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Clive Burr

Clive Burr

Real/full name:
Clive Ronald Burr
56 (born Mar 8th, 1957)
Mar 12th, 2013
Died of:
Multiple sclerosis
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (East Ham, London, England)


Although not Iron Maiden's original drummer, Burr played on their first three albums before being replaced by Nicko McBrain. The two drummers effectively traded places as Burr then briefly joined Trust as McBrain's replacement.


Stratus, first known as Clive Burr's Escape (then briefly Tygon and Stratas) released an album in 1984 titled "Throwing Shapes." A song from it, "Run for Your Life," was featured in the Troma film "Class of Nuke 'em High."

He replaced Bruce Bisland in Praying Mantis between 1995/96 and recorded the live album Captured Alive in Tokyo City (Canyon International, 1996).

Burr suffered from ...


Drums (1983)

Clive Burr's Escape

Drums (1983-1984)


Drums (1988-1990)

1990 Demo I + III (Demo) Drums
1996 Bloodied, but Unbowed Drums


Drums (1988)

1990 Lethal Potion Drums
2004 Sovereign Remedy Drums


Drums (1985)

1985 I Will Be There (EP) Drums

Iron Maiden

Drums (1979-1982)

1980 Running Free (Single) Drums (track 1)
1980 Iron Maiden Drums
1980 Sanctuary (Single) Drums
1980 Women in Uniform / Invasion (Single) Drums
1980 Live!! + One (EP) Drums
1980 プロ―ラ― / ランニング・フリ― (Single) Drums
1981 Killers Drums
1981 Twilight Zone / Wrathchild (Single) Drums
1981 Live at the Rainbow (Video) Drums
1981 Purgatory (Single) Drums
1981 Wrathchild / Genghis Khan (Single) Drums
1981 Maiden Japan (EP) Drums
1982 Run to the Hills (Single) Drums
1982 The Number of the Beast Drums
1982 The Number of the Beast (Single) Drums
1983 Video Pieces (Video) Drums (tracks 1-2)
1990 Running Free / Sanctuary (EP) Drums
1990 Women in Uniform / Twilight Zone (EP) Drums
1990 Purgatory / Maiden Japan (EP) Drums
1990 Run to the Hills / The Number of the Beast (EP) Drums
1990 The First Ten Years (Video) Drums
1992 From There to Eternity (Video) Drums
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Drums (tracks 1, 14, 16)
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Drums (Tracks F1, F3-G5)
2002 Run to the Hills (Single) Drums (tracks 2, 3)
2002 Edward the Great - The Greatest Hits (Compilation) Drums
2004 The History of Iron Maiden Part 1: The Early Days (Video) Drums
2005 The Essential Iron Maiden (Compilation) Drums
2008 Somewhere Back in Time - The Best Of: 1980-1989 (Compilation) Drums
2022 Total Eclipse (Single) Drums
2022 The Number of the Beast / Beast over Hammersmith (Compilation) Drums
(show all)

Praying Mantis

Drums (1995-1996)


Drums (1977)

1978 Mr. Rock & Roll (Single) Drums
1978 Telephone (Single) Drums


Drums, Vocals (1984-1985)

True Brits



Drums (1983-1984)

1983 Idéal (Single) Drums
1983 Idéal Drums
1984 Man's Trap Drums
1984 Metal Fusion (Split) Drums (track B3)
1984 Heavy Metal Killers (Split) Drums
1993 The Back Sides (EP) Drums (tracks 3 & 6)

Iron Maiden

1981 Maiden Japan (EP) Mixing, Producer
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