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Dale Crover

Dale Crover

Real/full name:
Dale Crover
55 (born Oct 23rd, 1967)
Place of birth:
United States (Aberdeen, Washington)


Over the years, Crover has guested on albums released by Wayne Kramer, Natas, Lost Goat, Raging Slab, Peeping Tom, Lou Barlow and others.

Released a solo album on August 8, 2017 entitled The Fickle Finger of Fate.


He was once married to Lori S. of Acid King. He lives in Los Angeles with his second wife, Maureen, their daughter, Scarlett, and their son, Cassius.


Guitars, Vocals (1994-present)

Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends


Crystal Fairy

Drums (2016-?)

2017 Crystal Fairy Drums

Dale Crover

Unknown (2017)


Drums (1984-present), Bass (2012-2013, 2020-present)

1985 The Melvins Demo (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1986 Six Songs (EP) Drums
1986 Deep Six (Split) Drums
1987 Gluey Porch Treatments Drums (as "Dale")
1987 Oven / Revulsion (Single) Drums (as "Dale")
1989 Ozma Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale")
1989 Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More / I Dreamed I Dream (Split) Drums
1990 Love Canal / Someday (Single) Drums
1990 With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands (Single) Drums (as "Dale E. City")
1990 Yuthanagia (Single) Drums
1990 Your Blessened / Pronoun Piece Me (Single) Drums (as "Dale")
1990 Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking in the Streets (Volume Five) (Split) Drums
1991 Your Choice Live Series 012 (Live album) Vocals, Drums (as "Daledoe")
1991 Eggnog (EP) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale")
1991 10 Songs (Compilation) Drums
1991 Bullhead Drums (as "Dale")
1991 Here She Comes Now / Venus in Furs (Split) Drums
1992 Lysol Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale")
1992 Night Goat (Single) Drums (as "Dale")
1992 Dale Crover (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Drums
1992 Salad of a Thousand Delights (Video) Drums, Vocals (as "Dale")
1993 Sawed Off (Single) Drums, Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (as "Big Chief Boo-Hoo")
1993 Hooch / Sky Pup (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Dale")
1993 Houdini Drums, Vocals
1994 Prick Drums (as "Dale C")
1994 Stoner Witch Drums, Guitars, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale C")
1995 Tora Tora Tora Tour 1995 (Live album) Drums, Backing Vocals
1995 I like Porn / Coitus City (Split) Drums, Vocals
1995 Thora-Zine's Buzzo Flexo (Split) Drums
1995 Subraum (Split) Drums
1996 Stag Sitar (track 1), Guitar (tracks 1, 11) Bongos (track 7), All instruments (track 16), Drums (full album) (as "Dale C")
1996 Interstellar Overdrive (Single) Drums (as "Dale")
1996 Cemetery Gates (Demon Knight Edit) (Split) Drums
1996 How-++-Harry Lauders Walking Stick Tree / Zodiac (Split) Drums
1997 Barbaraal² (Single) Drums
1997 Honky Drums
1998 Alive at the Fucker Club (Live album) Drums
1999 The Maggot Drums, Guitar, Vocals
1999 The Bootlicker Drums, Vocals
2000 The Crybaby Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Noise
2000 Live at Slim's (Live album) Drums
2001 Electroretard Drums, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Organ (as "Dale")
2001 Colossus of Destiny (Live album) Drums
2002 Millennium Monsterwork 2000 (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2002 Hostile Ambient Takeover Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
2003 Black Stooges / Foaming (Fast Version) (Single) Drums
2003 Dr. Geek / Return of the Spiders (Single) Drums
2003 Little Judas Chongo / Jerkin' Krokus (Single) Drums
2003 The Fool, the Meddling Idiot / Promise Me (Single) Drums
2003 Foaming / Arny (Single) Drums
2003 The Brain Center at Whipples / Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World (Single) Drums
2003 The Anti-Vermin Seed (Single) Drums
2003 26 Songs (Compilation) Drums
2003 Revolve (Single) Drums
2004 The End (Live album) Drums
2004 Pigs of the Roman Empire (Collaboration) Drums
2004 Never Breathe What You Can't See Drums, Percussion, Guitars (lead) (tracks 3, 5) (as "Saddam Disney")
2005 Sieg Howdy! Drums (as "Dale E. Sitty")
2006 Pigskin / Starve Already (Single) Drums
2006 A Live History of Gluttony and Lust (Live album) Drums
2006 (A) Senile Animal Drums, Vocals
2006 Melvins / Patton Oswalt (Split) Drums
2007 Smash the State E.P. (EP) Drums
2007 Making Love Demos (Compilation) Drums
2008 Nude with Boots Drums
2008 Kentish Town Forum - London 1st May 2006 (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2008 Star Spangled Banner / Detroit Rock City (Single) Drums
2009 Pick Your Battles (Live album) Drums (tracks 1-8) (as "Dale")
2009 Chicken Switch Drums
2010 Sludge Glamorous (EP) Drums
2010 The Bride Screamed Murder Drums
2010 Melvins / Isis (Split) Drums
2011 Sugar Daddy Live (Live album) Drums
2011 Suicide in Progress Live / Waning Divine (Split) Drums
2012 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 2 (Split) Drums
2012 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 1 (Split) Drums
2012 The Bulls & the Bees (EP) Drums
2012 Amphetamine Reptile Records Cage Match (Split) Drums
2012 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 4 (Split) Drums
2012 Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography (Split) Drums
2012 Freak Puke Drums
2012 1983 (EP) Bass
2012 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 5 (Split) Drums
2012 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 6 (Split) Drums
2012 New Years Eve Ball Room Blitz (Split) Drums
2013 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 7 (Split) Drums
2013 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 8 (Split) Drums
2013 Everybody Loves Sausages Drums
2013 A Tribute to The Scientists (Single) Drums (as "Dale C")
2013 Gaylord (Single) Bass, Vocals
2013 A Tribute to Venom (Single) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale C")
2013 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 9 (Split) Drums
2013 Live at Third Man Records (Live album) Drums, Vocals (backing)
2013 Billy Fish Alive (Single) Drums, Vocals
2013 A Tribute to The Kinks (Single) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale C")
2013 Tres cabrones Bass
2013 A Tribute to Pop-O-Pies / Tales of Terror (Single) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale C")
2013 A Tribute to Roxy Music (Single) Drums (as "Dale C")
2013 I Told You I Was Crazy / Tie My Pecker to a Tree (Single) Drums, Percussion, Bass, Vocals
2014 A Tribute to David Bowie (Single) Drums (as "Dale C")
2014 A Tribute to Queen (Single) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale C")
2014 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 12 (Split) Drums
2014 How Chow Now Dead Cow? (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing)
2014 Hold It In Drums
2014 Bride of Crankenstein (EP) Drums
2014 Hard-Ons / Melvins (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 Ozma / Bullhead (Compilation) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale")
2015 Eggnog / Lice All (Compilation) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dale")
2015 Sugar Daddy Live Split Series 13 (Split) Drums
2015 A Tribute to The Jam (Single) Drums (as "Dale C")
2015 The Bulls & the Bees + Electroretard (Compilation) Drums
2015 Chaos as Usual (Split) Drums
2015 Rebel Girl (Single) Drums, Vocals
2015 Beer Hippy (EP) Bass
2016 War Pussy (EP) Drums
2016 Three Men and a Baby (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2016 Basses Loaded Drums, Vocals, Bass (tracks 3, 7, 11, 12)
2016 Euthanasia (Single) Drums
2016 Hung Bunny / Roman Dog Bird (Single) Drums (as "Dale")
2017 A Walk with Love & Death Drums, Vocals
2018 Pinkus Abortion Technician Drums, Guitars, Vocals, Piano
2018 Sabbath (EP) Drums, Bass
2019 The Maggot & the Bootlicker (Compilation) Drums, Guitar, Vocals
2020 White Lazy Boy (Collaboration) Drums
2020 Hostile Ambient Besides (Compilation) Keyboards, Vocals, Drums
2020 Mullet (EP) Bass
2021 Working with God Bass
2021 Five Legged Dog Drums, Vocals
2022 Broken Pipe (David Yow Remix) (Collaboration) Drums
2022 Broken Pipe EP (Collaboration) Drums, Percussion
2022 Bad Mood Rising Drums, Percussion, Vocals
2023 The Devil You Knew, the Devil You Know Bass, Drums
(show all)



Porn (The Men Of)

Drums, Timpani

2004 Wine, Women and Song... Drums, Timpani
2008 ...and the Devil Makes Three (Collaboration) Drums, Timpani, Percussion

Primitive Race

Drums (2017-present)

Sawed Off


Brown Towel

Drums (1986)



Fecal Matter

Drums, Bass (1985-1986)




Drums (1987-1988, 1990)

Red Alpha Royale

Drums (2016)


Drums, Vocals (2009-?)

2009 Shrinebuilder Drums, Vocals (backing) (tracks 3, 4, 5)
2011 Coextinction Release 3 (Single) Drums, Vocals
2011 Live in Europe 2010 (Live album) Drums, Vocals

Stiff Woodies

Drums (1986)

Ted Ed Fred

Drums (1987-1988)

Tres Padres

Drums (2013-?)


Drums (2013)


Drums (2017-present)



Tight Bros From Way Back When

Drums (2000)

Acid King

1993 Acid King (Demo) Vocals (additional) (track B2)
1994 Acid King (EP) Vocals (additional) (track B2)
1999 Busse Woods Guitar (E-bow), Whip, Gong
2006 The Early Years (Compilation) Vocals (additional) (track 4)

Los Natas

1999 Ciudad de Brahman Piano, Guitars

Low Flying Hawks

2016 Kōfuku Drums
2017 Genkaku Drums
2019 Anxious Ghosts (EP) Drums
2021 Fuyu Drums

The Obsessed

2001 On the Hunt / Cheatin' Woman (Split) Vocals (backing), Drums

Acid King

1993 Acid King (Demo) Producer
1994 Acid King (EP) Producer
1995 Promotional Demo (Demo) Producer (tracks A3-A4 & B3-B4)
1997 Down with the Crown (Single) Recording
1997 Down with the Crown / Wanted Dead or Alive (Split) Recording (tracks 1-2)
2006 The Early Years (Compilation) Producer (tracks 1-4)


1992 Dale Crover (EP) Producer
2016 Three Men and a Baby (Collaboration) Photography (as "Dale")
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