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Bob Katsionis

Bob Katsionis

Real/full name:
Babis Katsionis / Μπάμπης Κατσιώνης
45 (born Feb 17th, 1977)
Place of birth:
Greece (Athens, Attica)


Bob Katsionis is a guitarist, keyboard player, songwriter, producer and video director based in Greece.
He runs the Progressive Vision Group, a video production company that specializes in rock and metal music videos, the Sound Symmetry Studio, and Symmetric Records.


Contact: [email protected]

Creator of the Icon-Disk app/digital distribution platform.

Wrote and recorded a song for Greek/Cypriot pop star Ευρυδίκη, titled "Πάγος".
They got married in August 2019.

Bob Katsionis

Keyboards, Guitars, Piano

2002 Turn of My Century Keyboards, 7-string guitars
2004 Imaginary Force Keyboards, 7-string guitars
2008 Noemon Keyboards, Guitars
2012 Rest in Keys All instruments, Lyrics
2018 Prognosis & Synopsis Keyboards, Guitars, Songwriting, Bass
2020 Amadeus Street Warrior / A 16-bit Fictional Game Soundtrack Everything

Burnt City


2017 Resurgence (EP) Keyboards


Guitars (lead), Keyboards (2007-present)

2009 We'll Rock You to Hell and Back Again! Guitars (lead), Keyboards
2011 Love Catastrophe Guitars (lead)
2011 Last Days of December (Single) Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Songwriting, Lyrics
2012 More Catastrophe (EP) Guitars (lead), Keyboards
2014 Let's Get Serious Guitars (lead), Keyboards
2018 Virtual Heroes (Single) Keyboards, Guitars (lead)
2018 I Am the One (Single) Keyboards, Guitars (lead)
2018 Virtual Hero Society Keyboards, Guitars (lead)

Stray Gods

Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics

2022 Storm the Walls Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics


Guitars, Keyboards

2022 Ethical Dilemma Keyboards, Guitars

Warrior Path

Guitars (lead), Bass, Keyboards

2021 The Mad King Keyboards, Guitars (lead), Bass



2021 Good & Bad (Single) Keyboards
2021 Pretender (Single) Keyboards
2021 The Fragments of Wonder Keyboards



Acid Death

Keyboards (2000)

Casus Belli


2001 Mirror Out of Time Keyboards
2005 In the Name of Rose Keyboards


All instruments

1997 Promo '97 (Demo) All instruments

Fatal Morgana



Keyboards (2004-2020), Guitars (rhythm) (live) (2006-2020)

2005 Forged by Fire Keyboards
2006 United (Split) Keyboards
2006 Falling to Pieces (Single) Keyboards
2006 Allegiance Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 13)
2007 Breaking the Silence (Single) Keyboards
2008 Praises to the War Machine / The Premonition (Split) Keyboards
2008 Mercenary Man (Single) Keyboards
2008 The Premonition Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4)
2008 Live Premonition (Video) Keyboards, Guitars
2010 World on Fire (Single) Keyboards
2010 Days of Defiance Keyboards
2011 Embrace the Sun (Single) Keyboards
2012 Wall of Sound (Single) Keyboards, Guitars (rhythm)
2012 Few Against Many Lyrics (track 5), Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 5, 7)
2013 Apotheosis - Live 2012 (Live album) Keyboards, Guitars (rhythm)
2016 Hands of Time (Single) Keyboards
2016 Ode to Leonidas (Single) Keyboards
2017 Back on the Throne (Single) Keyboards
2017 Immortals Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 6, 11), Lyrics (tracks 6, 11)
(show all)


Guitars, Keyboards

2001 Oceans Divine Guitars, Keyboards
2005 Long Lost Pride Guitars, Keyboards

Jade Lizard



Guitars, Keyboards


All instruments

1996 Time to Win (Demo) Songwriting, Lyrics, All instruments
1997 Vibrations (Demo) All instruments


Guitars, Keyboards (1999-2006)

2003 I Am Jesus Keyboards (as "Bob Gatsionis")
2004 Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments Keyboards



2005 Overlord's Perpetual Keyboards


Keyboards, Piano

1997 Promo 97 (Demo) Keyboards, Piano

Revolution Renaissance

Keyboards (2010)

2010 Trinity Keyboards

Serious Black

Guitars (2015-2017)

2016 As Long as I'm Alive (Single) Guitars
2016 Castor Skies (Single) Guitars
2016 Mirrorworld Guitars
2017 Serious Black Magic (Single) Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
2017 Magic Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
2017 First Light Guitars


Guitars, Keyboards, Bass

1993 Aiming Skywards (Demo) Guitars, Bass
1994 Newcomers (Demo) Guitars, Keyboards
1995 Opposites Combined (Demo) Guitars, Keyboards

Star Queen

Keyboards (2002)

2002 Faithbringer Keyboards

Νίπτω τας χείρας (NTX)

Guitars, Keyboards




Keyboards (2003)

Serious Black

Guitars (2015)

A Hellish Digest

2008 Lifecide Keyboards


2013 Timeless Keyboards (track 5)


2018 The Grind Guitar solo (track 1), Keyboards (tracks 3, 6)

Armageddon Rev 16:16

2014 Sundown on Humanity Ssolo (track 12 intro), Keyboards


2004 Fantasy Keyboards
2007 Horizon Keyboards


2003 Battleroar Keyboards
2005 Age of Chaos Keyboards

Black Winter

2004 Dismal Fields of Nihilism (Demo) Keyboards

Buried Realm

2017 The Ichor Carcinoma Keyboard solo (track 2, 6)
2020 Embodiment of the Divine Unknown (track 5)

Christian Muenzner

2011 Timewarp Keyboards (lead) (tracks 3, 9, 10)


2017 Et in Arcadia Ego Guitars (lead), Keyboards


2010 Shredcore Keyboards

Dan Baune's Lost Sanctuary

2021 Lost Sanctuary Keyboards (track 2)

Dark Deceiver

2012 Divide et Impera Guitars (lead) (track 1, 7), Keyboards (track 4, 7)

Dead Secret

2021 Dead Secret (EP) Guitars (track 2)

Disolvo Animus

2012 Aphesis Guitars (lead) (track 5)


2011 Gaia's Legacy Keyboards (lead) (track 8)


2016 Blue Lightning Keyboards

Even Flow

2017 Life Has Just Begun Keyboards, Piano

Fallen Arise

2015 Adeline Keyboards (track 7)

Fated Circle

2002 Sin (Demo) Solo (track 6)


2020 Firewind Keyboards (track 5)

Francesco Fareri

2001 Suspension Keyboards
2005 Forbidden Dimension Keyboard (lead)
2007 Secrets Within Keyboards (lead) (track 7)

George Kollias

2015 Invictus Keyboards (track 8)

Gus Drax

2010 In Search of Perfection Keyboards, Bass (track 9)

Ioannis Anastassakis

2007 Suspension of Disbelief Keyboards, Drum programming, Bass, Guitars (lead) (track 8)
2009 Orbital Attempt Keyboards, Drum programming, Bass

Ivan Miladinov

2015 Demo (Demo) Guitars, Drum programming, Bass
2017 Soul Finder (EP) Guitars, Bass, Drum programming

John McRis

2021 Ark Keyboards (track 7)

Karmic Link

2010 Esoterica Guitars


2020 The Afterparty Keyboards (track 9)

Magic Kingdom

2004 Metallic Tragedy Keyboards (lead) (tracks 3, 6)

Marcel Coenen

2006 Colour Journey Keyboard solo (track 1)


2010 Haunted Spirit Guitars, Vocals (choirs)

Moaning Silence

2015 A World Afraid of Light Bass, Guitars (additional), Keyboards
2017 Fragrances from Yesterdays (EP) Keyboards, Bass
2020 A Waltz into Darkness Keyboards


2020 Perfect Balance Keyboards (track 5)


2013 Black Night (Single) Keyboards

On Thorns I Lay

2018 Aegean Sorrow Piano (track 2)

Orion's Reign

2008 Nuclear Winter Keyboards (tracks 13, 14)
2018 Scores of War Keyboards


2012 Tales of the Weird Keyboards (track 10)


2010 Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time Keyboard solo (track 13)

Power Quest

2008 Master of Illusion Keyboards (lead) (track 7)

Rage 'n' Steel

2013 We'll Rise Again... (EP) Keyboards

Scar of the Sun

2011 A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies Keyboards (track 4)
2016 In Flood Keyboards


2017 A Royal Hunt Guitars (track 2)

Seed of Sadness

2012 Seed of Sadness (EP) Keyboards


2017 Lionheart Guitar solo (track 12)

Serious Black

2022 Vengeance Is Mine Keyboards, Keyboards, Programming

Solid Faith

2020 Eternal Quest Keyboards

Suicidal Angels

2012 Bloodbath Guitars (lead) (track 8)


2016 Fragments of Creation Keyboards (tracks 1-3, 5-9)

Teo Ross

2012 Road to Neverland Keyboards (track 5), Bass

The Enochian

2007 Birth of Darkness (Demo) Guitars (lead)

The Fallen Within

2005 Promo 2005 (Demo) Keyboards
2009 Intoxicated Guitar solo (track 9), Keyboard solo (track 2)


2017 Unholy Divine Keyboard solo (track 10)

Vaios Kolokotronis

2016 Infinite Hope Bass, Keyboards


2011 In Blood in Battle Guitars
2012 Dawn of the Avenger Keyboards, Guitars
2016 Hail to Fire Guitars, Keyboards
2020 In Blood in Battle Guitars (lead), Bass, Keyboards
2022 Full Triumphed Guitars (lead), bass, Keyboards

Vivaldi Metal Project

2022 EpiClassica Keyboard solo (track 12)

Warrior Path

2019 Warrior Path Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

Wings of Destiny

2019 Revelations Keyboards on 'Facing the beast' and 'Racing chaos'

A Hellish Digest

2008 Lifecide Producer, Photography, Layout


2018 The Grind Recording

Armageddon Rev 16:16

2014 Sundown on Humanity Mastering, Mixing, Engineering

Bob Katsionis

2004 Imaginary Force Producer, Layout
2008 Noemon Layout
2012 Rest in Keys Producer, Mixing, Layout
2018 Prognosis & Synopsis Producer, Recording, Layout, Mixing
2020 Amadeus Street Warrior / A 16-bit Fictional Game Soundtrack Songwriting, Performer, Producer

Chain Reaction

2005 Ruins (Demo) Recording (additional)


2017 Et in Arcadia Ego Producer, Mastering, Recording, Mixing

Costas Varras

2018 Neon​-​Classical Producer, Mixing, Cover art, Photography

Dead Secret

2021 Dead Secret (EP) Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Disolvo Animus

2012 Aphesis Recording

Domination Inc.

2012 Realm of Crisis (EP) Producer, Mastering, Mixing, Artwork, Photography, Logo
2013 The Sacred Matrix (EP) Producer, Mastering, Mixing, Artwork, Photography, Logo


2014 The Quantum Enigma Songwriting (track 1)


2013 The Brutal State Photography

Exiled Faces

2007 Demo 2007 (Demo) Producer


2005 Forged by Fire Layout
2010 Days of Defiance Producer, Engineering, Recording (vocals)
2012 Few Against Many Recording


2022 Resurgence Producer, Mixing


2019 Reverse Entropy Arrangement, Producer


2016 Symphony of Steel (EP) Mixing, Mastering (track 4)


2001 Oceans Divine Liner notes, Producer (tracks 8-10)
2005 Long Lost Pride Pre-Production, Music

Ioannis Anastassakis

2007 Suspension of Disbelief Producer, Engineering
2009 Orbital Attempt Producer, Engineering

Ivan Miladinov

2015 Demo (Demo) Mixing, Mastering, Producer
2017 Soul Finder (EP) Producer, Mixing, Mastering

Mask of Prospero

2018 Drown in Grey (Single) Producer
2018 The Observatory Producer
2018 In Exile (Single) Producer


2010 Haunted Spirit Producer


1996 Time to Win (Demo) Producer, Mixing, Artwork
1997 Vibrations (Demo) Producer

Moaning Silence

2015 A World Afraid of Light Producer
2017 Fragrances from Yesterdays (EP) Producer, Mastering
2020 A Waltz into Darkness Producer, Mixing

Mute Tale

2015 The Gordian Knot Photography (cover)


2003 I Am Jesus Recording, Engineering (as "Bob Gatsionis")


2011 Insidious Photography


2009 We'll Rock You to Hell and Back Again! Engineering, Producer, Cover art, Layout
2011 Love Catastrophe Producer, Design
2011 Last Days of December (Single) Producer, Mixing
2014 Let's Get Serious Cover art concept, Layout, Producer


2017 Under a Mourning Sky Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2017 A Royal Hunt Recording

Seed of Sadness

2012 Seed of Sadness (EP) Mixing

Serious Black

2016 As Long as I'm Alive (Single) Producer
2016 Castor Skies (Single) Producer
2016 Mirrorworld Producer
2017 Serious Black Magic (Single) Recording (guitars, bass, keyboards)
2017 Magic Recording (guitars, bass, keyboards)
2022 Vengeance Is Mine Recording (guitars, keyboards, additional bass)


1994 Newcomers (Demo) Layout (as "Bob K.")

Stray Gods

2022 Storm the Walls Producer, Mixing


2021 Define the Sinner Mastering, Mixing

Tales of the Old

2012 The Passageway from Hell to Earth (EP) Logo, Photography, Artwork, Producer
2021 The Book of Chaos Mixing, Producer

Teo Ross

2012 Road to Neverland Mixing, Producer

Terra Incognita

2016 Sign with Blood (EP) Mixing, Mastering, Recording

The Enochian

2007 Birth of Darkness (Demo) Producer

The Fallen Within

2009 Intoxicated Producer, Recording

Vaios Kolokotronis

2016 Infinite Hope Mastering, Producer, Mixing


2011 In Blood in Battle Producer, Engineering
2016 Hail to Fire Recording, Producer
2020 In Blood in Battle Producer, Mixing
2022 Full Triumphed Producer


2012 Bloodred Haze (EP) Mixing, Mastering

Warrior Path

2019 Warrior Path Recording, Mixing, Producer, Layout
2021 The Mad King Producer


2021 The Fragments of Wonder Mixing, Photography, Producer


2015 Ιερά Νόσος (EP) Producer, Mastering, Mixing, Drum programming
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