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Dmitry Rishko

Dmitry Rishko

Real/full name:
Дмитрий Ришко
39 (born Sep 12th, 1982)
Place of birth:
Russia (St. Petersburg)


As Casper:
Violin, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2001-2018, 2021-present)

2005 Runaway - Simple Thing (Single) Violin, Keyboards, Vocals
2006 The Darkness of Bright Life (Single) Violin, Keyboards
2006 Divine Revolution Violin, Keyboards
2008 Exodus (Single) Violin, Keyboards
2008 Judgement of Tormented Souls Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Guitars (acoustic), Violin
2013 Death Only (Single) Guitars, Violin, Songwriting, Keyboards
2014 Theophania Songwriting, Violin, Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic) (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2015 The Boy and the Priest (Single) Guitars, Violin, Keyboards (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2015 Poison (Single) Guitars, Violin, Keyboards (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2016 The First and the Last Prayer (Single) Violin, Keyboards (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2017 Stabat Mater Guitars (lead) (additional), Violin, Songwriting, Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2018 My Flesh and the Sacred River (Single) Keyboards, Violin (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2018 Suprema (Single) Violin, Keyboards
2018 The Elephant Man (Single) Violin, Keyboards (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")
2018 Melancholy (EP) Violin, Keyboards,
2020 Reincarnation (Live album) Violin, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
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1999 In Mordor (Single) Violin
2001 Nirnaeth Arnoediad (Single) Violin
2002 Moriquenta Violin
2004 Feanor's Wept (Single) Violin

God Eat God

As Casper:

2013 Demo 2012 (Demo) Violin
2016 Abandonment Violin (as "Dmitry "Casper" Rishko")

The Nameless Cult

As Dmitry "Casper" Rishko:
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Violin




Violin, Guitars, Keyboards (2011-2014)

Король и Шут

Violin (2006-2011)

Darkside of Innocence

As Casper:

2009 Infernum Liberus EST Violin (track 4)


As Dmitry "Casper" Rishko:

2020 The Withering of the Rose Violin, Keyboards (tracks 2, 3, 6, 8), Guitars (acoustic) (track 9)

Eye of Solitude

As Dmitry Ivanovich Rishko:

2013 Canto III Violin (track 2)


As Casper (Dmitriy Rishko):

2010 The Sobering Cold Keyboards, Violin (track 12)


As Casper:

2009 Я видел (EP) Violin


2013 Rarities (Compilation) Producer (as "Casper")
2014 Theophania Producer (as "Casper")
2015 The Boy and the Priest (Single) Songwriting (as "Casper")
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