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Brian Ames

Brian Ames

Real/full name:
Brian J. Ames
54 (born Jul 31st, 1969)
Place of birth:
United Kingdom


Designer for Metal Blade Records.


2012 Formshifter Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2014 Elements of the Infinite Layout


2007 This Age of Silence Cover art

Arch / Matheos

2011 Sympathetic Resonance Layout, Design (as "Brian J Ames")
2019 Winter Ethereal Design, Layout

Armored Saint

2000 Revelation Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2001 Nod to the Old School (Compilation) Layout
2003 Symbol of Salvation Design
2003 Symbol of Salvation Design
2010 La raza Design, Layout
2012 Symbol of Salvation Design
2015 Win Hands Down Layout
2020 Punching the Sky Layout
2021 Symbol of Salvation Live (Live album) Layout

As I Lay Dying

2011 Decas (EP) Artwork, Layout

Beyond the Embrace

2004 Insect Song Layout (as "Brian J. Ames")


2002 Crucify the Priest Art direction

Brain Drill

2008 Apocalyptic Feasting Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2010 Quantum Catastrophe Layout

Broken Hope

1997 Loathing Design (as "Brian J Ames")

Cannibal Corpse

1990 Eaten Back to Life Design
1991 Butchered at Birth Design
1992 Tomb of the Mutilated Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
1994 The Bleeding Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1996 Vile Design (as "Brian J. Ames")
1998 Gallery of Suicide Design
1999 Bloodthirst Design
2002 Classic Cannibal Corpse (Boxed set) Design
2003 Worm Infested (EP) Design
2003 15 Year Killing Spree (Compilation) Design (as "Brian J Ames")
2004 The Wretched Spawn Layout (as "Brian J. Ames")
2006 Kill Design
2008 Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years (Video) Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2009 Evisceration Plague Design
2012 Torture Layout
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Boxed set) Design, Layout
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Compilation) Design, Layout
2013 Torturing and Eviscerating Live (Live album) Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2014 A Skeletal Domain Layout
2017 Red Before Black Layout
2021 Violence Unimagined Layout
2023 Chaos Horrific Layout
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Cattle Decapitation

2002 To Serve Man Design
2004 Humanure Layout
2006 Karma.Bloody.Karma Layout
2012 Monolith of Inhumanity Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2015 The Anthropocene Extinction Layout
2018 Medium Rarities (Compilation) Design
2019 Death Atlas Layout
2023 Terrasite Layout

Cirith Ungol

2019 I'm Alive (Live album) Layout


1995 Wisdom Floats Design

Denner / Shermann

2015 Satan's Tomb (EP) Layout
2016 Masters of Evil Layout

Destiny's End

1998 Breathe Deep the Dark Layout (as "Brian J. Ames")


1993 Into Eternity Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1994 Bitterness Design


1994 Exit Paradise Graphics (as "Brian J Ames")


1990 The World Is Hours Away Design (as "Brian J. Ames")

Fates Warning

2003 The View from Here (Video) Design

Flotsam and Jetsam

1986 Doomsday for the Deceiver Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
1999 Unnatural Selection Design (as "Brian J Ames")

Fueled by Fire

2006 Spread the Fire Art direction (as "Brian J Ames")

Galactic Cowboys

1996 Machine Fish Art direction
1998 At the End of the Day Art direction
2000 Let It Go Art direction (as "Brian J. Ames")


2009 Lust in Space Layout


2008 Awaiting Evil Layout (as "Brian J Ames")


1989 Nosferatu Design
2000 Twas the Night of a Helish Xmas (Live album) Layout, Design


1992 Positively Shocking Design, Cover art (as "Brian J. Ames")


1996 Here in After Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1999 Failures for Gods Design, Layout
2000 Close to a World Below Layout (additional)

In Ruins

1998 Four Seasons of Grey Layout (as "Brian J Ames")


2024 The Tide of Death and Fractured Dreams Layout (as "Brian J Ames")

Job for a Cowboy

2009 Ruination Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2014 Sun Eater Layout (as "Brian J. Ames")

Joey Vera

1994 A Thousand Faces Layout, Artwork

John Arch

2003 A Twist of Fate (EP) Layout

King Diamond

1995 The Spider's Lullabye Cover art
1995 The Spider's Lullabye Design, Artwork
1996 The Graveyard Design, Imaging
1998 Voodoo Design
2000 House of God Design (as "Brian J. Ames")
2003 The Puppet Master Artwork, Layout
2004 Deadly Lullabyes - Live (Live album) Art direction (as "Brian J Ames")
2007 Give Me Your Soul... Please Design, Layout (as "Brian J Ames")


1990 Programmed Design

Lizzy Borden

2007 Appointment with Death Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2018 My Midnight Things Artwork

Mercyful Fate

1993 In the Shadows Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1994 Time Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1996 Into the Unknown Design (as "Brian J Ames")
1999 9 Design (as "Brian J Ames")
2009 Evil 2009 (Single) Layout


2019 Rebirth by Blasphemy (Single) Layout
2022 Let There Be Witchery Layout


2013 Final Sacrifice Layout


1991 Epidemic Art direction

Paths of Possession

2005 Promises in Blood Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2007 The End of the Hour Design, Layout


2011 Last Rites Layout (as "Brian J. Ames")


2006 Falling in Line Design


2014 Deathless Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2015 Empire of the Obscene Layout (reissue)
2015 Empire of the Obscene Layout (reissue)
2015 Empire of the Obscene Layout (reissue)
2015 Empire of the Obscene Layout (reissue)
2016 Great Is Our Sin Layout
2016 Empire of the Obscene Layout (reissue)
2018 The Outer Ones Layout
2022 Netherheaven Layout

Rude Awakening

1996 Headbutter Design, Cover art
2007 A Tribute to Thin Lizzy Cover art, Artwork

Sacred Reich

1988 Surf Nicaragua (EP) Layout
1996 Heal Design
1997 Still Ignorant (1987-1997) (Live album) Design, Imaging
2007 Ignorance & Surf Nicaragua EP (Compilation) Design
2019 Awakening Layout

Six Feet Under

1995 Haunted Design, Computer imaging
1996 Alive and Dead (EP) Design, Artwork
1997 Warpath Graphics
1999 Maximum Violence Graphics
2001 Maximum Video (Video) Graphics
2003 Bringer of Blood Graphics
2004 Live with Full Force (Video) Layout
2010 Graveyard Classics III Design, Layout
2011 Wake the Night! Live in Germany (Video) Design, Layout
2012 Undead Layout (as "Bryan J. Ames")
2013 Unborn Layout
2015 Crypt of the Devil Design
2016 Graveyard Classics IV: 666 - The Number of the Priest Design
2017 Torment Layout
2020 Nightmares of the Decomposed Layout
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1983 Show No Mercy Layout
1984 Live Undead (Live album) Layout
1985 Hell Awaits Layout
2007 Live Undead (Live album) Layout (as "Brian J Ames")
2007 Haunting the Chapel (EP) Layout (as "Brian J Ames")


2000 Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm Cover art, Design (as "Brian J Ames")
2003 Where Moth and Rust Destroy Artwork (as "Brian J Ames")


2002 God Was Created Layout
2004 Helping the World to See Design, Layout


1989 Man of Straw Layout


1996 Scorched Earth Art direction, Design (as "Brian J. Ames")
1999 A Sound Beating Design (Front, Back, Inlay)


2002 Rising Out of the Ashes Design (as "Brian J Ames")
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