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Carsten Drescher

Real/full name:
Carsten Drescher
Place of birth:


German designer and photographer. He ran Media Logistics, which has since had its named changed to Hafensatz.

After Forever

2000 Prison of Desire Layout, Design
2001 Decipher Layout, Design
2002 Emphasis / Who Wants to Live Forever (Single) Design
2003 Exordium (EP) Logo, Artwork
2003 My Choice / The Evil That Men Do (Single) Design
2004 Digital Deceit (Single) Design
2005 Remagine Art direction, Design, Layout
2005 Being Everyone (Single) Design, Layout
2006 Mea Culpa (Compilation) Art direction, Design, Layout


1997 The Other Side Layout

Angel Dust

1998 Border of Reality Layout, Design
2002 Of Human Bondage Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics")

Arch Enemy

2009 Manifesto of Arch Enemy (Compilation) Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics")
2011 Khaos Legions Layout
2017 As the Stages Burn! (Live album) Layout


2010 Live Death Doom (Live album) Layout, Artwork
2010 Live Death Doom (Video) Layout, Artwork
2012 Reign of the Brute (EP) Layout
2012 Deathhammer Layout


1998 The Archaic Course Artwork, Layout


1995 Fable Frolic Artwork, Cover art, Design


2006 Terra Cover art, Design


1998 Hermeticum Layout

Dark Funeral

2013 Diabolis Interium Mastering (additional)
2016 Where Shadows Forever Reign Layout

Dark Tranquillity

2009 Manifesto of Dark Tranquillity (Compilation) Design, Artwork (as "Media Logistics")
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Live album) Layout
2009 Where Death Is Most Alive (Video) Layout

Demolition Hammer

1994 Time Bomb Layout, Design
2015 Tortured Existence Layout

Demons & Wizards

2019 Touched by the Crimson King Design (Booklet)
2020 III Layout


2008 God to the Illfated Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")


2005 Starfall Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
2006 Astronomy Design (as "Media Logistics GmbH")

Dream Evil

2003 Evilized Design, Layout (as "[email protected]")
2004 The Book of Heavy Metal Layout, Design

Ebony Ark

2006 Decoder 2.0 Layout, Design

Entombed A.D.

2014 Back to the Front Layout
2016 Dead Dawn Layout


2003 The Phantom Agony Cover art, Artwork
2003 The Phantom Agony (Single) Cover concept, Artwork, Design (logo)
2004 Feint (Single) Cover art, Design
2004 Cry for the Moon (Single) Artwork, Design
2004 We Will Take You with Us (Live album) Logo art, Artwork, Cover art concept
2004 We Will Take You with Us (Video) Logo art, Artwork, Cover art concept
2005 Consign to Oblivion Logo art, Cover art concept, Design, Artwork
2005 Solitary Ground (Single) Design, Artwork
2005 The Score - An Epic Journey Layout, Design
2005 Quietus (Silent Reverie) (Single) Cover art, Artwork
2006 The Road to Paradiso (Compilation) Layout
2016 Consign to Oblivion (The Orchestral Edition) Design, Artwork, Logo art, Cover art concept
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1999 Still in the Grey Dying... Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")


2006 Allegiance Cover art, Layout

Flowing Tears

2002 Serpentine Layout, Design


2014 Do You Wanna Start a War Artwork, Layout (as "")


1994 Soulless Layout
1996 Hating Life Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
2002 Back from the Grave Layout, Design
2012 Endless Procession of Souls Layout
2015 Into the Grave Design
2019 Burial Ground Layout

Grip Inc.

1995 Power of Inner Strength Layout, Design
2004 Incorporated Layout, Design (as "[email protected]")


1997 D-fect Layout, Design
1998 Down the Drain Layout, Design


2008 Demon Entrails (Compilation) Layout, Design


1995 Brick Layout, Design

House of Spirits

1999 Psychosphere Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics")

Iced Earth

1996 The Dark Saga Layout
1998 Something Wicked This Way Comes Layout, Design
1999 Alive in Athens (Live album) Layout
2006 Alive in Athens (Video) Layout
2011 Dystopia Layout
2013 Live in Ancient Kourion (Live album) Layout, Design
2014 Plagues of Babylon Layout


2023 Anno 1696 Layout (as "")

Lacuna Coil

1998 Lacuna Coil (EP) Design, Layout
1999 In a Reverie Layout, Design
2000 Halflife (EP) Layout
2001 Unleashed Memories Layout, Design
2009 Manifesto of Lacuna Coil (Compilation) Artwork, Design (as "")
2014 Broken Crown Halo Layout, Artwork (as "Media Logistics")
2022 Comalies XX Layout

Lorna Shore

2022 Pain Remains Layout (additional) (as "Hafensatz.DE")

Machine Men

2007 No Talk Without the Giant (Single) Cover art
2007 Circus of Fools Artwork, Design


2013 Day of the Massacra (Compilation) Mastering (additional)

Mental Cruelty

2022 Purgatorium Layout, Design
2022 Purgatorium Layout, Design
2023 Zwielicht Layout


2006 The Hours That Remain Layout
2008 Architect of Lies Artwork, Layout

Mercury Tide

2012 Killing Saw Art direction, Graphics


1997 The Final Piece (EP) Layout


1995 Wolfheart Layout, Design
1996 Irreligious Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
1997 2econd Skin (EP) Artwork
1998 Sin / Pecado Art direction
1999 The Butterfly Effect Artwork, Layout


1989 Resurrection Absurd (EP) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
1990 The Eternal Fall (EP) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")


1994 Dreamscapes (EP) Design, Layout (as "C. Drescher")


1995 Nevermore Layout (as "Media Logistics")

Nocturnal Rites

2002 Shadowland Design, Layout (as "[email protected]")

Old Man's Child

1996 Born of the Flickering Layout, Design (reissue) (as "Media Logistics")
1997 The Pagan Prosperity Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics")
1998 Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion Design, Layout
2000 Revelation 666: The Curse of Damnation Layout, Layout, Cover art
2003 In Defiance of Existence Layout (as "[email protected]")
2003 In Defiance of Existence Layout (as "[email protected]")

Omnium Gatherum

2021 Origin Layout (as "Hafensatz")

Paradise Lost

2009 Drown in Darkness - The Early Demos (Compilation) Layout
2015 The Plague Within Layout (as "Media Logistics")


2003 Escapexstacy Layout (as "Media Logistics")


2012 Vinyl Collection (Boxed set) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")


1996 Malice and Tranquility Layout, Design

Rotting Christ

1996 Triarchy of the Lost Lovers Layout, Design
1997 Thy Mighty Contract Layout, Design
1997 Thy Mighty Contract Layout, Design
1997 A Dead Poem Design, Layout
1999 Sleep of the Angels Layout, Design


1999 Thy Black Destiny Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")


1994 1987-1992 (Compilation) Layout
1999 Eternal Design, Layout
2007 Solar Soul Layout
2007 Passage Photography, Design
2017 Blood Ritual Layout

Savage Messiah

2019 Demons Layout


1995 Amok Layout, Design
1996 Down Design, Layout
1998 Frozen Cover art
2006 Buried Alive (Live album) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
2006 Buried Alive (Video) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
2009 Manifesto of Sentenced (Compilation) Artwork, Design (as "")


1997 Bound, Gagged and Blindfolded Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")


2014 The Suffocating Darkness Layout (as "")


2000 Fireball Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
2001 Cold Desert Moon Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")


2003 Through the Red Design, Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")

The Forsaken

2002 Arts of Desolation Layout (as "Media Logistics")
2003 Traces of the Past Layout (as "Media Logistics")

The Gathering

1996 Adrenaline / Leaves (Single) Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
1997 The May Song (Single) Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
1997 Nighttime Birds Layout, Design
1998 How to Measure a Planet? Layout, Design
1998 Liberty Bell (Single) Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")
2000 Superheat (Live album) Layout, Design
2001 Amity (Single) Design
2002 In Motion (Video) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
2004 Sleepy Buildings - A Semi Acoustic Evening (Live album) Design, Layout
2008 Sand and Mercury (Boxed set) Layout, Photography, Artwork
2016 In Motion (Live album) Layout (as "Media Logistics GmbH")
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The Haunted

2014 Exit Wounds Layout


1994 Wildhoney Layout (as "Media Logistics")
2007 A Deeper Kind of Slumber Artwork (editing), Layout
2007 A Deeper Kind of Slumber Remastering
2012 Clouds Remastering
2017 Clouds Remastering


2013 Turisas2013 Layout (as "")


2011 A Fragile King Design, Layout (as "")


2020 Rex Layout


2018 The Wake Layout
2020 Lost Machine - Live (Live album) Layout
2022 Synchro Anarchy Layout
2022 Ultraman (EP) Layout
2023 Morgöth Tales Layout


2018 War Without End Layout (for reissue)


2006 The Black Flame Layout
2009 Ravenous Layout (as "")
2011 Legions of Bastards Layout
2022 Shadowland Layout, Design


1997 Passage Layout, Design (as "Media Logistics")


2001 Reality Layout, Design, Logo (as "Media Logistics")
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