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David T. Chastain

David T. Chastain

Real/full name:
David T. Chastain
55 (born Aug 31st, 1963)
Place of origin:
United States (Atlanta, Georgia)


David is the owner of Leviathan Records and Diginet Music.


Guitars (1984-present)

1984 Demo '84 (Demo) Guitars
1985 Mystery of Illusion Guitars
1985 Recordings '85 (Demo) Guitars
1986 Ruler of the Wasteland Guitars
1987 The 7th of Never Guitars
1988 The Voice of the Cult Guitars
1990 For Those Who Dare Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
1995 Sick Society Bass, Vocals (backing), Guitars (lead, rhythm & acoustic), Keyboards, Guitar Synthesizer
1997 In Dementia Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
2004 In an Outrage Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2012 Wicked Riffs 8790 (Compilation) Guitars
2013 Surrender to No One Vocals (backing), Guitars
2015 We Bleed Metal Vocals (backing), Guitars
2017 Chastainium (Compilation) Guitars
2019 1319 (Compilation) Guitars
(show all)


Guitars (1984-1990, 2015, 2016)

1986 World Gone Mad Guitars
1986 Praise the Loud Guitars
1990 Retrospect (Compilation) Guitars
1995 Best: World Gone Mad + Praise the Loud (Compilation) Guitars
1999 2-4-1 (Compilation) Guitars
2000 Kings of the World Guitars (acoustic), Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2001 Embryonic Animation (Compilation) Guitars
2001 Sands of Time (Compilation) Guitars
2012 The 7 Hills Demo (Demo) Guitars

David T. Chastain


1987 Instrumental Variations Guitars, Bass, Songwriting
1989 Within the Heat Guitars
1991 Elegant Seduction Guitars
1994 Next Planet Please Guitars
1998 Acoustic Visions Guitars
2001 Rock Solid Guitar Guitars
2001 Guitar Master Guitars
2002 Guitar Masters 2002 Guitars
2007 Countdown to Infinity Guitars, Bass



1992 Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!! (Live album) Guitars

Shelton Chastain

All instruments

2018 The Edge of Sanity: 88 Demo Session (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Drum programming, Keyboards, Songwriting


Guitars (1975-1984)

1976 Porno Queen / Peaceful and Tranquil (Single) Guitars
1980 Leah / Turn Me on to Love (Single) Guitars
1982 Just Want Your Money / Lady Ann (Single) Guitars
1983 The Price of Pleasure Vocals (backing), Guitars
2001 The Forum Sessions Vocals (backing), Guitars



1999 Symphonica Millennia Guitars, Keyboards
2001 Fear No Man Guitars

Corbin King

2001 Guitar Master Bass
2012 Nightwalker (Compilation) Bass


2017 Störtebeker Guitar solo (track 10)


2003 Burning Earth Vocals (backing)

Gus G.

2001 Guitar Master Bass


1986 Ruler of the Wasteland Producer
1987 The 7th of Never Producer
1988 The Voice of the Cult Producer
1990 For Those Who Dare Producer
1995 Sick Society Producer
1997 In Dementia Producer, Engineering
2004 In an Outrage Producer
2013 Surrender to No One Producer
2015 We Bleed Metal Mixing, Producer, Mastering


1986 World Gone Mad Producer
1986 Praise the Loud Producer
1990 Retrospect (Compilation) Producer
1995 Best: World Gone Mad + Praise the Loud (Compilation) Producer
1999 2-4-1 (Compilation) Producer
2000 Kings of the World Producer, Editing


1992 Live! Wild and Truly Diminished!! (Live album) Producer

David T. Chastain

1987 Instrumental Variations Producer
1989 Within the Heat Producer
1991 Elegant Seduction Producer
1994 Next Planet Please Producer
2007 Countdown to Infinity Producer
2009 Heavy Excursions (Compilation) Producer

David Valdes

2002 Paradise Lost Mastering


2002 Between Heaven and Hell Producer
2003 Burning Earth Producer, Recording


1998 Timescape Producer
1999 The Prophecies Producer
2012 The Absolute Best Of (Compilation) Producer


1989 Shock Waves Producer

Manilla Road

1988 Out of the Abyss Executive producer

Michael Harris

2003 Hurricane X Executive producer


1980 Leah / Turn Me on to Love (Single) Producer
1983 The Price of Pleasure Producer
2001 The Forum Sessions Producer


1990 Seconds 'til Death (EP) Producer
1991 Lines in the Sand (Demo) Executive producer

The Reign of Terror

1997 Second Coming Editing, Mastering


2001 2050 Producer


2001 Fear No Man Producer
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