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Derek Riggs

Derek Riggs

Real/full name:
Derek Riggs
64 (born Feb 13th, 1958)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Portsmouth, Hampshire, England)


Best known for creating the Iron Maiden mascot, Eddie, as well as designing the covers for all of their albums & singles, not to mention countless posters and promotional items until 1992's Fear of the Dark album.


The "circle with arrows" symbol on early Iron Maiden releases that many mistake for a band icon is actually Riggs' signature.


2004 Future World Cover art, Design

Bruce Dickinson

1997 Accident of Birth (Single) Cover art
1997 Accident of Birth Cover art


1981 Nightflight Cover art


1988 Atomic Winter Artwork

Dream Theater

2005 The Number of the Beast (Live album) Artwork (Original)

Ethan Brosh

2009 Out of Oblivion Artwork
2018 Conspiracy Artwork

Gallows Pole

2001 Exorcism Cover art

Gamma Ray

1999 Power Plant Cover art
2000 Blast from the Past (Compilation) Cover art


2003 Cuauhtemoc Cover art

Heart of Cygnus

2007 Utopia Cover art

Iron Maiden

1980 Running Free (Single) Cover Art
1980 Iron Maiden Cover art
1980 Sanctuary (Single) Cover Art
1980 Women in Uniform / Invasion (Single) Cover Art
1980 プロ―ラ― / ランニング・フリ― (Single) Cover art
1981 Killers Cover art
1981 Twilight Zone / Wrathchild (Single) Cover art
1981 Live at the Rainbow (Video) Cover art
1981 Purgatory (Single) Cover Art
1981 Maiden Japan (EP) Cover art
1982 Run to the Hills (Single) Cover art
1982 The Number of the Beast Cover art
1982 The Number of the Beast (Single) Cover Art
1983 Flight of Icarus (Single) Cover Art
1983 Piece of Mind Cover art, Cover concept (as "Derek "Dr. Death" Riggs")
1983 The Trooper (Single) Artwork
1984 2 Minutes to Midnight (Single) Cover art
1984 Powerslave Cover art
1984 Aces High (Single) Artwork
1985 Live After Death (Live album) Cover art, Artwork, Sleeve concept (as "Derek "R. I. P." Riggs")
1985 Live After Death (World Slavery Tour '85) (Video) Cover art
1985 Run to the Hills / Phantom of the Opera (Single) Cover art
1986 Wasted Years (Single) Cover Art
1986 Somewhere in Time Cover art, Cover concept, Design
1986 Stranger in a Strange Land (Single) Cover Art
1987 12 Wasted Years (Video) Interviewee
1988 Can I Play with Madness (Single) Cover art
1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Cover art, Sleeve concept, Design
1988 The Evil That Men Do (Single) Cover Art
1988 The Clairvoyant (Single) Cover art
1989 Infinite Dreams (Single) Cover art
1989 Maiden England (Video) Cover art
1990 Running Free / Sanctuary (EP) Cover art
1990 Women in Uniform / Twilight Zone (EP) Cover art
1990 Purgatory / Maiden Japan (EP) Cover art
1990 Run to the Hills / The Number of the Beast (EP) Cover art
1990 Flight of Icarus / The Trooper (EP) Cover art
1990 2 Minutes to Midnight / Aces High (EP) Cover art
1990 Running Free / Run to the Hills (EP) Cover art
1990 Wasted Years / Stranger in a Strange Land (EP) Cover art
1990 Can I Play with Madness / The Evil That Men Do (EP) Cover art
1990 The Clairvoyant / Infinite Dreams (EP) Cover art
1990 Holy Smoke (Single) Artwork
1990 No Prayer for the Dying Cover art
1990 The First Ten Years (Video) Cover art
1990 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter (Single) Cover art
1992 Be Quick or Be Dead (Single) Cover art
1993 Fear of the Dark Live (Single) Cover art
1993 A Real Live One (Live album) Cover art
1993 Hallowed Be Thy Name (Single) Cover art
1993 A Real Dead One (Live album) Cover art
1994 Raising Hell (Video) Cover art
1996 Virus (Single) Cover art
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Cover art
1998 A Real Live Dead One (Compilation) Cover art
1998 Eddie Head (Boxed set) Artwork
2000 Brave New World Artwork
2001 Classic Albums: The Number of the Beast (Video) Cover art
2002 Edward the Great - The Greatest Hits (Compilation) Artwork
2004 The History of Iron Maiden Part 1: The Early Days (Video) Cover art
2005 The Trooper (Single) Cover art
2008 Somewhere Back in Time - The Best Of: 1980-1989 (Compilation) Cover art
2013 Maiden England '88 (Live album) Illustrations
2022 Total Eclipse (Single) Eddie
(show all)


2002 Beginning (Single) Cover art, Logo (as "Derek "Pharaoh" Riggs")
2002 Waiting for the Dawn Artwork, Logo


2008 Fly to the Sun Cover art


2000 Hunting High and Low (Single) Artwork
2000 Infinite Cover art
2000 A Million Light Years Away (Single) Cover art
2000 Infinite Visions (Video) Artwork
2001 Intermission (Compilation) Cover art
2002 Eagleheart (Single) Cover art
2003 Elements Pt. 1 Cover art
2003 I Walk to My Own Song (Single) Cover art
2003 Elements Pt. 2 Cover art
2012 Infinite + Intermission (Compilation) Artwork
2014 Elements Pt. 1 & 2 (Compilation) Cover art
(show all)

Timo Tolkki

2002 Hymn to Life Cover art


2001 Once upon a Time... Cover art

White Wizzard

2008 White Wizzard (EP) Cover art, Artwork
2009 High Speed GTO (EP) Artwork
2014 Marathon of Dreams (Single) Artwork


2001 Reality Cover art
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