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Commando Wolf

Commando Wolf

Real/full name:
Place of origin:


Publisher of "Wallachian Tyrant" fanzine. Owner of Totenkopf Propaganda and Frost & Fire Records.

Dreadful Relic

Vocals, Bass (2014-present)

2014 Archaic Conjurations (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2015 Warlords of Cosmic Sovereign (EP) Vocals, Bass
2017 Combat Alchemist (Single) Vocals, Bass
2018 Hyborian Sorcery Vocals, Bass

Der Stürmer

Vocals (1998-2014), Bass (2007-2014)

1999 Europa erwache! (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 2, 4) (as "Lord Wolf Darkoan")
2000 Siegtruppen (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics (track 2)
2001 The Blood Calls for W.A.R.! Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 2, 9)
2002 Iron Will and Discipline (EP) Vocals, Lyrics (track 1)
2003 Polish-Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G.! (Split) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 5, 6)
2004 Der Stürmer / Galgenberg (Split) Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 2, 4)
2004 Once and Again Plundering the Zion (Split) Vocals, Lyrics (track 1)
2005 Arghoslent / Mudoven / Der Stürmer (Split) Vocals
2006 A Banner Greater than Death Vocals, Lyrics (tracks 3, 7, 9)
2007 Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (Split) Vocals, Lyrics (track 2)
2007 Those Who Want to Create... Must Have the Will to Destroy! (Split) Vocals
2010 Carelian Pagan Madness (Live album) Vocals, Bass
2011 Transcendental Racial Idealism Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (tracks 2, 5, 7, 9)
2013 Areifatoi (EP) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (track 1)
2013 Der Stürmer / Wehrhammer (Split) Vocals, Bass, Lyrics (track 2)
2016 Kansojen hävittäjä / Crushing the Maccabees (Split) Vocals, Bass
2016 Unica Fede - Unica Volonta (Live at Hot Shower) (Split) Vocals, Bass
2016 Long Journey to the Truth / Night and Fog over Finlandia (Split) Vocals, Bass
2017 Vril Command (Live album) Vocals, Bass
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As Lord Wolf Darkoan:
Vocals (1994-1998)


Bass (2017)


2004 Alone Against All Lyrics (track 11)

Cranial Torment

1999 The Triumph of Impudence (Demo) Lyrics (track 9) (as "Lord Wolf Darkoan")


2013 Godless North / Goatmoon (Split) Lyrics (track 3)
2014 Voitto tai Valhalla Lyrics (track 9)
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