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Daniel L.B

Daniel L.B

Real/full name:
Josue Daniel Pérez Vargas
Place of origin:
Costa Rica (Tres Ríos, Cartago)

Averxu Atrium

As D. Averx XI:
Guitars (2013-present), Vocals (choirs) (2013-present), Bass (2013-present), Drums (2013-present)

2014 Ω Qliphoth Sefirot Kéter Ω (EP) Vocals (choirs), Bass, Guitars, Drums

Morbid Funeral

As Lord Behethrone:
Bass, Guitars (2010-present)

2011 Lord of Demons (EP) Guitars (lead)
2012 Fuck You All in the Name of the Goat (Split) Guitars (lead)
2012 Promo 2012 (Demo) Guitars (lead)
2014 Summerian Rites Guitars (lead)
2016 Devotion to Dark Sickness (Split) Guitars (lead)

Zwarte Vlam

As Lord Behethrone:
All Instruments, Vocals (2009-present)

2009 Walking Down Through the Path of Desolation (Split) All Instruments, Vocals
2013 Let the Serpent Reach You (Demo) All Instruments, Vocals


As Lord Behethrone:
Guitars, Drums

2011 Devorado Por la Obscuridad (Demo) Guitars
2011 Satanic Victory and Glory (Split) Guitars (as "Lord Behetrone")
2011 Impetum Principiis Christianis (Split) Guitars, Drums
2012 Rehearsal 5 (Demo) Drums

Corpus Necromanthum

As Lord Behethrone:
Guitars (2010)


As Lord Behethrone:
Vocals, Guitars

2009 De zwarte vlam brengz ons door het oucle pad (Demo) Vocals, Guitars


As Daniel Pérez:
Guitars (2011-?)

Vedar Gal

Bass, Guitars, Vocals (2010-?)

2010 Rituals of the Black Hordes (Split) Guitars, Bass, Vocals
2011 S.L.S (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Vocals


Guitars (2009-2010)

2012 Tactics of Death Guitars

Paganus Doctrina

2015 Omnipotence Aeternae Diabolous Guitars (lead) (Track 8)


2012 Disgracer (Demo) Layout, Artwork


2009 De zwarte vlam brengz ons door het oucle pad (Demo) Recording (as "Lord Behethrone")

Versvs Cristvs

2014 Anti All (Split) Artwork
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