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Real/full name:
Nick Rodriguez
Place of origin:
United States

Cursed Exhumation

As Shaman of Horror:
Bass, Drums

2015 2015 Demo (Demo) Drums, Bass


As Anxiety:

2012 Muknal (Demo) Vocals (backing), Drums
2012 Muknal / The Haunting Presence (Split) Drums

Nocturnal Blood

As Ghastly Apparition:
All instruments, Vocals

2008 True Spirit of Old... (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2009 Genocide Death Prayer (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2009 Nocturnal Crucifixions (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Invocation of Spirits (EP) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Imperial Impurity (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Litanies of Darkness - Written in Blood (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals
2010 Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration All instruments, Vocals
2015 Abnormalities Prevail (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals

The Haunting Presence


2011 The Haunting Presence (Demo) Everything
2011 The Haunting Presence (EP) Everything
2012 Muknal / The Haunting Presence (Split) Everything
2014 The Haunting Presence (EP) Everything
2014 Transform with Limitless Will (Split) Everything (as "Ghastly Apparition")
2015 The Spirits of Psychological Perplexity (EP) Everything (as "The Haunting Presence")

Hate Kommand

As Hate Kommando Blasphemer:
All instruments, Vocals

2007 Kommand of Hate (Demo) All instruments, Vocals
2007 Street War Metal Kommand (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2009 Blasphemous Assault (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals

Nuclear Desecration

As Blasphemer Nuclearwhore of Black Blood:
Vocals, Guitars, Bass

2007 Nuclear Demons Attack (EP) Vocals, Bass (as "Nuclear Demon Insulter Blasphemer")
2007 Nuclear Vomit of Death (Demo) Vocals, Bass (as "Nuclear Demon Insulter Blasphemer")
2008 Desecrated Temple of Impurity Vocals, Bass
2008 Marching Towards the Nuclear Holocaust (Split) Vocals, Bass (as "Nuclear Demon Insulter Blasphemer")

Street Force

Bass, Vocals

2007 Rehearsal '07 (Demo) Bass, Vocals
2007 Infinite Battles (Demo) Vocals, Bass
2018 Infinite Battles Vocals (as "Nick Rodriquez")

Crematory Stench

As The Haunting Presence:

2018 Grotesque Deformities (EP) Vocals (track 4)

Crematory Stench

2018 Grotesque Deformities (EP) Recording (as "The Haunting Presence")

Cursed Exhumation

2015 2015 Demo (Demo) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Shaman of Horror")
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