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Bob Ludwig

Bob Ludwig

Real/full name:
Robert Carl Ludwig
74 (born Dec 11th, 1944)
Place of origin:
United States (Savannah, Georgia)


The president of the company Gateway Mastering & DVD, located in Portland, Maine, USA.

Renowned mastering engineer who, as a rule of thumb, is normally credited as 'Bob Ludwig' on pop/rock/mainstream releases and as 'Robert C. Ludwig' or 'Robert Ludwig' on classical recordings. Pre 1972, when mastering generally went uncredited, his initials 'RL' were usually cut into the run-outs in his ...


Ludwig has won many Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards. He's also won the Grammy Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards.

220 Volt

1988 Eye to Eye Mastering


1985 Metal Heart Mastering
1986 Russian Roulette Mastering
1986 T.V. War (Single) Mastering
1989 Eat the Heat Mastering

All That Remains

2017 Madness Mastering


1987 Bound to Break Mastering
1988 Gypsy Ways Mastering


1990 In My World (Single) Mastering
1990 Got the Time (Single) Mastering
1990 Persistence of Time Mastering
1995 High Octane (Single) Mastering
1995 Fueled (Single) Mastering
1995 Stomp 442 Mastering

Corrosion of Conformity

1991 Blind Remastering
1994 Deliverance Mastering

Dee Snider

2016 We Are the Ones Mastering (track 5)

Def Leppard

1980 On Through the Night Mastering
1983 Pyromania Mastering
1987 Hysteria Mastering
1992 Adrenalize Mastering
1995 Vault (Compilation) Mastering
1996 Slang Mastering
1999 Euphoria Mastering
2005 Rock of Ages - The Definitive Collection (Compilation) Mastering
2006 Yeah! Mastering
2008 Songs from the Sparkle Lounge Mastering
2009 Pyromania Remastering
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1985 The Hunter (Single) Mastering
1985 It's Not Love (Single) Mastering
1985 Under Lock and Key Mastering
1986 Lightning Strikes Again (Single) Mastering
1986 In My Dreams (Single) Mastering
1987 Back for the Attack Mastering (LP)


1988 Smash Mastering

Fates Warning

1989 Perfect Symmetry Mastering
1991 Parallels Mastering


1995 I Am Alive (Single) Mastering
1995 Blowout in the Radio Room (Single) Mastering
1995 A Small Deadly Space Mastering


1994 Crush My Soul (Single) Mastering
1994 Selfless Mastering
1995 Xnoybis (Single) Mastering


1996 Buzz Mastering


1988 Stand in Line Mastering

Iron Maiden

2010 El Dorado (Single) Mastering
2010 The Final Frontier Mastering

Last Lix

1986 Tell All the World Mastering

Lizzy Borden

1987 Visual Lies Mastering


1986 Shadows of War Mastering
1986 Lightning Strikes Mastering
1991 On the Prowl Mastering

Lucifer's Friend

1972 ....Where the Groupies Killed the Blues Mastering (as "Robert Ludwig")
2015 Awakening (Compilation) Mastering (track 5)


1987 License to Kill Mastering


2009 Divinations (Single) Mastering
2009 Oblivion (Single) Mastering
2009 Crack the Skye Mastering
2009 Oblivion EP (EP) Mastering (Track 1)


1994 Youthanasia Mastering
1994 Train of Consequences (Single) Mastering (tracks 1, 3)
1995 À Tout le Monde (Single) Mastering (track 1)
1997 Cryptic Writings Mastering
1997 Trust (Single) Mastering (tracks 1, 2)
1998 Cryptic Sounds (No Voices in Your Head) (EP) Mastering
1999 Less than Jake / Megadeth (Split) Mastering
1999 Risk Mastering
2000 Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years (Compilation) Remastering
2004 Hell Wasn't Built in a Day: The Complete Remasters (Boxed set) Mastering
2005 Greatest Hits: Back to the Start (Compilation) Mastering
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1984 Ride the Lightning Mastering
1984 Creeping Death (Single) Mastering
1988 Harvester of Sorrow (Single) Mastering
1988 ...and Justice for All Mastering
1988 Eye of the Beholder (Single) Mastering
1989 One (Single) Mastering
2006 The Videos 1989-2004 (Video) Mastering (surround)
2009 The Metallica Collection (Boxed set) Mastering


1991 Mind Funk Mastering

Mötley Crüe

1987 Girls, Girls, Girls Mastering (LP)

Mr. Bungle

1991 Quote Unquote (Single) Mastering
1991 Mr. Bungle Mastering


1992 II - H.W.D.W.S. Mastering

Ozzy Osbourne

1990 Just Say Ozzy (Live album) Mastering
1991 No More Tears (Single) Mastering
1991 No More Tears Mastering
1992 Mr. Tinkertrain (Single) Mastering
1992 Mama I'm Coming Home (Single) Mastering
1993 Live & Loud (Live album) Remastering
1993 Live & Loud (Video) Remastering
1995 Speak of the Devil (Live album) Remastering
1995 Perry Mason (Single) Mastering (Track 2, 3)
1996 I Just Want You (Single) Mastering (track 3)
2010 Let Me Hear You Scream (Single) Mastering
2010 Life Won't Wait (Single) Mastering
2010 Scream Mastering
2011 Let It Die (Single) Mastering
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1998 Genius (Single) Mastering
1998 Microwaved (Single) Mastering
1998 Mastering

Pretty Maids

1987 Future World Mastering


1988 Operation: Mindcrime Mastering
1990 Empire Mastering


1974 Rush Mastering
1975 What You're Doing (Single) Mastering
1975 Fly by Night Mastering
1975 Fly by Night (Single) Mastering
1975 Caress of Steel Mastering
1975 Bastille Day (Single) Mastering
1976 2112 Mastering
1976 All the World's a Stage (Live album) Mastering
1977 Closer to the Heart (Single) Mastering
1977 Making Memories (Single) Mastering
1977 A Farewell to Kings Mastering
1978 Cinderella Man (Single) Mastering
1978 Hemispheres Remastering
1979 The Spirit of Radio (Single) Mastering
1980 Entre Nous (Single) Mastering
1980 Permanent Waves Remastering
1981 Tom Sawyer (Single) Mastering
1981 Moving Pictures Mastering
1981 Limelight (Single) Mastering
1981 Vital Signs (Single) Mastering
1981 Exit... Stage Left (Live album) Mastering
1982 New World Man (Single) Mastering
1982 Subdivisions (Single) Mastering
1982 Signals Mastering
1983 Countdown (Single) Mastering
1984 The Body Electric (Single) Mastering
1984 Afterimage (Single) Mastering
1984 Distant Early Warning (Single) Mastering
1984 Red Sector A (Single) Mastering
1984 Grace Under Pressure Mastering
1985 The Big Money (Single) Mastering (Track 1)
1985 Power Windows Mastering
1986 Mystic Rhythms (Single) Mastering
1987 Prime Mover (Single) Mastering
1987 Hold Your Fire Mastering
1987 Time Stand Still (Single) Mastering
1989 A Show of Hands (Live album) Mastering
1989 Presto Mastering
1990 Chronicles (Compilation) Mastering
1993 Counterparts Mastering
1996 Test for Echo Mastering
1997 Retrospective I (Compilation) Mastering
1997 Retrospective II (Compilation) Mastering
1998 Different Stages * Live (Live album) Mastering
2013 The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (Boxed set) Mastering
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1986 Out on the Streets (Single) Mastering
1986 Fight for the Rock Mastering


1995 Deadly Sting (Compilation) Mastering


1996 Key Mastering

Souls at Zero

1993 Souls at Zero Mastering
1994 Six-T-Six (EP) Mastering
1995 A Taste for the Perverse Mastering


2011 Live on I-5 (Live album) Mastering


2009 Murder by Pride Mastering

Suicidal Tendencies

1992 The Art of Rebellion Mastering
2011 Original Album Classics (Boxed set) Mastering


1987 Tell No Tales Mastering
1989 Intuition Mastering

Twisted Sister

1985 King of Fools (Single) Mastering
1985 Be Chrool to Your Scuel (Single) Mastering
1985 You Want What We Got (Single) Mastering
1985 Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin / Twisted Sister (Split) Mastering (LP audio - side B)
1985 Come Out and Play Mastering (LP audio)

Vinnie Moore

1988 Time Odyssey Mastering
1991 Meltdown Mastering


2016 Seal the Deal (Single) Engineering
2016 Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie Mastering
2019 Parasite (Single) Mastering
2019 Rewind, Replay, Rebound Mastering

Yngwie J. Malmsteen

1990 Eclipse Mastering
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