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Bob Nekrasov

Bob Nekrasov

Real/full name:
Bob Nekrasov
Place of origin:

Mors Sonat

All instruments (2013-present)


Everything (1997-2011, 2015-present)

2007 Into the No-Mans-Sphere of the Ancient Days Everything
2008 The Form of Thought from Beast Everything
2008 The Form of Thought from Beast (Video) Everything
2008 The Haunting Resonance (Split) Everything
2009 Tramp and Void (EP) Everything
2009 Nekrasov / Humiliation (Split) Everything
2009 Inner Stalker Metrics (EP) Everything
2010 Hymns of Venomous Cosmic Malice (Split) Everything
2010 On Certainty (EP) Everything
2010 Cognition of Splendid Oblivion Everything
2010 Perishable Things (EP) Everything
2010 Extinction Everything
2011 Lyl' Iiyllull' Lilu Lul LilituNin-Lil (Split) Everything
2011 In Solitude and Darkness, the Last Step Is Made Everything
2011 Nekrasov / Ondo (Split) Everything
2011 The Ever-Present Everything
2015 Volume 13 (Collaboration) Everything
2015 There Is No Other Way (EP) Everything
2016 Negative Temple Everything
2016 As You Trace It All the Way Back (EP) Everything
2016 Rakshasa / Nekrasov (Split) Everything
2017 In Token of Their Spite (EP) Everything
2017 The Mirror Void Everything
2019 Lust of Consciousness Everything
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Rebel Wizard


2013 Rebel Wizard (Demo) Everything
2015 The Way of the Negative Wizard (EP) Everything
2015 Miserable Mythical Creatures (EP) Everything
2015 Only the Negative Will Save Us (EP) Everything
2015 Negative Wizard Metal (EP) Everything
2016 Triumph of Gloom Everything
2017 The Warning of One (EP) Everything
2018 Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response Everything (as "B. Nekrasov")
2019 Hark! Hark! Hark! (EP) Everything


Guitars (2005)

2005 Caverns (Live album) Guitars
2005 Live at Sinkagura, Osaka 29.06.2005 (Live album) Guitars


2019 Lust of Consciousness Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork

Rebel Wizard

2019 Hark! Hark! Hark! (EP) Lyrics, Recording (as "NKSV")
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