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Daniel Moilanen

Daniel Moilanen

Real/full name:
Reima Daniel Mojjo Moilanen
41 (born Nov 3rd, 1981)
Place of birth:

Den Tunga Döden

Drums (2019-present)


Drums (2015-present)

2016 The Fall of Hearts Drums
2017 Proscenium (EP) Drums
2017 The Great Cold Distance (Live in Bulgaria with the Orchestra of State Opera - Plovdiv) (Live album) Drums
2020 Lacquer (Single) Drums
2020 City Burials Drums
2020 Dead Air (Live album) Drums
2022 Atrium (Single) Drums
2022 Austerity (Single) Drums
2023 Birds (Single) Drums
2023 Sky Void of Stars Drums


Drums, Percussion (2000-2007, 2017-present)

2001 Dark Live Magick (Live album) Drums
2001 Sepulchral Realms (Demo) Drums
2001 Ancient Incantations (EP) Drums
2002 Worshippers of Death (Split) Drums
2002 Requiem of the Apocalypse Drums
2002 Moon of the Chaos Eclipse Drums
2002 Moon of the Chaos Eclipse (EP) Drums
2002 Doomed by Death (Split) Drums
2003 Darkness Death Doom (Video) Drums
2003 Darkness Death Doom Drums, Percussion
2004 On Funeral Wings Percussion, Drums
2005 Envenom Drums (as "Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen")
2006 Black Magick Sorceress (EP) Drums
2006 Invocation of Magick Drums
2007 The Northern Lights (Split) Drums
2007 Dawn of the End Drums
2018 Runes of the Undead (Single) Drums, Percussion
2018 A Rising Fume of Returning Death (Single) Drums, Percussion
2018 Evoked from Abysmal Sleep Drums
2019 The Opening of Dead Gates (Single) Drums, Percussion
2019 Necromancer of the Red Sun (Single) Drums, Percussion
2019 The Opening of Dead Gates (EP) Drums, Percussion
2019 Chthonicmagick (Split) Drums
2019 Into Desolate Realms Drums
2023 Beyond the Cenotaph of Mankind Drums
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As Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen:
Drums (2000-2004)

2001 Labyrinth of Darkness (Demo) Drums
2006 Infernal Damnation Drums (as "Mojjo")


Drums (2002-2010)


Drums (2005)


Drums (2014-2019)

2015 Eternal Sleepwalker Drums
2015 Awakening of the Forgotten (EP) Drums (track 1)
2015 Demo XII - The Storm (Demo) Drums
2016 As We Foretold (Single) Drums (track 1)
2016 In Circles We Die Drums
2017 The Stone Speaks at Winter (Single) Drums (track 1)
2017 Sarcophagus in the Sky Drums
2018 Heavydeath - Excruciation (Split) Drums
2019 The Newborn (Single) Drums
2021 The Newborn (EP) Drums (track 1)

Lord Belial

Drums (2003)

2004 The Seal of Belial Drums


Drums (1996-?)

Pen Expers


Relevant Few

Drums (2000-2005)

2002 Who Are Those of Leadership? Drums (as "Mojjo")
2003 The Art of Today Drums (as "Mojjo")
2007 Afgrund / Relevant Few (Split) Drums (as "Mojjo "Molgan" Moilanen")


Drums (2004-2005)

The Project Hate MCMXCIX

As Daniel "Mojjo" Moilanen:
Drums (2007-2008)

2007 The Innocence of the Three-Faced Saviour (Single) Drums (as "Mojjo")
2007 In Hora Mortis Nostræ Drums (as "Mojjo")


As Mojjo:
Drums (2022)


Drums (2014-2015)

Notre Dame



As D. Moilanen:

2018 White Noise and Black Metal Drums

Dead Kosmonaut

2019 Rekviem (EP) Drums, Cymbals (tracks 1,4)
2020 Gravitas Drums


2006 Slay Your Kind Drums (track 8)


As Mojjo:

2007 Blood Orchid (EP) Drums
2008 The Ghost Collector Drums (tracks 10, 11)
2012 Boulevard Black / Blood Orchid (EP) Drums (tracks 2, 3)


2015 Eternal Sleepwalker Recording
2015 Demo XII - The Storm (Demo) Producer (as "D. Moilanen")
2016 As We Foretold (Single) Recording (track 1)
2016 In Circles We Die Recording
2017 The Stone Speaks at Winter (Single) Producer
2017 Sarcophagus in the Sky Producer
2018 Heavydeath - Excruciation (Split) Producer


2006 Invocation of Magick Drum arrangements
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