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David Swanson

David Swanson

Real/full name:
David Swanson
42 (born Nov 19th, 1980)
Place of birth:
United States (Chicago, Illinois)

Demonic Christ

Guitars, Vocals (2012-2013), Guitars (2015-?)

2014 Demonic Christ / Horna (Split) Guitars

Lethal Shöck

Bass Guitar, Vocals (2023-present)


As Gravmond:
Bass (2017-present), Drums (2022-present)

2019 Tempering of Northern Iron (EP) Bass
2021 Alas Phoenician, Despair! (Single) Bass
2021 Remnants of Grief & Glory Bass

Blood Coven

As G. Reymond:
Bass (1998-1999)


Guitars, Vocals (2014-2017), Bass, Vocals (2018-?)

2011 Pandemonium Reigns (EP) Drums (as "G. Reymond")



2004 The Forever Endeavor Drums
2006 Sinner's Intuition Drums

Evening Shroud

As Grave:
Vocals, Guitars

1998 Evening Shroud (Demo) Vocals, Guitars
1999 In Cold (Demo) Vocals, Guitars


As G. Reymond:
Drums (session) (2011)


Drums (2010-2018)

2012 The Draconian Archetype Drums
2015 The Architects of Extermination Drums
2015 Drums of War / Appendix A (Split) Drums
2017 All Paths to God / The Pilgrimage (Split) Drums
2017 Paukenschlag / Heimkehr (Split) Drums
2017 Absolute Zero / The Palace of Power Shall Burn (Split) Drums
2018 Blood Eel Drums, Guitars (additional), Didgeridoo, Effects, Arrangements, Vocals
2019 Kommandant / Fever (Split) Drums


As Grave:
Drums (2002)

2002 Live Onslaught (Live album) Drums
2004 The First Attacks - Demos 2000-2001 (Compilation) Drums
2004 Nachtmystium / Xasthur (Split) Drums
2005 Visual Propaganda: Live from the Pits of Damnation (Video) Drums


As Gravmond:
Drums (2020-2023)

2020 Ossilegium (EP) Drums
2022 Behold​.​.​. The Glory of Undeath (Single) Drums

Unholy Trinity

As Grave:


Bass (2006-2007)


Drums (?-2019)

2016 Cubicle (Single) Drums
2017 Varaha (EP) Drums
2019 A Passage for Lost Years Drums


As G. Reymond:
Vocals, Bass (1999-2006), Drums (2002-2009)

1999 Promo 1999 (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2001 Dysphoria (EP) Vocals, Bass
2003 Enigma Prognosis Bass, Drums, Vocals
2010 In Tranquil Absurd Bass, Vocals (additional), Drums

Atrum Inritus

Drums (2013-?)

Blood of the Wolf

As Dave Swanson:
Drums (session), Bass


Drums (2009-2010), Guitars (2014-?)

Lethal Shöck

Drums (2017)

Nuclear Magick

Drums (2014)


As Grave:

2000 Holocaust of Eternity (Demo) Drums (track 3)
2001 Unholy Terrorist Cult (Demo) Drums (track 3)
2002 Reign of the Malicious Drums (track 8)
2004 The First Attacks - Demos 2000-2001 (Compilation) Drums

The Shotgun Suicides

As Dave Swanson:

2008 Garage Days Re-Heated Volume One (EP) Drums

Unholy Trinity

As Grave:

2005 Omnimalevolence (EP) Drums

Withering Soul

As G. Reymund:

2004 Apparitions of the Surreal Vocals (on "Synthetic Existence")


2012 Contact (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2021 Remnants of Grief & Glory Mastering, Mixing (as "Gravmond")
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