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Dennis Pleckham

Dennis Pleckham

Real/full name:
Dennis Pleckham
Place of birth:
United States


Musician and owner/engineer at Comatose Studio, Bradley, Illinois.



2006 The Great Barrier Reefer Guitars
2007 Hippie Killer Guitars
2007 Heroin Guitars
2008 Hate Ashbury Guitars
2008 Meat Ditch (Collaboration) Guitars
2010 Satan Worshipping Doom Guitars
2011 Sex Tape / Snuff Film (EP) Guitars
2012 Live at Roadburn 2012 (Live album) Guitars
2013 Bongripper // Hate (Split) Guitars
2013 Zero Talent / Beheaded (Split) Guitars
2014 Miserable Guitars
2018 Terminal Guitars
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Black Tar Prophet

2018 Hatred (EP) Mastering
2018 Black Tar Prophet / Nothing Positive Only Negative (Split) Mastering
2018 Wasted (Single) Mastering

Black Tomb

2018 Doom Is Dead (Split) Mixing


2006 The Great Barrier Reefer Recording, Mastering
2007 Hippie Killer Recording
2008 Hate Ashbury Recording
2008 Meat Ditch (Collaboration) Mixing, Mastering
2010 Satan Worshipping Doom Engineering
2011 Sex Tape / Snuff Film (EP) Recording
2013 Bongripper // Hate (Split) Recording
2014 Miserable Recording, Mastering
2018 Terminal Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Clavicus Vile

2017 Architect of the Hourglass (Single) Recording (vocals), Mastering
2018 The Nightspirit's Call Recording, Mastering


2015 Oblivion Lull / Open Your Eyes (Split) Recording


2020 Bile of Man Reborn (EP) Mastering
2022 Winter Came Early (Single) Mastering

God Dementia

2015 Consuming the Delusional Mastering, Recording, Mixing


2016 Doomed Planet (EP) Mastering
2017 Harvester of Bongloads Mastering

It Is Dead

2022 Hell Is Now Mastering
2023 It Is Dead / Void Me (Split) Mastering

Jacknife Holiday

2013 Mea Culpa (EP) Mastering


2019 The Endless Hours Mastering, Mixing

Olde Rasputin

2019 Expedition Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Our Earth Is a Tomb

2019 Moth. Mastering

Pale Horseman

2013 Pale Horseman Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2014 Mourn the Black Lotus Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2015 Bless the Destroyer Mixing, Recording
2016 The Mound Builders / Pale Horseman (Split) Mastering, Recording, Mixing
2017 The Fourth Seal Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2019 Aste (EP) Mastering


2017 Let It Burn Mastering
2018 Calm Black Water Mastering

Sacred Monster

2015 Monster Double Feature (EP) Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2013 Lowlife (EP) Recording (as "Dennis")
2013 King of Dirt (EP) Recording

Soyuz Bear

2017 Black Phlegm Mastering

The Munsens

2014 Weight of Night (EP) Mastering
2018 Dirge (For Those to Come) (Single) Mastering
2019 Unhanded Mastering

Tides of Sulfur

2019 Paralysis of Reason (EP) Mastering


2017 (Orange) Mastering
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