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Chris Broyles

Chris Broyles

Real/full name:
Chris M. Broyles
30 (born Nov 16th, 1990)
Place of origin:
United States (Martinez, California)


Played guitars for Mefitis between November 2007 to June 2008, leaving after their third show.


Everything (2010-present)


As Verwüstung:
All instruments, Vocals (2010-?)

2010 A Left Turn at Happiness All instruments, Vocals
2010 When the Light Broke the Stars, Humanity Rejected Us Everything
2011 Verwüstung / Sun Devoured Earth / ロリVOMITS (Split) Everything
2011 Beyond the Watercolor Sunset, We Feel New Life (EP) Everything
2012 I First Saw You on That Snowy Night and Couldn't Shake an Overwhelming Feeling of Sadness All instruments, Vocals
2012 Soft Hands, Pale Moon (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2013 Tunnel Ghosts All instruments, Vocals


Guitars (2012)


As Verwüstung:
All instruments (2009-?)

2010 Happy Songs for the Terminally Ill (Demo) Everything
2010 A Left Turn at Happiness Everything
2010 Kill Yourself on Valentines Day (Demo) All instruments, Vocals (on track 2)
2010 Untitled (Single) All instruments, Composition
2010 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Single) All instruments
2010 Joyless (EP) All instruments
2010 August (Single) All instruments
2010 A Curious Box of Captured Unfortunate Scenes (EP) All instruments
2010 Rainclouds over the Remains of Hope All instruments
2011 Airs / Lunaire (Split) All instruments
2011 White Rose (Single) All instruments
2011 Airs / Ripple'Field (Split) All instruments
2011 Airs (EP) All instruments
2011 Rainclouds over California Tour 2011 (Video) All instruments
2011 Gloomer (Demo) All instruments
2011 Soundtrack for a Cancer Cell as It Is Born in the Center of Your Brain (Demo) All instruments
2011 Gloomlights All instruments
2011 Everything Reminds Me of You (Demo) All instruments
2012 Blanket Shores (Demo) All instruments
2012 Ending (Single) All instruments
2012 White Rose (Single) All instruments
2012 Adrift (Single) All instruments
2012 Under Radiant Gloomlights (Live album) All instruments
2012 Morgan & Frankie (EP) All instruments
2013 Adore All instruments
2013 Luminous (EP) All instruments
2014 The Wind Howls Down from the Void (Split video) All instruments
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Everything (2008)


Guitars (lead), Vocals (2009-2010)

2009 Demo 2009 (Demo) All instruments
2009 Ghosts of Oeilvert (EP) All instruments, Vocals, Songwriting


As Agravain:
Guitars (lead), Vocals (2008-2010)

2008 In a Filtered Dream from a Noble Mind... (Demo) Everything
2008 Arturia (Demo) Everything
2008 A Valiant Sacrifice (EP) Everything
2008 Mordred Promo (Single) Everything
2008 Scylla (EP) Everything
2008 Charybdis (EP) Everything
2008 The Soulless Village (Demo) Everything
2008 Blood Fort Andromeda (Single) Everything
2009 Loli Speed Metal (Split) Everything
2009 Caladbolg Everything
2009 Heaven's Feel Everything
2009 Schiff der Vergessenen (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2010 The Oaken Hall Everything
2011 Camlann / Retaliation / Abigail (Split) Everything
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Everything (2010)

Darkness Enthroned

Everything (2009)

Frozen Shores

Everything (2009)

Lee Harvey Oswald's Ghost

Everything (2011)


Guitars (2007-2008)


Guitars (lead) (2005-2009)

2006 Pure Fucking Armageddon (Demo) Guitars
2007 Mizeria (Demo) Guitars
2007 11/25/07 Live Demo (Demo) Guitars
2008 2008 Demo (Demo) Guitars
2012 Rape the Maids (Demo) Guitars (lead)

The Funeral Path

Everything (2010)


2009 Ghosts of Oeilvert (EP) Recording


2013 Vitae Iactura (EP) Production
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