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Charlie Bauerfeind

Charlie Bauerfeind

Real/full name:
Karl Rudolf Bauerfeind
60 (born May 30th, 1963)
Place of birth:
Germany (Erlangen, Bavaria)


1997 Mystic Places Vocals (backing)


1994 For the Sake of Truth Narration (track 4)


1993 Angels Cry Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1994 Evil Warning (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1996 Holy Land Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1996 Freedom Call (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1997 Holy Live (Live album) Engineering, Mixing
1998 Angels Cry / Holy Land (Compilation) Mixing, Producer, Engineering


1997 Mystic Places Producer
1998 Vision Eden Engineering, Mixing, Producer

Axel Rudi Pell

2002 Shadow Zone Mixing
2002 Knights Live (Live album) Mixing
2002 Knight Treasures (Live and More) (Video) Mixing (DVD1)
2004 Kings and Queens Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing
2004 The Ballads III (Compilation) Producer (tracks 1-3, 6, 9)
2006 Mystica Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2007 Diamonds Unlocked Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2008 Live over Europe (Video) Mixing
2008 Tales of the Crown Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2010 The Crest Mixing
2011 Hallelujah (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
2011 The Ballads IV (Compilation) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2012 Run with the Wind (Single) Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing (Tracks 1-3)
2012 Circle of the Oath Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2013 Live on Fire (Circle of the Oath Tour 2012) (Live album) Mixing
2014 Into the Storm Co-producer, Engineering, Mixing
2015 The King of Fools (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2016 Game of Sins Mixing, Engineering, Producer
2017 Love's Holding On (Single) Recording, Mixing
2017 The Ballads V (Compilation) Recording (tracks 1-3), Mixing (tracks 1-3, 9)
2018 Knights Call Engineering, Mixing, Producer
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2000 Azeroth Producer, Mixing

Blind Guardian

1998 Mirror Mirror (Single) Engineering, Recording (track 1), Mixing (tracks 1, 2, 3)
1998 Nightfall in Middle-Earth Engineering, Recording, Mixing
2001 And Then There Was Silence (Single) Mixing, Engineering, Producer
2002 A Night at the Opera Producer, Mixing, Recording
2003 The Bard's Song (In the Forest) (Single) Producer, Mixing, Recording
2003 Live (Live album) Producer, mixing
2004 Imaginations Through the Looking Glass (Video) Engineering, Mixing, Recording
2006 Fly (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2006 A Twist in the Myth Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2007 Another Stranger Me (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2010 A Voice in the Dark (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mastering
2010 The Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine Tour 2010 (Live album) Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 At the Edge of Time Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering, Orchestra producer
2014 Twilight of the Gods (Single) Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Recording
2015 Beyond the Red Mirror Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting (track 7)
2017 Live Beyond the Spheres (Live album) Mixing, Engineering
2018 The Tides of War - Live at Rock Hard Festival 2016 (EP) Producer (Track 1), Mixing
2018 Imaginations from the Other Side Remixing, Mixing (track 11)
2019 This Storm (Single) Mixing, Producer, Recording (vocals)
2019 Legacy of the Dark Lands Recording (vocals, choirs), Engineering, Mixing, Producer, Songwriting (tracks 1, 13, 20)
2020 Merry Xmas Everybody (Single) Engineering
2021 Deliver Us from Evil (Single) Recording (track 1), Producer (track 1), Mixing (track 2), Recording (drums, track 3)
2022 The God Machine Engineering, Producer, Songwriting, Lyrics (track 2), Recording
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1998 Unholy Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2004 Beyond the Gates Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering

Crimes of Passion

2011 To Die For Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer

Demons & Wizards

2020 III Engineering

Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland

2008 Reversing Time Engineering, Mixing (vocals)


2011 Condenados al paraíso Producer, Mastering

Freedom Call

1998 Freedom Call (Demo) Recording (as "Charlie Bauerfeindin")
1999 Stairway to Fairyland Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
1999 Taragon (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2001 Crystal Empire Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2002 Eternity Engineering (drums), Mixing (entire album), Mastering (entire album)
2004 Live Invasion (Live album) Mixing (CD2), Mastering (CD2), Recording (CD2)

Gamma Ray

1993 Insanity and Genius Mixing
1995 Rebellion in Dreamland (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1995 Land of the Free Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1997 Somewhere Out in Space Mixing
1997 The Karaoke Album (Compilation) Producer


1994 For the Sake of Truth Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2000 Resurrection Mixing
2001 Live Insurrection (Live album) Mixing


2002 Hearts on Fire (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering (track 1)
2002 Crimson Thunder Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Hearts on Fire (Video) Engineering (track 1), Producer (track 1)
2005 Blood Bound (Single) Mastering, Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2006 The Fire Burns Forever (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2006 Natural High (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2006 Threshold Producer, Mixing, Engineering, Mastering
2007 Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years of Glory (Compilation) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Producer (CD1 tracks 2, 3, 14; CD2 tracks 1-12)
2008 Masterpieces (Compilation) Engineering (track 11), Mastering, Mixing, Producer (tracks 11-14)
2009 Any Means Necessary (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2009 Any Means Necessary (EP) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering (Tracks 1 - 4)
2009 No Sacrifice, No Victory Producer, Mastering, Engineering, Mixing
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Heavens Gate

1991 1991 Promo (Single) Engineering, Producer, Mixing
1991 Livin' in Hysteria Engineering, Producer, Mixing
1991 More Hysteria (EP) Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1992 Don't Bring Me Down (EP) Engineering, Producer, Mixing (as "Charlie "Not Really!" Bauerfeind")
1992 Hell for Sale! Producer, Arrangements (track 12), Engineering, Mixing (as "Chalie "Not Really!" Bauerfeind")
1993 Live for Sale! (Live album) Mixing
2015 Best for Sale! (Compilation) Producer


2000 If I Could Fly (Single) Producer, Engineering
2000 Mr. Torture (Single) Producer, Engineering
2000 The Dark Ride Engineering, Producer
2002 Treasure Chest (Compilation) Producer, Remixing, Engineering, Mixing
2003 Just a Little Sign (Single) Producer, Mixing
2003 Rabbit Don't Come Easy Producer, Mixing
2005 Mrs. God (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2005 Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy Recording, Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering
2006 Light the Universe (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2007 Live in Sao Paulo (Live album) Mixing
2007 Live on 3 Continents (Video) Mixing
2007 As Long as I Fall (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2007 Gambling with the Devil Producer, Recording, Mixing, Engineering
2009 Unarmed Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2010 Dr. Stein (Single) Producer, Mixing, Engineering
2010 Are You Metal? (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2010 7 Sinners Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2011 The Sage, the Fool, the Sinner / Bring Them to Light (Split) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2012 Burning Sun (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2012 Nabataea (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2013 Straight Out of Hell Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2015 Battle's Won (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2015 My God-Given Right Mixing, Producer, Engineering
2017 Pumpkins United (Single) Producer, Mixing
2019 United Alive in Madrid (Live album) Engineering, Mixing
2019 United Alive (Video) Mixing (stereo), Engineering
2021 Skyfall (Single) Producer, Engineering
2021 Helloween Producer
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Herman Frank

2016 Running Back (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2016 The Devil Rides Out Mixing, Mastering


1994 A Safe Look in Mirrors Producer, Mixing, Engineering


2018 The Last Emperor Engineering (guest vocals) (track 6)


2021 Adios Amigos Live @ Wacken (Live album) Mixing


1992 No Chance for Mercy Engineering

Lingua Mortis Orchestra

2013 LMO Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


1999 Inner War Mixing


1995 Moon'Doc Recording (track 12), Mixing
1996 Get Mooned Mixing


1999 Everything Louder than Everyone Else (Live album) Mixing
2000 We Are Motörhead Recording


2020 Spoiled for Choice Mixing, Mastering

Primal Fear

2005 Seven Seals Producer, Engineering
2006 Metal Is Forever - The Very Best of Primal Fear (Compilation) Mixing, Engineering
2007 New Religion Producer (additional), Engineering
2017 Best of Fear (Compilation) Recording, Mixing


2002 Unity Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2003 Soundchaser Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2004 From the Cradle to the Stage: 20th Anniversary (Live album) Mixing, Mastering
2006 Speak of the Dead Mixing, Mastering
2006 Full Moon (Single) Mixing, Mastering
2008 Carved in Stone Mixing, Mastering
2009 Gib dich nie auf (EP) Mixing (tracks 1-3, 5, 6), Mastering (1-3, 5, 6)
2010 Into the Light / Purified (Single) Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2010 Strings to a Web Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2012 21 Producer, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2014 The Soundchaser Archives (Compilation) Recording (Disc 1, Track 2)
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Rawhead Rexx

2001 Rawhead Rexx Mastering, Mixing
2003 Diary in Black Mixing, Mastering

Running Wild

1994 The Privateer (Single) Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
1994 Black Hand Inn Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


1999 Metalhead Producer, Mixing
2001 Killing Ground Engineering
2002 Heavy Metal Thunder Engineering
2004 Lionheart Engineering, Producer
2007 The Inner Sanctum Engineering, Producer
2009 Into the Labyrinth Producer, Engineering
2011 Call to Arms Engineering
2013 Unplugged and Strung Up (Compilation) Recording (tracks 1-3, 5, 7-9, 13, 14), Mixing (tracks 5, 7, 14)


2008 Skeletons Domination Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2008 Enemy Within (Single) Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 The Sniper Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2011 Empire in Ruins Mixing, Mastering


1999 Edge of Time Mixing, Mastering

Sieges Even

1990 Steps Producer, Engineering
1991 A Sense of Change Engineering, Producer
1994 What's Progressive? (Demo) Producer, Mixing
1995 Sophisticated Mastering, Producer (as "Charlie "The Champ" Bauerfeind")
1997 Uneven Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Solar Fragment

2011 In Our Hands Recording (Hansi's vocals)


2017 Feliz Navidad (Single) Recording (Hansi Kürsch vocals)

The Arrow

2008 Lady Nite Engineering (as "Charlie Bauerfind")


2021 III Mixing, Mastering


2003 Is There Something? Producer (as "Charly Bauernfeind")

Van Canto

2008 Hero Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2010 Tribe of Force Co-Producer, Engineering
2014 Dawn of the Brave Recording (drums)
2016 Voices of Fire Engineering (drums)


1997 Cast in Stone Mixing
2000 Resurrection Engineering, Mixing

Victor Smolski

2023 Guitar Force Recording (additional)


1992 You Bought It - You Name It Engineering (as "Charly Bauerfeind")


1992 Evolution Producer, Mixing, Engineering
1993 Vipera Sapiens (EP) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
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