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Demether Grail

Demether Grail

Real/full name:
Dmitry Zakharov / Дмитрий Захаров
36 (born Oct 27th, 1983)
Place of origin:
Russia (Moscow)


In a childhood, he danced professionally for 10 years. After high school, became interested in metal, founded Arcane Grail in December of 2001 year, and released with that band two albums: "Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel" (2006), "Arya Marga" (2009) and mini-CD "Tribute to the Past" (2011). In parallel, was the vocalist of symphonic black metal band Chaos Alter (2004-2006), which transforms ...


Owner of Grailight Productions.

Released a collaborative single with Aina on May 7th, 2013, titled "The Moribund People":
1. Animae Strident (00:54)
2. The Moribund People (04:29)

Arcanorum Astrum

Vocals (2015-present)

2017 The Great One Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 3, 4, 5, 8)
2018 Трансформация разума (EP) Vocals
2018 Кровь и тьма (EP) Vocals, Lyrics
2019 Гимны Великому Vocals


As Ethe:


Vocals (2013-present)

2019 Sic Luceat Lux​!​!​! Vocals
2019 Богочеловек (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2020 Слава знаний новой эре! (Single) Vocals

Lunae Ortus

Vocals, Lyrics

2018 White​-​Night​-​Wropt Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 1-6)


Vocals (2014-present)

2017 The Conqueror Worm (Single) Vocals
2018 Quoth the Raven Vocals


Vocals (2019-present)

2020 The Terminal Archetype (EP) Vocals


Vocals (2008-present)

2019 Frostcraft Vocals (lead, choirs)
2020 Зимние слёзы (Single) Lyrics, Vocals

Zmey Gorynich

As Mityay:
Vocals (2013-present)

2013 Morozoboy (Single) Vocals
2014 Ой, лёли-лёли (Single) Vocals
2016 Malafya (EP) Vocals (as "Митяй")
2018 Mother Russia Vocals, Lyrics (as "Митяй")
2019 Дед Мороз (Single) Vocals
2020 Чёртовы пляски Vocals, Songwriting, Lyrics


As Demetr:
Vocals (2019-present)

2019 (EP) Vocals, Songwriting
2020 (Single) Vocals, Songwriting

Arcane Grail

As Demether:
Vocals (2001-2013)

2006 Mysteries of the Ancient Charnel Vocals, Lyrics
2008 Cemetery of the Lost Souls (Single) Vocals
2009 आर्याष्टाङ्गो मार्गो: Ninefold Path to the Innocence Vocals, Lyrics
2011 Tribute to the Past (EP) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 2, 4-5)
2012 Withering Cometh (Collaboration) Vocals


Vocals (2009)

Atra Mustum

Vocals (2004-2006)


As Dimentor:
Vocals (2007-2012)

2007 Церковь, что горит под горой Vocals, Lyric (track 4) (as "Диментор")
2010 Избушка бабушки зомби Vocals (backing) (as "Dimenthor")
2011 Косморозь 3000 (EP) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 11, 13) (as "Диментор")
2011 Отморозь Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 8, 10) (as "Диментор")
2012 Зигомёд Vocals (as "Диментор")

Откровения Дождя

Vocals (2013-2014)

Emerald Night

Vocals (2012-2013)


Vocals (2014-2015)

Arcana Imperia

As Demether:

2008 Hymns of Infinite Decay Vocals (tracks 3, 5, 6, 10), Vocals (choirs)

Atra Mustum

2012 Хаос Vocals (additional) (track 4)

Emerald Night

As Demether:

2012 Берсерк (Single) Vocals
2012 Король эльфов Vocals (harsh)


2018 Ode Secundo Exegi monumentum (Single) Vocals
2019 Ode Tertia: Gott ist tot (Single) Vocals

Intra Spelaeum

As Деметр Грейл:

2018 Мне имя - власть Vocals (track 11)

Mortum Demonstro

2017 Πανοπτικο Vocals (track 10)

Neron Kaisar

As Demether:

2013 Madness of the Tyrant Vocals (choirs), Narration

Second to Sun

As Demether:

2017 The First Chapter (vocal edition) Vocals (track 6)

Stigmatic Chorus

2010 Symposium Vocals (tracks 7, 8) (as "Demether")
2012 Fanatic Vocals [as Прокурор], Vocals (choirs) (as "Деметр Грэйл")


As Диментор:

2010 Происки богов Vocals
2013 Заебись! (EP) Vocals (track 4)
2016 Язь Vocals

Arcana Imperia

2010 Better than Now Lyrics (track 8) (as "Demether")


2009 In the Ruins Lyrics (tracks 4, 9)

Emerald Night

2012 Король эльфов Lyrics translations (as "Demether")


2018 Autumn Woe (EP) Producer


2019 Weighing of the Heart (Single) Lyrics
2019 Transcendence Lyrics (Tracks 1-8)

Intra Spelaeum

2018 Мне имя - власть Lyrics (track 11) (as "Деметр Грейл")

Neron Kaisar

2013 Madness of the Tyrant Lyrics translation


2020 Ornaments Lyrics (CD1 track 7; CD2 track 4)


2019 За чертой Lyrics co-writing (track 7) (as "Деметр Грэйл")
2020 Город живых мертвецов (Single) Lyrics (as "Деметр Грэйл")

Stigmatic Chorus

2010 Symposium Lyrics, Arrangements (vocals) (tracks 2, 5-8) (as "Demether")
2012 Fanatic Lyrics, Arrangements (vocals) (as "Деметр Грэйл")

The Devil's Music

2016 The Devils Music Lyrics (track 9) (as "Dementher Grail")


2018 Ересь Lyrics (track 1)


2018 Смородина Lyrics, Arrangements (vocals) (as "Demetr Grail")
2019 Яга (Single) Lyrics, Arrangements (vocals)
2020 Кощей (Single) Lyrics

Zmey Gorynich

2018 Mother Russia Arrangements (as "Митяй")


2016 Сквозь века Lyrics (tracks 1-4, 6, 8-10)
2019 1024 (Въсташа волъсви - избиваху) (Single) Lyrics
2020 Я - мир (Single) Lyrics


2010 Происки богов Lyrics (as "Диментор")
2016 Язь Lyrics (tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) (as "Диментор")
2018 Святофор (EP) Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 4-6) (as "Диментор")
2019 Культ Lyrics (tracks 1, 3, 4, 6) (as "Диментор")
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