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Charles Gore

Charles Gore

Real/full name:
Charles Falcão
Place of origin:
Brazil (São Luís)


As Charles "Gore" Falcão:

2011 Triturador / Insepsy (Split) Vocals
2011 Rancid Flesh / Triturador / Industrial Noise (Split) Vocals
2012 6 Way - Zombified Humanity (Split) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
2013 Trituragrind (EP) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
2013 4 Way Tape (Split) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")

Chronic Infect


2007 Festerfeast (Demo) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")

Scatologic Madness Possession


2002 Scatologic Madness Possession / Industrial Noise (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2003 Scathologic Paradise (Demo) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
2004 Scatologic Madness Possession / Sevo (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2004 Autophagia / Scatologic Madness Possession (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2004 Scatologic Madness Possession / Neoplasm Disseminator / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2005 Promo Debut-CD (Demo) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
2005 Scatologic Madness Possession / Gorewar (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2006 3 Way-Pathological Forensick Prod. (Split) Vocals (as "Charles")
2008 Devoteds of Insalubrity Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
2013 Worms Festering Cadaver (Demo) Vocals (as "Charles Falcão")
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