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Real/full name:
Christina Earlymorn
29 (born Mar 7th, 1990)
Place of origin:
Germany (Bavaria)


Began to play guitar at the age of 10. Influenced by black, thrash, death, and neoclassical metal.
At the end of 2014 she changed her name to Christina Earlymorn.

Influenced by Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Dimebag Darrell, she combined her influences with the black metal riffing style guitar playing of Satanic Warmaster, Gorgoroth, Inquisition and Immortal.


- Airbrushes and tattoos as a hobby.
- Loves spiders (after suffering from arachnophobia for many years).

Being "Alive" Is Beautiful

As Christy Stealth:
All instruments, Vocals (2017-present)

2017 Schutt und Asche (EP) All instruments, Vocals (as "Christina as Christy Stealth")


As Christina Earlymorn:
Guitars (2011-present)


Everything (2008-present)

2010 Christenkult Lyrics, All instruments, Songwriting
2012 To Hail the Ancients (EP) All instruments, Songwriting, Lyrics
2013 Reaching Another Sphere (EP) All instruments, Songwriting, Lyrics
2013 100th. Anniversary of the Fallen Angel Lyrics, All instruments, Songwriting
2014 Warcourse Against Mankind Songwriting, Lyrics, All instruments
2016 Import Terror All instruments, Songwriting, Lyrics
2016 Seelenschrei (Single) All instruments, Songwriting, Lyrics
2018 Gefängnis Körper Songwriting, All instruments

Sucking Leech

As Christina Earlymorn:
Guitars (2015-present)


As Foro:
All instruments

2012 Wanderung durch die Ruinen der Zeit (Demo) All instruments

Being "Alive" Is Beautiful

2017 Schutt und Asche (EP) Recording (as "Christy Stealth")


2010 Christenkult Cover art
2012 To Hail the Ancients (EP) Cover art
2013 Reaching Another Sphere (EP) Cover art
2013 100th. Anniversary of the Fallen Angel Cover art
2014 Warcourse Against Mankind Cover art
2016 Import Terror Cover art
2016 Seelenschrei (Single) Cover art
2018 Gefängnis Körper Mastering, Mixing, Cover art
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