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Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson

Real/full name:
Paul Bruce Dickinson
64 (born Aug 7th, 1958)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom (Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England)


Best known as Iron Maiden's lead vocalist and frontman, Bruce Dickinson has also recorded and performed as a solo artist.

He has also pursued other, lesser known endeavors such as writing two well-received books, performing competitive fencing, starting a small company that provided fencing products and equipment, writing the screenplay to an underground movie ("Chemical Wedding"), and ...


In 2006, the North American Hit Parader magazine chose him as the seventh best heavy metal singer in the world, behind names like Robert Plant and Rob Halford.

Flies Iron Maiden's touring airplane.

Wrote the script to the 2008 movie "Chemical Wedding", about Aleister Crowley. The film heavily references Crowley's writings, as well as Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson songs. Bruce also briefly ...

Bruce Dickinson

Vocals (1989-present)

1990 Tattooed Millionaire (Single) Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals
1990 Tattooed Millionaire Vocals
1990 All the Young Dudes (Single) Vocals
1990 Dive Dive Dive (Single) Lyrics (track 1), Vocals, Songwriting (track 1)
1990 Born in 58 (Single) Songwriting, Lyrics, Vocals
1991 Dive! Dive! Live! (Video) Vocals
1994 Tears of the Dragon (Single) Vocals
1994 Balls to Picasso Vocals
1994 Shoot All the Clowns (Single) Vocals
1995 Alive in Studio A / Alive at the Marquee Club (Live album) Vocals
1996 Skunkworks Vocals
1996 Back from the Edge (Single) Vocals
1996 Skunkworks Live EP (EP) Vocals
1997 Skunkworks Live (Video) Vocals
1997 Accident of Birth (Single) Vocals
1997 Accident of Birth Vocals
1997 Man of Sorrows (Single) Vocals
1997 Man of Sorrows (EP) Vocals
1998 Killing Floor (Single) Vocals
1998 The Chemical Wedding Vocals
1999 Scream for Me Brazil (Live album) Vocals
2001 The Best of Bruce Dickinson (Compilation) Vocals
2005 Tyranny of Souls Vocals
2006 Anthology (Video) Vocals
2018 Scream for Me Sarajevo (Music from the Motion Picture) (Compilation) Vocals
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Iron Maiden

Vocals (1981-1993, 1999-present)

1982 Run to the Hills (Single) Vocals
1982 The Number of the Beast Vocals (lead)
1982 The Number of the Beast (Single) Vocals
1983 Flight of Icarus (Single) Vocals
1983 Piece of Mind Vocals
1983 The Trooper (Single) Vocals
1983 Video Pieces (Video) Vocals
1984 2 Minutes to Midnight (Single) Vocals
1984 Powerslave Vocals
1984 Aces High (Single) Vocals
1984 Behind the Iron Curtain (Video) Vocals
1985 Running Free / Sanctuary (Single) Vocals
1985 Live After Death (Live album) Vocals, Guitars (additional) (track 4, disc 1)
1985 Live After Death (World Slavery Tour '85) (Video) Vocals, Guitars (additional) (track 5)
1985 Run to the Hills / Phantom of the Opera (Single) Vocals
1986 Wasted Years (Single) Vocals (lead), Vocals (backing) (track 2)
1986 Somewhere in Time Vocals
1986 Stranger in a Strange Land (Single) Vocals
1987 12 Wasted Years (Video) Vocals
1988 Can I Play with Madness (Single) Vocals
1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Vocals
1988 The Evil That Men Do (Single) Vocals
1988 The Clairvoyant (Single) Vocals
1989 Infinite Dreams (Single) Vocals
1989 Maiden England (Video) Vocals
1990 Run to the Hills / The Number of the Beast (EP) Vocals
1990 Flight of Icarus / The Trooper (EP) Vocals
1990 2 Minutes to Midnight / Aces High (EP) Vocals
1990 Running Free / Run to the Hills (EP) Vocals
1990 Wasted Years / Stranger in a Strange Land (EP) Vocals
1990 Can I Play with Madness / The Evil That Men Do (EP) Vocals
1990 The Clairvoyant / Infinite Dreams (EP) Vocals
1990 Holy Smoke (Single) Vocals
1990 No Prayer for the Dying Vocals
1990 The First Ten Years (Video) Vocals
1990 Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter (Single) Vocals
1992 Be Quick or Be Dead (Single) Vocals
1992 Fear of the Dark Vocals
1992 From Here to Eternity (Single) Vocals
1992 Wasting Love (Single) Vocals
1992 From There to Eternity (Video) Vocals
1993 Fear of the Dark Live (Single) Vocals
1993 A Real Live One (Live album) Vocals
1993 Hallowed Be Thy Name (Single) Vocals
1993 A Real Dead One (Live album) Vocals
1993 Live at Donington (Live album) Vocals
1993 Donington Live 1992 (Video) Vocals
1994 Raising Hell (Video) Vocals
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Vocals (Tracks B1-F5)
1996 Best of the Beast (Compilation) Vocals (tracks 1-9, 12-16)
1998 A Real Live Dead One (Compilation) Vocals
2000 The Wicker Man (Single) Vocals
2000 Brave New World Vocals
2000 Out of the Silent Planet (Single) Vocals
2002 Run to the Hills (Single) Vocals
2002 Rock in Rio (Live album) Vocals
2002 Rock in Rio (Video) Vocals
2002 Edward the Great - The Greatest Hits (Compilation) Vocals
2003 Wildest Dreams (Single) Vocals
2003 Dance of Death Vocals
2003 Rainmaker (Single) Vocals
2004 No More Lies (EP) Vocals
2004 The History of Iron Maiden Part 1: The Early Days (Video) Vocals
2005 The Essential Iron Maiden (Compilation) Vocals
2005 Death on the Road (Live album) Vocals
2006 Death on the Road (Video) Vocals
2006 The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg (Single) Vocals
2006 A Matter of Life and Death Vocals
2006 Different World (Single) Vocals
2008 Somewhere Back in Time - The Best Of: 1980-1989 (Compilation) Vocals
2009 Flight 666: The Original Soundtrack (Live album) Vocals
2009 Flight 666 (Video) Vocals
2010 El Dorado (Single) Vocals
2010 The Final Frontier Vocals
2011 From Fear to Eternity - The Best of 1990-2010 (Compilation) Vocals
2012 En vivo! (Live album) Vocals
2012 En vivo! (Video) Vocals
2013 Maiden England '88 (Live album) Vocals
2015 Speed of Light (Single) Vocals
2015 The Book of Souls Vocals, Piano (track 11)
2016 Empire of the Clouds (Single) Vocals, Piano
2017 The Book of Souls: Live Chapter (Live album) Vocals
2020 Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City (Live album) Vocals
2021 The Writing on the Wall (Single) Vocals
2021 Stratego (Single) Vocals
2021 Senjutsu Songwriting (tracks 1.3, 1.5, 2.1), Vocals
2022 Total Eclipse (Single) Vocals
2022 The Number of the Beast / Beast over Hammersmith (Compilation) Vocals
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Rock Aid Armenia



As Bruce Bruce:
Vocals (1979-1981)

1980 Hard Times (Single) Vocals
1980 Vice Versa (Single) Vocals
1980 Head On Vocals
1981 Shock Tactics Vocals
1981 Riding with the Angels (Single) Vocals
1985 Biceps of Steel (Video) Vocals
1986 Head Tactics (Compilation) Vocals
1990 Survivors Vocals (tracks 9-13)
1990 Live at Reading '81 (Live album) Vocals


Vocals (1978-1979)


Vocals, Guitars (1977-1978, 1978)

1980 Down the Road / Man in the Street (Single) Vocals (lead) (as "Bruce Bruce")


Vocals (1976)


2000 The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator Vocals (track 5)
2000 Ayreonauts Only (Split) Vocals (backing) (track 1)
2004 Universal Migrator Part I & II (Compilation) Vocals (CD2 track 5)

Dream Theater

2003 Los Angeles, California 5/18/98 (Live album) Vocals (CD2, tracks 7-10)


2000 Resurrection Vocals (additional) (track 6)
2001 Live Insurrection (Live album) Vocals (track 10, disc 1)


1982 One Vice at a Time Vocals (backing) (track 7)


1991 Survivors Vocals (tracks 9-13)


2005 Execution Vocals (track 9)
2007 Execution Live Reunion (Live album) Vocals (track 10)
2007 Execution Live Reunion (Video) Vocals (tracks 11, 12)


1983 Oh Baby (Single) All vocals (track 3)
1984 Cutting Loose (EP) Vocals (track 1)

Bruce Dickinson

1996 Skunkworks Lyrics, Songwriting
2001 The Best of Bruce Dickinson (Compilation) Producer
2005 Bruce Dickinson Alive (Boxed set) Producer
2006 Anthology (Video) Director (DVD3 tracks 7-11)

Iron Maiden

1983 Piece of Mind Sleeve conception, Design
1990 2 Minutes to Midnight / Aces High (EP) Producer, Engineering (track 3)
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