormal Inhumane

2011 Disgusting Cruelty of Homicide Logo, Cover art (as "Arthur")

Aborted Fetus

2005 Devoured Fetuses (EP) Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")
2006 Goreconception Reality (Split) Artwork, Logo (as "Arthur "Art of Gore"")
2017 The Art of Violent Torture Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")


2011 Complete Demos & Rehearsals 94-96 (Compilation) Cover art (as "Arthur")


2013 Tattooed by a Blowtorch Cover art (as "Arthur Ryabov")

Dead Point

2017 Ultraviolence of Grotesque Design, Logo (as "Arthur Ryabov")

Drift of Genes

2014 Perverted Memories Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Duodildo Vibrator

2013 Acockalypse Now Cover art (as "Artur Ryabov")


2010 Sewerage Slaughtered (Split) Artwork, Layout (as "Dominator Doloris "Art of Gore"")


2013 Condemnation to Eternal Punishment (EP) Artwork (as "Art of Gore")


2007 Tales from the Morgue Artwork (as "Arthur Ryabov")
2008 Hungry Asses / The Carnage Can't Be Stopped (Split) Artwork
2016 Corpscience Cover art (as "Artur Ryabov")

Gorged Bile

2012 Rotting Abyss of Time (EP) Artwork (as "Arthur Ryabov")

Head Brain Blockade

2013 Богородица Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Morgue's Child

2010 ...from the Cunt to the Grave Artwork, Logo (as "Artur Ryabov")


2017 Resounding from the Obscurity (EP) Artwork, Logo (as "Artur Ryabov")

Mucous Secretion

2010 Demo (Demo) Logo, Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Neuro-Visceral Exhumation

2015 The Human Society Wants More Gore Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")
2015 Mass Murder Festival Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Ossuary Anex

2012 Awakening Logo (as "Artur Ryabov")

Parasites of Consciousness

2015 Promo 2015 (Demo) Logo (as "Artur Ryabov")

Parasitic Ejaculation

2016 Intracellular Impious Metamorphosis (Split) Cover art (as Art of Gore)

Putrefied Cadaver

2016 Weight of Massive Shots Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Scrambled Defuncts

2000 Catacomb Abattoir Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")
2002 Pre-natal Whittling (EP) Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")


2009 Hungry Asses / Girlfriend for Barbeque / Meat Cutting Floor (Split) Artwork
2012 Supreme Art of Genital Carnage Cover art (as "Artur Ryabov")
2015 Masterpussies of Gore (EP) Artwork (as "Artur Ryabov")

Sixpounder Teratoma

2013 Love Grind for Dirty Dolls Cover art, Design (as "Artur Ryabov "Art of Gore"")

The Nameless

2016 Mass Hypnosis Logo (as "Artur Ryabov")

Ugly Deadman

2017 Toxic Legacy Cover art (as "Artur Ryabov")
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