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Colin Richardson

Colin Richardson

Real/full name:
Colin Richardson
Place of birth:
United Kingdom


Colin Richardson is a British record producer, mixer and recording engineer. He has worked on over one hundred albums and is most frequently associated with heavy metal and its sub-genres. He started as a studio engineer, until Digby Pearson offered him a job as a producer.

He's worked at K.G. Studio of Bridlington, Chapel Studios of South Thoresby in Lincolnshire, The Exchange of Camden in ...


He's also mixed Rodrigo y Gabriela's 2009 album 11:11.


As Colin "Deathrider Da" Richardson:

1997 Barbed Wire Soul Vocals (laughter) (track 2)


1996 Swansong Vocals (track 13)
2008 Swansong Vocals (track 13)
2008 Swansong Vocals (track 13)
2008 Swansong Vocals (track 13)

Fear Factory

1992 Soul of a New Machine Percussion (track 9)


1999 Instinct Producer, Mixing
2020 La bestia Producer (track 8)

As I Lay Dying

2007 An Ocean Between Us Mixing
2010 The Powerless Rise Mixing
2012 Awakened Mixing


2009 Evangelion Mixing, Producer


1997 Barbed Wire Soul Producer (as "Colin "Eyes of the Nightmare Jungle" Richardson")

Bolt Thrower

1989 Polka Slam / Crisis Point (Split) Engineering
1989 Realm of Chaos (Slaves to Darkness) Engineering, Remixing
1991 Cenotaph (EP) Producer (studio tracks)
1991 War Master Producer, Engineering, Recording
1992 The IVth Crusade Producer, Recording
1992 Spearhead (EP) Producer
1994 ...for Victory Producer
1998 Who Dares Wins (Compilation) Producer
2018 Spearhead / Cenotaph (Compilation) Producer

Brutal Truth

1992 Perpetual Conversion (EP) Producer 3
1992 Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses Producer
1994 Need to Control Mixing
1996 Godplayer (Single) Mixing

Burn the Priest

2005 Burn the Priest Remixing, Remastering


1994 Physical Producer

Cannibal Corpse

1999 Bloodthirst Producer
2000 Sacrifice / Confessions (Single) Producer
2000 Live Cannibalism (Live album) Mixing
2000 Live Cannibalism (Video) Mixing
2003 Worm Infested (EP) Producer (track 5)


1989 Symphonies of Sickness Engineering, Producer
1991 Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious Producer, Mixing
1992 Gods of Grind (Split) Producer (tracks 2, 5, 8 & 12)
1992 Tools of the Trade (EP) Producer
1993 Heartwork Producer
1994 The Heartwork E.P. (EP) Mixing
1995 Go to Hell (Single) Producer
1996 Swansong Producer
1996 Wake Up and Smell the... Carcass (Compilation) Producer (track 1-5), Mixing (track 10-11), Producer (track 12-14)
2004 Choice Cuts (Compilation) Producer (tracks 3-12), Mixing (tracks 6-7, 13), Engineering (tracks 3-4)
2008 The Complete Pathologist's Report (Boxed set) Producer
2013 Captive Bolt Pistol (Single) Producer
2013 Surgical Steel Producer
2013 Zochrot (Single) Producer
2014 Carcass / Cerebral Bore (Split) Producer
2014 Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel (EP) Producer
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Cradle of Filth

2004 Cradle of Filth (Single) Mixing
2004 Nymphetamine Mixing


1994 Endless Supply of Pain Producer, Engineering
1997 Experimental State of Fear Producer, Mixing
2000 Terminal Dream Flow Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing


1993 Act II: Undermine! (EP) Producer, Mixing


2007 The Hinderers Mixing

Dearly Beheaded

1996 Temptation / Between Night and Day (Single) Producer
1996 Temptation Producer
1997 Chamber of One Producer


2005 Hold Back the Day (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2005 The Fury of Our Maker's Hand Producer, Mixing, Engineering

Die Krupps

1994 The Final Remixes (Compilation) Engineering


2008 DragonSlayer (Compilation) Mixing, Engineering

Ex Deo

2020 The Philosopher King (Single) Mixing

Extreme Noise Terror

1997 Damage 381 Mixing, Producer

Fear Factory

1992 Soul of a New Machine Producer, Mixing
1993 The Breed Beyond (Split) Producer (track 5)
1993 Fear Is the Mindkiller (EP) Producer
1995 Demanufacture Producer
1996 Dog Day Sunrise (Single) Producer
1997 Remanufacture (Compilation) Producer
1997 Burn (EP) Producer
1998 Revolution (EP) Producer
2006 The Best of Fear Factory (Compilation) Producer, Mixing

Fetish 69

1993 Antibody Producer, Mixing

Fudge Tunnel

1991 Hate Songs in E Minor Producer
1992 Teeth EP (EP) Producer

God Forbid

2003 Better Days (EP) Mixing
2004 Gone Forever Mixing


2001 Hymns Engineering


1991 Mindloss Producer
1992 False Engineering, Producer, Recording
2005 The Ultimate Collection Part 1 - Mindloss & Demos (Compilation) Producer
2005 The Ultimate Collection Part 2 - False & Erase + Bonus (Compilation) Engineering, Producer, Recording


1998 Insomnio Producer, Recording, Mixing
1998 Tu medicina (Single) Producer, Recording, Mixing
1998 Antes y después (Single) Producer, Recording, Mixing
2000 El inferno Producer, Recording, Mixing
2000 Denuncio a Dios + 4 (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing (track 1)
2002 Hamlet Producer, Recording, Mixing
2002 Limítate (Single) Producer, Recording, Mixing (track 1)
2006 Pura vida Mixing

Heaven Shall Burn

2013 Veto Mixing (CD2)
2013 Veto Mixing (CD3)
2013 Veto Mixing (CD2)


1989 Official Rehearsal (Demo) Producer
1989 Earache Demo (Demo) Producer
1990 Natural Order Producer
2021 Un-natural Order (Rough Mixes 1989) & Rare Bonus Material (Compilation) Producer (tracks 1-11)


2022 Unstoppable Mixing (additional)


2020 Unconquered Mixing
2023 Goliath Mastering (assistant), Mixing (additional)


2009 Hordes of Chaos Mixing


1994 Cross the Threshold (EP) Producer, Mixing
1998 Fragments Mixing

Machine Head

1994 Burn My Eyes Producer, Mixing
1995 Old (Single) Producer
1997 The More Things Change... Mixing, Producer
2000 Year of the Dragon: Tour Diary Japan (Compilation) Mixing, Producer (tracks 2, 4, 5-8)
2001 Supercharger Mixing
2003 Hellalive (Live album) Mixing
2003 Through the Ashes of Empires Mixing
2007 The Blackening Producer, Mixing
2014 Bloodstone & Diamonds Mixing
2020 Civil Unrest (Single) Mixing
2022 Of Kingdom and Crown Mixing
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1992 Knock Knock Knockin' on Heavy's Door (Split) Mixing (track 4)
1992 Signs of the Decline Mixing


1991 From Beyond Producer


1992 Abject Offerings Producer
1993 Coloured Funeral Engineering, Mixing, Producer

Napalm Death

1989 Mentally Murdered (Single) Engineering
1989 Mentally Murdered (EP) Engineering
1991 Death by Manipulation (Compilation) Engineering
1992 Utopia Banished Engineering, Producer (as "Colin 'Mr. Soft' Richardson")
1994 Fear, Emptiness, Despair Mixing (as "Colin "Mr. Soft" Richardson")
1994 More than Meets the Eye (Single) Mixing
1995 Greed Killing (EP) Producer, Mixing
1996 Diatribes Producer, Mixing
1997 In Tongues We Speak (Split) Producer
1997 Inside the Torn Apart Producer, Mixing
1997 Breed to Breathe (Split) Producer
1998 Words from the Exit Wound Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2012 Scum / From Enslavement to Obliteration / Harmony Corruption / Utopia Banished (Boxed set) Producer (as "Colin 'Mr. Soft' Richardson")
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1997 From the Underground and Below Mixing
1999 Coverkill (Compilation) Mixing
2000 Bloodletting Mixing
2003 Killbox 13 Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2023 Scorched Mixing


1989 Deny Reality (EP) Producer
1991 Laughing Producer, Engineering
1992 That Was Then... This Is Now Producer


1993 Gate of Doom Mixing
1994 Vicious World Producer


1998 A Moment of Silence Producer, Mixing


2007 Beneath the Machine (Single) Mixing
2007 Road to Bloodshed Mixing


2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky (Live album) Mixing


1993 Diabolical Summoning Engineering, Producer


1982 Demo (Demo) Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2010 Falling Awake (Single) Mixing
2010 I Feel Immortal (Single) Mixing
2010 Until My Last Breath (Single) Mixing
2010 What Lies Beneath Mixing
2011 Underneath (Single) Mixing

The Beyond

1990 No Excuse (EP) Producer (track 1 [A1]), Engineering (track 1 [A1])

The Exploited

1990 The Massacre Producer
1996 Beat the Bastards Producer, Mixing


2006 The Rising (Single) Mixing
2006 The Crusade Mixing
2007 Becoming the Dragon (Single) Mixing
2008 Down from the Sky (Single) Mixing
2008 Shogun Mixing
2011 In Waves Producer
2013 Vengeance Falls Mixing


1981 See Them Running (Single) Engineering
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