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Chris Wisco

Chris Wisco

Real/full name:
Christopher Lars Djuricic
53 (born Jul 25th, 1970)
Place of birth:
United States


Metal bassist and studio mastering engineer. Chris worked most of the '90s as chief engineer at Jeff Lemkes' Graceland Studios before finding work at Studio One in Racine, Wisconsin alongside Doug Johnson.


Intrepid Dissent were active around 1991/'92. Their other members were Lee Reynolds, Jay Visser, and Scott Malik. It's unknown whether or not they released a demo.

Intrepid Dissent


Jungle Rot

Bass (1996-1998, 2000-2004)

2001 Dead and Buried Bass
2004 Fueled by Hate Guitars


As Chris Djuricic:
Guitars, Vocals

1990 Trace of Fear (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
1991 Cries of the Innocent (Demo) Guitars, Vocals

Novembers Doom

Bass (2007-2009)

2007 The Novella Reservoir Bass, Vocals (backing) (track 8)
2008 The Novella Vosselaar: Live in Belgium (Video) Bass
2009 Into Night's Requiem Infernal Bass


As Chris Djuricic:
Guitars (1991-?)


As Chris Djuricic:

2007 Embrace the Fall Bass


As Chris Djuricic:

1997 Demo (Demo) Finger Cymbals
2000 Serpentine Kaleidoscope Vocals (additional, track 5)


2014 The World We Left Behind Guitars (lead, track 8)


2019 Doorways to Destiny Engineering, Mixing

Against the Plagues

2015 Extermination Event (EP) Recording
2015 Purified Through Devastation Recording, Producer


2008 The Silence of Forgotten Landscapes (Video) Engineering, Mixing

Animistic Evil

1994 Sinz (Demo) Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")


2000 Where the Sleeping Shadows Lie (Compilation) Mastering (as "Chris Djuricic")


2001 A Silent Masquerade (Demo) Recording

Broken Hope

2013 Omen of Disease Engineering (drums)

Cause for Revelation

2010 Resurrecting the Hostility Producer, Recording
2013 Armageddon Anthems (Single) Producer


2018 Maximum High Tension Penetrating (Demo) Mixing, Mastering


2001 Rituals of Desecration (EP) Mixing


2001 Raping the Ears of Those Above Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")


2019 The Unholy Grail Engineering
2022 Pulverized by Warhammers (Single) Recording


2002 Consume the Forsaken Producer, Recording, Mixing


1996 Storm of the Witch (Demo) Engineering (as "Chris Djurcic")
1997 Desecrated Engineering
1998 Torn from the Grave (Compilation) Producer (tracks 1-3), Mixing (tracks 1-3), Engineering (tracks 1-6) (as "Chris Djuricic")
2000 Welcome to Oblivion Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")
2001 Demonic Portraiture Engineering, Mixing
2002 Vedma: The Disinter Witch Project (Compilation) Mixing, Engineering (as "Chris D. Wisco")
2004 As We Burn Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris D Wisco")
2014 Designed by the Devil, Powered by the Dead Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris D. Wisco")
2016 Enslaving the Dead (Compilation) Mixing (1-8, 10-14 & 16), Engineering (1-9, 10-14 & 16), Producer (2 & 8)
2021 No Grave Too Deep - Rare, Rotten, and Regurgitated (Compilation) Engineering
2022 Demolition (Compilation) Engineering (tracks 4-6)
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2013 The Living Magisterium (EP) Producer
2014 Eucharistiae Sacramentum Producer
2017 Catharsis Producer
2022 Nefarious Formation (EP) Producer


1997 Nucleus of Sickness (EP) Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")


2001 Embraced by Misery (EP) Mixing, Engineering
2004 The Forever Endeavor Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")
2006 Sinner's Intuition Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")


2019 Craving Delusions Mixing, Mastering


2003 Murder Without End Engineering, Mixing, Producer


2005 Welcome to Your Suffering Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")


1998 Stabwound Intercourse (EP) Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2001 Bleeding Profusely Engineering
2003 Masticate to Dominate Recording, Mixing
2011 Orgy of Murder Recording, Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
2014 Destined to Violate Recording, Engineering


2000 Demo (Demo) Producer, Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")

Human Filleted

2014 Blunt Force Embludgeonment Remixing, Remastered


2007 Embrace the Fall Mixing, Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")


2001 Unearthly Sufferance Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")

Ill Earth

1995 Blown (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")


2000 Brass Knuckle Abortion (EP) Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")

Injury Deepen

2016 Anthropophagous Realm Mastering, Mixing

Jungle Rot

1995 Skin the Living (Demo) Producer, Remastering (as "Chris Djurick")
1996 Skin the Living Remastering, Producer (as "Chris Djurick")
1997 Slaughter the Weak Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2001 Dead and Buried Recording (additional), Mixing (additional), Producer
2004 Fueled by Hate Engineering, Producer
2006 War Zone Producer
2009 What Horrors Await Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2011 Kill on Command Producer, Mixing
2013 Skin the Living Remastering
2013 Terror Regime Producer, Recording, Engineeering, Mixing, Mastering
2015 Order Shall Prevail Mastering, Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Chris "Wisco" Djuricic")
2015 Speed Freak (Single) Producer, Mastering, Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris "Wisco" Djuricic*")
2018 Jungle Rot Producer, Engineering (as "Chris "Wisco" Djuricic")
2022 A Call to Arms Producer
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2006 Hundred Hollow Words Recording, Producer
2010 Poisoned, Ripped Off, and Lied to... (EP) Recording (tracks 1, 4, 6), Producer (tracks 1, 4, 6)
2015 Gnosis Mixing, Tracking

Katrina Johansson

2005 Guitarsongs Volume 1 (EP) Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2007 Love, Surrender, Forgiveness (EP) Recording (additional), Mixing, Mastering (as "Chris Djuricic")


2015 In Dwarven Halls (EP) Mastering, Recording, Mixing


2012 The Draconian Archetype Recording, Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")


1996 Demo (Demo) Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
1997 Demo (Demo) Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
1999 Kopecky Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
2000 Serpentine Kaleidoscope Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
2001 Orion - A Live Performance (Live album) Mixing
2003 Sunset Gun Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
2006 Blood Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")

Lazarus A.D.

2007 The Onslaught Mixing, Producer, Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")
2011 Black Rivers Flow Recording

Leval Blessing

2001 Demo (Demo) Recording (as "Chris D.")
2002 Leval Blessing Engineering (as "Chris D.")
2002 Barbarian Records Promo (Split) Recording (as "Chris D.")


1991 Cries of the Innocent (Demo) Producer, Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")

Michael Angelo Batio

2005 Hands Without Shadows Engineering, Mixing
2007 2 X Again (Compilation) Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")
2009 Hands Without Shadows 2: Voices Recording, Mixing, Mastering
2020 More Machine than Man Mixing, Mastering

Morbid Saint

2023 Swallowed by Hell (Single) Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")
2023 Pine Tuxedo (Single) Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")
2023 Bleed Them Dry (Single) Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")
2024 Rise from the Ashes (Single) Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")
2024 Swallowed by Hell Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")

Morta Skuld

2011 Through the Eyes of Death (Compilation) Remastering
2022 Dying Remains Remastering
2023 We Rise We Fall (Single) Recording, Mixing
2024 Creation Undone Recording, Mixing


2003 Devirginated Genital Pulp Producer, Recording, Engineering


2008 Worldfall (EP) Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")
2014 The World We Left Behind Engineering
2018 Resilient (EP) Recording, Engineering


1994 Demo (Demo) Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")

Novembers Doom

1995 Amid Its Hallowed Mirth Mastering
2000 The Knowing Recording, Mixing
2005 The Pale Haunt Departure Editing, Producer, Engineering
2007 The Novella Reservoir Producer, Engineering, Editing
2008 The Novella Vosselaar: Live in Belgium (Video) Mixing
2009 Into Night's Requiem Infernal Producer, Engineering, Editing
2011 Aphotic Engineering, Editing, Producer
2014 Bled White Editing, Producer, Engineering
2017 Hamartia Producer, Engineering, Editing
2019 Nephilim Grove Recording (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals)

Num Skull

1996 When Suffering Comes Producer, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")


2000 Origin Engineering
2002 Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Engineering


2010 Murderous Acts of Cruelty Mastering, Mixing

Product of Hate

2010 The Unholy Manipulator (EP) Producer
2016 Buried in Violence Recording (tracks 4, 11)


2012 The Summoning Mastering, Recording, Mixing


2008 What Excites You Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Co-producer

Screaming Afterbirth

2002 Puke Pile (EP) Recording (as "Chris Djuricic")

Suicide Forest

2018 Suicide Forest Producer (additional)

The Everscathed

2006 Razors of Unrest Recording, Mixing

The Shotgun Suicides

2008 A Glorious Tragedy Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")

These Are They

2009 Who Linger Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2014 1871 (EP) Producer, Engineering
2014 At the Feast of Seven Funerals Engineering, Recording

Toxic Ruin

2016 Subterranean Terror Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2011 Witness to the Downfall Recording (Drums)

Twelfth Gate

2003 Summoning Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")
2006 Threshold of Revelation Engineering, Producer, Mixing, Editing

Under Threat

2003 Behind Mankind's Disguise Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")
2006 Deathmosphere Recording, Mixing


2022 3rd Stage of Decay Mixing, Engineering (as "Chris Djuricic")

Waves of Amphitrite

2013 World Maker Producer, Engineering

White Knuckle Trip

1999 White Knuckle Trip Producer, Engineering
2005 Tonight, These Words Will Suffocate Us (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Chris Djuricic")

Withering Soul

2011 No Closure Producer, Mixing
2015 Adverse Portrait Engineering, Mixing


2018 Rage Producer (as "Chris Djuricic")
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