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Carl-André Beckston

Real/full name:
Carl-André Beckston
47 (born May 2nd, 1973)
Place of origin:


Carl-André Beckston has worked as a freelance designer at Blekkmark Design Studio since 1989.


2010 Dream On Cover art, Booklet Design
2018 Moonchild Cover art


2008 Sleeping Hollow Cover art and booklet design
2012 Downpour Cover art, Design


2007 Book of the Dead Artwork
2009 Tabula Rasa Booklet artwork
2011 Unholy Cross Booklet artwork

Book of Reflections

2004 Book of Reflections Cover art, booklet concept (as "Monowasp")
2006 Chapter II: Unfold the Future Cover art, Art concept, Booklet design
2012 Relentless Fighter Artwork

Condition Red

2003 Condition Red II Cover art, Design (as "MONOWASP")

Crash the System

2009 The Crowning Cover art, Design

Cryonic Temple

2008 Immortal Cover art concept, Artwork

Crystal Eyes

2008 Chained Cover art (as "Monowasp")

Dark Illusion

2005 Beyond the Shadows Cover art, Layout, Booklet concept
2009 Where the Eagles Fly Cover art, Design

Days of Anger

2016 III Cover art, Layout


2007 Call of the Wild Artwork, Logo


2007 5th Season Cover art, Artwork


2008 Darkness Will Fall Artwork


2007 Chasing Shadows Cover art

Fatal Force

2006 Fatal Force Cover art
2012 Unholy Rites Cover art, Design

Fatal Smile

2008 World Domination Design
2012 21st Century Freaks Art direction, Layout, Design (as "C.A. Beckston")
2014 White Trash Heroes Artwork


2011 Ghosts from the Past Design, Artwork
2013 If Not for the Devil Artwork, Design


2012 Revelant Artwork (as "Monowasp")


2005 Long Lost Pride Cover art, Booklet Concept

Joop Wolters

2004 Speed, Traffic & Guitar Accidents Cover art concept, Design


2005 Oniric Metal Cover art

Lars Eric Mattsson

2005 War Cover art, Design
2005 Earthbound Cover, Booklet Art
2008 Dream Child Cover art, Design


2008 Violator Cover art

Lion's Share

2009 Dark Hours Booklet

Mind's Eye

2008 1994 / The Afterglow Artwork, Layout


2013 Mask of Lies Cover art
2014 Back from the Edge Artwork
2015 Dreamwalker (EP) Artwork
2017 Resolve Artwork

Mister Kite

2004 Box of Fear Cover art, Concept (as "Monowasp")


2009 Distant Encounters Cover art, Design


2008 Let the Metal Do the Talking Cover art (as "CA Beckston")
2011 Angelmaker Artwork (as "Monowasp")
2011 The Angelmaker's Daughter Artwork (as "Monowasp")


2020 Forced Commandments Cover art

Place Vendome

2005 Place Vendome Artwork, Design
2009 Streets of Fire Cover art, Artwork, Design


2008 PowerWorld Cover art
2010 Human Parasite Artwork


2009 Knights of the Revolution Cover art, Design


2013 Goddess of Light Cover art
2017 Not a Story but History Cover art


2007 Deadringer Cover art

Section A

2010 Sacrifice Cover art, Design


2008 xGODx Artwork

Seven Witches

2005 Amped Cover art, Booklet design
2007 Deadly Sins Artwork

Seventh Wonder

2005 Become Cover art
2006 Waiting in the Wings Cover art, Booklet design
2008 Mercy Falls Artwork

Sickness Within

2009 Sensitivity by the Fist (EP) Cover art, Artwork (as "C.A. Beckston")

Silent Call

2008 Creations from a Chosen Path Artwork (as "André Beckston")

Status Minor

2012 Ouroboros Cover art (as "André Beckston")


2007 World Entry Cover art, Design
2008 Uncharted Souls Cover art, Design
2009 Shades of Eternity Cover art, Design
2011 Marching on Timeless Tales Cover art, Layout
2013 Monolith Cover art, Design
2013 Deliverance (Single) Cover art


2006 Sunstorm Artwork, Design
2009 House of Dreams Cover art, Artwork, Design
2012 Emotional Fire Logo (as "Carl André Beckston")

The Codex

2007 The Codex Cover art, Design

Thy Majestie

2005 Jeanne d'Arc Artwork, Layout


2005 Sometimes (Single) Artwork, Layout

Tomorrow's Eve

2006 Mirror of Creation 2 - Genesis II Cover art, Booklet (as "C. A. Beckston")
2008 Tales from Serpentia Artwork (as "C. A. Beckston")

Torben Enevoldsen

2005 Flying Solo Cover art, Design

Twins Crew

2011 Judgement Night Cover art, Layout, Design
2013 The Northern Crusade Cover art, Layout, Design


2009 Ground Zero Cover art, Design
2013 Cage of Infinity Cover art, Design
2015 World of Fear Cover art, Design (as "C.A. Beckston")

Vitalij Kuprij

2007 Glacial Inferno & Revenge (Compilation) Cover art


2002 Demonstrations in Chaos (Compilation) Artwork
2016 Concepts of Math: Book One (EP) Cover art (as "Monowasp")


2008 Longing for Winter (Compilation) Cover art

Wizards' Hymn

2006 Hymnal Cover art, Booklet design


2019 1107 Cover art (as "C.A. Beckston / Blekkmark Design Studio")
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